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Clair Hughes

Project summary:

I am a dedicated textile designer who is committed and enthusiastic about design and design processes. I am very careful and detailed within my work. Creating new and exciting surfaces by collaging and using different processes is what I find intriguing. I would love to use the facilities at Teeside University to develop my design skills further utilizing the equipment my work requires.

My current work consists of mainly paper-based work intended for interiors. I have used floristry as an inspiration for my current designs: I have looked particularly at Constance Spry and traditional floristry from the fifties that are considered old fashioned and a bit tacky and used them as a basis for my designs. The floral arrangements featured odd-looking objects such as bags, shoes, vases and watering cans: an aspect I loved exploring. They were highly staged and very formal, this 'staging' was an aspect I really wanted to explore within my work. I wanted to challenge the idea of floral arrangements being old fashioned and develop a new and innovative way of presenting them that is interesting and worked as a paper print solutions. I wanted them to have strong influence from my inspiration but be more modern. I have used a variety of print processes and drawings of flowers and combined them with monoprinting with leaves to create floral arrangements that are very controlled and colour coded with a natural touch to them.

I would like to continue to investigate this subject area as I am still excited by it and combine my personal photography and print processes. There are still many arangement styles I would like to experiment with. I would like to create a wider range of arrangements and explore more through print processes and experimentation on both paper and fabrics.