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Ciara Lewis

Project summary:

Although formally trained as a printer and working with textiles for many years, more recently I have concentrated on painting and find this the most rewarding medium for me creatively. A large part of my work is abstract, but if pushed, I would describe myself as a landscape painter as this is often the starting point and inspiration for my work.

I am interested in buried structures, archaeological remains, foundations of old buildings and hidden or half forgotten memories and now I would like to play with printing images onto canvas which will form the “bones” of work which can then be surface painted so that a skeletal “x-ray” trace shows through the paint layers, exposing the original memory of the piece.

My most recent work is concerned with urban landscapes and I want to develop the themes of urban re-generation, change and decay using photographic collage. For this, I need to be able to take photographic and detailed drawn images and transfer them onto canvas using different print techniques.

I would also like to build a really visually exciting platform for my paintings to bring them into the cyber-world, using still photographic images, choppy animation and documentary-style video work so that a storyboard takes you through the journey of making a painting and the intentions, inspirations and environments which influence my work. The end result would be a short, quirky film montage of a piece of work, from start to finish, giving an un-conventional look at the emergence of an artwork.

I feel I have worked consistently to establish myself as an artist, but until now, have lacked experimental time as I am always working to exhibition deadlines and I haven’t had enough time to explore new artistic possibilities. I also want to project my work to a wider audience using contemporary technologies.

I have reached a point in my life where I can dedicate proper time and energy to my work and I would love the opportunity to complete a new collection of work in a stimulating environment, as I have been working alone in my studio and would welcome the creative and social interaction of other art workers and students.

Cardiff Bay'