Previous AA2A Artist

Ann Mari Stevens

Project summary:

I applied for and got a second chance to make my work on this scheme. The work I intended to make this time around addressed wide issues of age based on personal archive material and research into childhood, women ageing and antiquity.

Women ageing were inspired by the Edwardian hand mirror used by my grandmother, my mother and now me. The linking thread in the diversity of this work is my personal relationship to each of these arenas.

The major part of my time and budget was spent in the sculpture workshops collaborating with the two sculpture technicians on sand casting my mirror in green sand and casting the lino cuts I made from the BM drawings in resin sand. Both these techniques are 'one offs' and each object required a new mould. I produced two 12”x12” plaques and four mirrors in bronze. I cold patinated them for two months in a sealed burial chamber in my garden to produce the green/blue surface of ancient archaeological artefacts found in museums.

I had all my bronze sculptures professionally photographed in the photographic studio and in the last week of the scheme I had a “Eureka” moment and collaborated with the senior technician to produce the three mirrors image digitally onto full width cloth using the new digital cloth printer. This was the first time sculpture had been reproduced this way in this department.

I exhibited the mirrors and cloth in Rouen, France in February, and in Norwich in June. The bronze plaques will be shown at The Berghapton Sculpture Trail in May 2008 and all the works hopefully in Novi-Sad, Serbia in late 2008 thus completing my ambitions to exhibit in Europe.

Throughout the two terms I was at NSAD on the scheme I received the most professional and good natured help from all the technicians. Nothing was too much trouble for them. Without them the AA2A scheme would not be possible.