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Beccy Feather

Project summary:

My work is concerned with exploring the visceral and organic qualities of glass. My projects use visual inspiration from anatomy and bone structures, the works illustrate a dissection or an autopsy of the glass exploring cause and circumstances of its existence.  

It is the process of glass blowing itself that inspires and stimulates me. I am passionate about the glass making process; I find the challenge thrilling and highly rewarding.

My visual inspiration comes from nature, mainly skeletons and bone structures, I analyse natural form, structure and shape and use this to develop my work into highly abstract interpretations. I work directly with the source material to interpret these skeletal themes into the glass. I experiment with techniques and evolve processes throughout the project; this contributes and determines the form and structure of the finished pieces.

I will be using the University's facilities to further and develop these themes. I often use a wide range of techniques and glass forming methods; often combining many different processes into one piece. I have recently been experimenting with cold working processes and will be using them again for this project. I will be blowing work that will then be cold worked and then re-heated and hot-formed. Experimenting with form, surface and texture.