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Chris Donnelly

Project summary:

I have been making functional pottery for the last 7 years concerning myself with function, surface, utility, and touch. Recently I have been introducing imagery into the work, and have utilized many different techniques to achieve it. With the utilization of digital manipulation, and commercial printing, I have begun a new direction where I am not as involved with utility as I was when I was making kitchen pottery. The surface integration and cohesion have become more of a focal point in the work because I think it has not been truly realized in my ceramics. This opportunity at the university will enable me to pursue this finer consolidation of the processes I use, so the technique is hidden in a way, and the piece is uniform and one. The silkscreen development at the wet slab stage will enable me to enclose the printing within a finishing glaze. 

The studio that I use at the moment is quite small, and have only been able to test rudimentary background techniques, that in the facilities at the university would be realized clearer and with more depth and scale. 

The themes I have been exploring with the imagery are revolving around the idea of the west of North America, where I grew up, and the identity it has apart from the rest of the world. The narrative is sometimes dark, and surreal, but always with an element of self satire and criticism. Trying not to use such iconic stereotypes like big American cars, beautiful vistas, and war, I have tried to develop a vocabulary of more personal icons that are positive, maybe uplifting, and sometimes funny.