Previous AA2A Artist

Christine Cox

Project summary:

I very much enjoyed my time on the AA2A scheme, and felt I derived great benefit from it. My original work plan had been to develop new glazes, experiment with printed textural decals and develop new sculptural work which incorporated glass - however I was overtaken by events along the way, and the work-plan evolved slightly differently.

New glaze development went very well - the small test kilns at college being very useful, as a much faster turn-round time of glaze mixing to final firing could be achieved. The building of a soda-fired kiln at home meant that the work with printed decals was superseded by the trialling of sculptural work that would emphasize the vapour firing technique, and the facilities of a large plaster- mould making area at the college allowed me to make several plaster moulds to facilitate using sprig moulds on the new pieces. The work developed here is now in a major exhibition at Upfront Gallery, Cumbria. 

The lecturers and technicians at CIA were always helpful and supportive, and I think that students in the department derived benefit from observing my working methods.

As a professional working potter I found the time out of my usual working environment, with its social isolation and limitations on the type of work I am able to pursue there, invaluable. I would highly recommend this scheme to other working artists as a springboard to new developments.

soda fired stoneware clay with porcelain slips