Previous AA2A Artist

Claire Baker

Project summary:

The AA2A experience has transformed the way I work; living without print facilities had meant that I was limited with my surface design options. Due to this scheme and the excellent facilities offered by CCAD I was able to further develop and practice my print work in particular.

I had intended to research printing onto handmade felt in depth but after initial experimentation and taking artistic licence I (subconsciously) began to focus on a new product range, following my original idea of exhibition 'art' textile pieces through to purses and bags.

I continue to draw inspiration from the foundling hospital/museum and their collection of tokens left with abandoned children generally between 1741 and 1750.

'A silver clasp, a thimble, a doll's arm, a string of wooden beads, a ribbon, a hazelnut shell..... Some are ornate and made of valuable materials; others are scrappy, torn and grimy.

'the majority of women giving up their babies in 18th century London were living in abject poverty and unable to care for a child, but there were also women from other classes who were likely to have been deserted or raped.'

I feel that this scheme and being able to work within a renowned, friendly college with a high degree of professionalism allowed me to become more focused and therefore more prolific in realizing my ideas, steering me both creatively and commercially.