Previous AA2A Artist

Chris Eves

Project summary:

We live our lives surrounded by a veneer of security created by our clothes, possessions, attitudes, psychology, language, and culture. My work in recent years has been centered on creating sculptural forms that represent an encroachment or contortion of these aspects of our lives; this work takes natural forms not dissimilar to eggs, hives, fungi etc. Created through manipulation and deconstruction , combining everyday materials and constructed elements, the finished forms suggest movement, growth or change, reacting to the context of their surroundings.  

Running parallel to this work has been the continued development of my professional skills in the area of horticulture - gardening, landscaping, and landscape design. This is an area that, in contrast, is all about control or the harnessing of nature and its elements. I find myself working in an area where Horticulture meets Design: Fine-art, Landscape Design, Guerrilla Gardening and Site specific installation.  

Taking part in the AA2A scheme would enable me to progress with my work by allowing me to investigate and develop the amalgamation of these separate strands; developing build techniques currently unavailable to me and the reinvestigation of my working practice through contextual studies. I hope to explore further the site specific element of my work and hope that this can be expanded in ways that would engage and include the students. 

detail from installation, fried clay, charcoal, soleirolia soleirolii (babies tears)