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Anna Mercedes Wear

Project summary:

I feel I need to radically change the way I work in ceramics by having the chance to explore new ways of making. I want to investigate alternative surface patterns and digital images on clay through printmaking processes.

Having had a break from making ceramics I need a change in direction for my work; to do this I need to use facilities and equipment that would not normally be available to me.

I have limited equipment and therefore I am limited in how far I can experiment, embarking on this residency will enable me to discover new techniques and to focus on the different elements in making my work. I want to try new things and I want to explore new processes.

I want to explore areas of my work through ideas in an environment where I feel I have enough time and space to do this without the day to day pressures associated with the restrictions of studio practice.

I anticipate my work will change and evolve over the weeks culminating in a body of new ideas that can be pieced together and adapted for future projects.

My main aim is to investigate different ways of making figurative ceramics. I also aim to research how to combine printmaking methods with ceramics and transfer those skills into my studio practice.

I imagine my outcomes will be informed by my progress in these two areas, I may find that actually I don't want to work figuratively anymore or that in fact I stumble across something completely new to me along the way and focus entirely on that. I do not want to define definite outcomes as part of the way I work is about the journey of processes getting from A to B, rather than all about B itself, and hopefully B will include elements of the shape, space, form and decoration that I have been searching for.

'Large Beauty Queen'