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Andi Chapple

Project summary:

I mostly work as a graphic designer, and I use computer software to make visual decisions quickly and flexibly; I am very confident about my abilities with shape, colour and composition, but I have come to realise that I would benefit from being forced to slow down as I work, to let doubt creep in, and to open up to the process of image-making more, not concentrating on the final composition or who it is meant for. I applied to use the screen printing facilities at the University of Cumbria's Lancaster campus, because I thought it wasn't a big conceptual step from the methods I am used to. I have learnt a lot about the craft of screen printing from the University's print technician and lecturers; I have made a lot of prints over the past six months and am beginning to bed in the physical skills involved.

I have made four series of prints. The first two explored generating compositions from variations of a basic setup. I was quite pleased with the results, and the process of arriving at the final compositions was fascinating, satisfyingly slow, and liberating. The third series was more frustrating, as I had pre-planned the images, and discovered all the gaps in my technique, but I was able to feed what I had learnt back into a new (and better) print in the series. The final series of prints uses all the printing technique I have learnt, and was again composed in the studio, and I am close to satisfied with it; I feel lucky to have been given the opportunity to thrash about long enough to have come up with something that is maybe a bit more than a beginner's piece. I also got to give a talk to students and staff, which made me think about what I had been doing and helped me have some good conversations about what I was doing.

I have enjoyed being in an art school, a new situation for me. I have had excellent conversations with teachers, technicians and students, and people have looked after me despite the pressures they have been under due to the University of Cumbria's reorganisation. Thanks very much to all of them, and to AA2A for making it possible.

Screenprint on paper, 30 x 42 cm