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Cleis Masterson

Project summary:

A photo can get accidentally reversed, too, if the negative is flipped- printed backwards; you usually can tell only if there is writing. But not with a man’s face[…] How would you define a left-hand glove compared to a right-hand glove so a person who had no knowledge of those terms could tell you which you meant? And not get the other? The mirror opposite? (A Scanner Darkly. Philip K. Dick (pg 169, USA, 1977) 

I began to explore the above idea whilst on the AA2A Scheme at Worcester University. I always been very interested in the ideas truth and lies and how by altering a part of something it can change its meaning. By flipping the negative and having the mirror image of the face explores this idea of truth and draws the audience in making them stop and think about what it is they are watching. This idea has always been an important element of my work. I think all to often we do things out of habit. Through my work this habit is being interrupted.

Remember that interruption is one of the fundamental devices of all structuring. It goes far beyond the sphere of art. To give an example, it is the basis of a quotation. To quote a text involves the interruption of its context

(Brecht, “What is Epic Theatre?” Illuminations)

'Left-hand glove'
Photographs - 8 x 10cm