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Cab Weal

Project summary:

Recently I have returned to England following a year trip to Central America, where I spent time on the Caribbean coast of Mexico and various other countries in the area such as El salvador and Belize. During this time I took many photos on Black and White 35mm film of areas I visited and what caught my eye. After a 3 month visit to New York followed by returning home I have been working in a format using paint and collage. I have been waiting for the chance to develop the films I shot myself and thus moving the images into printmaking and collages, by now the images waiting have almost been forgotten and im excited by the chance of what I may find and remember from development.

In my work I move on themes and ideas based upon newspapers and media layouts, looking at position of image and text, juxtaposition for full impact and quality of print I want to move the photography into etching and screen to create my interpretations of these qualities.

I feel being involved in the University Campus Suffolk network working around and about others will inspire and create new lines for me to evolve my work into. By speaking to others I believe this will lead to new concepts and ideas that may have not been thought about opening up on both sides. Though speaking with students and promoting ideas I hope to develop my skills for tutoring something that I am interested in going into. From the work I will make during this time I would like to create to basis for an exhibition and upon this a portfolio featuring strong aspects of concept and quality that I can take into the London field.

'Oh sweet nuthin'
Paint, Print and collage onto wooden board