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Christine Hurford

Project summary:

Investigations using brick clay obtained cheaply from a local brickworks took up the first few months at the University. Mixing with other clays and finding glazes that cracked and added to the texture took time. I used the results and the many moulds that I made there for projects in empty shops in Penrith and Carlisle in February and March. Enclosures that could be pulled apart from inside or outside and not held by mortar were on the theme of breaking habits and the power of beliefs. Some pieces converged in unexpected ways with previous work on insects and I went on to make abstract insect forms including the one pictured.

Having spent time in the plaster room, I then started to use just the plaster and not clay, pouring it into baking trays on drawings of insect parts from a scanning electron microscope raised by an infra red machine. Abstract forms using fibre glass strands and tissue followed, with shoe polish and graphite to add colour. This was a good time to experiment and this is continuing along with large scale drawings and paintings. Insects are so easily brushed aside and ignored so the scale of my work is becoming more important.

I also appreciated time to study in the library and borrow books on religious beliefs, human bodies and insects. My work went in a different direction to what I had originally proposed but that is still to be followed, I am really pleased to have had time to make a mess, make mistakes but also to take the work forward.

'Insect Form'
100+ small glazed, painted and wired black cubes