Previous AA2A Artist

Angela Stride

Project summary:

At this stage in my practice I feel that I need to increase the level of professionalism. In the 3 years since graduating from the MA I have done collaborative work with other artists, both individuals and groups, successfully applied for funding, had work selected for exhibition and screening nationally and internationally. I now feel it it time for me to review and refocus my individual practice in a supporting framework.

For the AA2A Scheme I want to make new and more ambitious video work which will be explorations of human/animal behaviour, testing the boundaries of humanness and looking at hybrids as metaphors for subjectivity. I am interested in investigating how taking on board animal characteristics & behaviours can help us to extend our access and description of our own state of being.

This will be informed by Deleuze and Guattari’s ideas about the destabilising of the strict and possibly arbitrary boundaries between humanity and animals, in examining the idea of human becoming-animal, the idea of hybrids being useful to express mental states; their writings on the destabilising of the strict and possibly arbitrary boundaries established between humanity and animals and the idea that the individual is in constant flux that can take on new forms of animal-ness.

I also want to research Charcot, his work on hysteria, and specifically a report on simultaneous miaowing, which will feed into and extend ongoing work on mimicry.

My work is also increasingly informed by an interest in artists using performance or the performative, for example Marina Abramovic, Amanda Cooghan, and Vanessa Beecroft, and I am interested in pushing the performative elements of my own work.

'Piece of Piss'
digital video, May 2008, 3 mins