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Bettina Nissen

Project summary:

Bettina Nissen is a furniture and product designer based in the Northeast of England. Her work is inspired by the way we shape our daily life and how it shapes us.  

In the course of the AA2A scheme, Bettina is developing a conceptual design in ceramics, which looks at cutlery and tableware from a different angle. Used on a daily basis, knife and forks have become fundamental tools of eating in western society. This perception of cutlery as tool of daily usage will be taken further to the direct involvement in the actual process of creating a new set of tableware.  

Inspired by the butter knife and the patterns it leaves on its counterpart, the tableware will be carved entirely with fork and knife. By working in an arts and crafts oriented environment the design process will be brought together with sculptural ideas and form.

white, bent acylic coffee table with powder coated steel base - 800 x 500 x 590mm