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Andy Bates

Project summary:

Being primarily a leatherworker, I intend to develop a range of moulded, leather bags and sculptures; occasionally it will be difficult to define a piece as specifically one or the other as the semantic divisions between the two are blurred and melded. In my pieces I intend to incorporate metals, fabrics, woods and other naturally occurring and found materials into the designs. I also intend to experiment with colour, taking leather dyes from wild plants such a woad and weld.

The concentrated, creative environment of the college will inspire me greatly in my thinking and will boost my drive and determination to create my pieces. Discussion and dialogue with other artists at the college will allow me to develop new and exciting ideas in areas, which I would otherwise not have been able to consider. I am also very keen to use CAD in my designs, the facilities for which will allow me to devise wholly innovative creations.

At the conclusion of the project I will have completed a range of seven to eight bags/sculptures, which will be completely traditional, totally unique and entirely novel in their design and construction. It is also my hope that I will have been able to pass on to others some of the skills and knowledge which I have been privileged to be able to acquire over decades of study and practice.

'Shared scars'
moulded cowhide and calfskin, wool, pearwood & cast, brass fittings - 40 x 30cm