Previous AA2A Artist

Andrea Walsh

Project summary:

My studio practice to date involves considerable research with both glass and ceramics, frequently combining the two normally incompatible materials within the same object. Examining the idea of the vessel as both object and metaphor, I make simple yet considered forms that explore the behaviour of glass and fine bone china. Fascinated by their inherent properties of clarity, purity and translucency, I am intrigued by the alchemic and magical nature of both materials.

Following on from a recent residency within the ceramics industry I am particularly interested to continue the theme of previous work where I would like to look into the possibilities of taking industrially made ceramic elements and combining them with studio made glass components.

I would like to persue this line of enquiry within the department at the University of Sunderland, with a view to developing and refining my working processes. My current practice is limited to relatively small sized work, therefore I am keen to break from those restrictions and investigate the scale of individual pieces. In order to do this I would like to explore mould-making techniques with a view to kilncasting larger individual forms. Access to larger kilns and also cold working facilities will be hugely advantageous, as will the benefits of considerable technical expertise within the National Glass Centre.

I think that this opportunity would benefit my own practice and hopefully contribute towards research within a unique and significant University department. I would like to make use of this resource with a view to creating an exciting new body of work to be proposed for exhibition opportunities, and possibly for inclusion at ‘Collect 2010’ at the Saatchi Gallery, London with Craftscotland.