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Bernie Blackburn

Project summary:

Whilst collecting images of scrap metal and architectural salvage, I came to the realization that corrosion and decay has its own inherent 'beauty' that is just as valid as any highly polished finishing process. We are conditioned into expecting 'beautiful' objects to be polished and flawless and we see corrosion as a despoiler and ultimately a destroyer. But consider this, corrosion takes on many forms and its different combinations of textures and colours are seemingly limitless. Rust for example, comes in many different forms, each one the result of a unique set of factors. Next time you see a scrap yard, think of it as a pile of inspiration!

Despite appearances, the 'Heavy Series' of wall panels are much lighter than they seem. By using a combination of light weight materials, and 'found objects', I explore the hidden beauty of corrosion and decay.


Control by Bernie Blackburn. Photo the artist