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Clara Vuletich

Project summary:

Clara Vuletich is a printed textile designer and researcher in sustainable textile design exploring ideas of material reuse, digital craft techniques and Slow design.

Clara produces delicate hand-printed wallpapers and textiles to commission, combining traditional printing methods such as screen-printing, block-printing and stencilling with new digital print technologies to create beautiful, modern designs.

All the designs are underpinned by strong environmental principles including sourcing of the best sustainable base fabrics and papers, upcycling materials wherever possible and a thorough understanding of the ‘lifecycle’ approach to design.

Clara’s passion for reinterpreting old print and craft techniques for modern sensibilities also extends to her design research work. In ‘Love & Thrift’ (2007), heirloom tablecloths were plastic coated with recycled PVC and finally made into a beautiful, durable mac. By plastic coating pre-loved fabric in this way, the past life and emotional value of the textiles is protected.

For the AA2A project, Clara will be exploring this process one step further by combining digital and traditional print techniques onto recycled fabrics. Pre-loved textiles will be over-printed, hand-embellished and possibly then plastic coated.

Clara is also interested in the role that the new digital communication tools, such as Web 2.0, play in the current discussions of Slow living and Slow design. All the ideas and processes being explored in the project will be documented and reflected upon, on Clara’s blog,

'Love & Thrift (2007)'
Second hand textiles, recycled PVC