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David Green

Project summary:

Glass, light and space are all major influences in my life and professional practice. To create relationships between glass and the environment offers up many challenges. To pursue these aims I approach the experience of glass in many ways. Initially as a maker-designer I try to introduce the diversity of glass to an unexpecting audience. Whether it is by architectural pieces, installations or community interactions, I try to create a dialogue between the material and its location.

Recent involvements have been as an artist-in-residence at a local secondary school to more recently as a member of the steering committee for the International Festival of Glass to be held in August 2008.

In addition I am developing a personal body of work expressing the ambiguity of nature and modern day living, which illustrates an awareness and interest in glass manufacturing and sustainability.

This is resulting in a collection of large scale forms combining iconic glass multiples into geometric structures that are sourced from nature. With forms that relate to spores, honey-combs and microscopic structures, the glass pieces are to be seen in varying combinations relating specifically to its site specific location.

'Eden Spore 2'