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Carrie Fertig

Project summary:

Working with flameworked and slumped glass, I am making a series of environments that question perceptions of that which we consider safe, and that which is threatening. As an immigrant and therefore an outsider I am all too aware of issues of “the other” wherever I go. Using materials and symbols with connotations of haven, comfort, peace and violence and fear, I will make room-size installations where the viewer’s presence engages sensors that allow the visibility of multi-media scenes. These tableau raise questions about perceptions of what we consider safe, comforting and protecting, and that which we find threatening and foreign, and which we have learned to demonize.

As one example I propose to make an installation where the walls of a room are covered in shattered windscreen glass, which, upon entering triggers a motion sensor to project a video image. The image is of a dove onto a flameworked glass cage. Clear flameworked glass can have a quality of insubstantiveness and a video projection, versus a live bird adds to the effect of a tenous grip on peace and safety.

Being able to use the facilities at the University of Sunderland will enable me to further push boundaries in regard to size by use of the very large kiln. I hope to make enough work during this residency for a one woman show.

'Herring Girl'
flameworked borosilicate glass - glass size 14ins