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Ann Marshall

Project summary:

"A writer is a raider and whatever has been made possible in the past must be gathered up by her, melted down and reformed differently." Jeanette Winterson. 1995.

As work in progress these photographs are pivotal in a study which is focused on linking images from two home environments, one embedded in recent past history, the other belonging to current history. Domestic settings.

The project has grown out of an earlier one where I identified the significance of surface, reflections, traces, and links. Images which linger in the layers jostle alongside shadows and shapes imposed from outside. A surface transfigured and an object given meanings of reality that extend beyond its nature.

With an interval of time and distance earlier images reveal yet more veils of meaning. Another narrative superimposed. These images are being reinvented, mirrors into the past but also absorbing the present.

The present combination of photography and printmaking is unresolved, the outcome uncertain.

Jeanette Winterson Art Objects 1995 Jonathan Cape London.


Title unknown. Photo the artist.

Photograph, 10x8 inches