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Angela Presnail

Project summary:

My artistic practice has for some time been focused on the making of collaged wall installations. I am interested in the new and unexpected meanings that could be born from the collision of text and image or the juxtaposition of completely disparate imagery as experienced in everyday life. The main thematic focus of my work deals with questions of identity and the way representation legislates and defines us all. I generally take my images from magazines, translate them and recreate them. However I will borrow imagery from wherever I find it. I have an interest in how the found image evolves when translated into a reductive drawing. I am interested in the idea of sampling things, collaging them and transforming them. Editing of images, to use a cinematic analogy, can make them say everything and its opposite. The fashion industry in particular offers a kaleidoscopical array of signs and symbols with which to construct our appearance and articulate our identity.

I don’t want to be doing the same thing in ten years time so its important for me to keep moving forward and to inject new blood into my work and techniques. This opportunity has provided me with the space and means to become acquainted with a variety of printing techniques. With regards to the etching I like the immediacy of the technique and its linearity and its closeness to drawing, which informs much of what I do. I intend to use the intaglio prints and screen prints as a base, giving me images to work against and elaborate on. I have always experimented with materials preferring to use the trial and error method of creation.

My time in the print room was an exciting and positive experience due to the facilities, materials and support available and has already led to finished works for two exhibitions. Furthermore the interaction with students, technicians and other artists was invaluable and I would wholeheartedly recommend the scheme as an opportunity not to be missed.

etching - 50x 70cm