Previous AA2A Artist

Angela Rumble

Project summary:

My intention for the AA2A scheme was to move on from my previous use of a basic homemade pinhole camera into the use of one that uses film. I experimented for a while and took a series of self portraits as a matter of convenience. Moving on from previous subject matter which has examined the doctor-patient relationship, this work looks at and sends up the current obsession with appearance and cosmetic surgery. I pulled faces and used whatever came to hand (masking tape, bluetac etc.) to try and get a look at how plastic surgery might help me look younger.

Having the opportunity to use the darkroom facilities has enabled me to experiment with techniques of solarisation and the materials grant gave me the freedom to make mistakes and learn through them. I also used computers to enlarge the final images for exhibition, something I had been terrified of attempting before. It has been a great help to me at this time to get out of the isolation of my own studio and interact with others and reminded me how important it is to do so.

'Facelift 08'
pinhole photograph and oil paint - 20 x 13cm