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Annie Leach

Project summary:

Before studying for my Applied Art Degree (2002-7), I worked as a paediatric physiotherapist. My medical background has had a major influence upon and inspired the subject matter of my art. My final year project, based upon the theme of conception and fertility, is currently on public display as the sole exhibit at the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, London.

My proposed project will be centred on Alzheimer’s disease. It will explore the gradual breakdown of language due to the inevitable degeneration of brain function, the result of the progressive nature of the disease.

When approaching a new project I begin by researching a subject. I record the information, my thoughts and ideas in sketch books, which are then explored and developed through notes and drawings. Various pieces of work in progress are also depicted as part of the development process.

I work in ceramics and glass. I create multiples by first making plaster moulds to slip-casting porcelain. Each object is individualised through mark making and screen-printing. In this project I will use this process to highlight the gradual impoverishment of language with the passage of time.

The completed project will be a medically based, conceptually driven collection of ceramics and glass. My intended outcome for this project is to create public art in the form of multiple ceramics and glass pieces. I envisage this being displayed within a medical environment.

On completion of this project, I intend apply to the ‘Wellcome Collection’, London for funding to allow me to produce a more extensive medically based art project.