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Anni Howard

Project summary:

I am creating a range of knitwear based on the theme Original Punks, which is currently developing within a sketchbook project and through felted handknitting. As part of this range I also wish to include digitally printed machine knitwear, which is the area I would want to work on within the AA2A scheme.

I am interested in distorted and distressed fabrics and effects, and in reconstructed clothing, and have been inspired by the Vivienne Westwood exhibition in Sheffield this summer. Having been an original punk myself, I can remember the street clothes worn and designed by individuals including myself and my friends. Although there is an element of nostalgia in this, I aim to design clothes that are 21st Century in their styling and in the technologies used. For instance, while the muslin Destroy shirts designed by Westwood were screen printed and reworked on her kitchen table, I intend to use digital printing techniques. And while punks (or their grans) hand knitted their own mohair drop stitch sweaters, which subsequently felted and shrunk, I am creating pre-shrunk and distorted pieces that, while inspired by the punk era, are more upmarket in their appeal.

My aims are to further my knowledge about the possibilities and limitations of digital printing, specifically onto knitted fabrics, develop my CAD skills into computer aided manufacture and printing and to create a range of garments and accessories to be shown in the Bradford College end of year fashion show.

The AA2A opportunity will give me access not only to knitting machines but crucially to large scale digital printing facilities which I couldn’t possibly obtain for my workspace. The materials allowance will be used for yarns and inks.

hand knitted and felted gauntlets, mini-stud detail. mohair, eyelash yarn, metal