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Amelia Crouch

Project summary:

I will produce a series of text/image works using digital imaging, drawing and screen-printing. These will be a development from recent works that use words to suggest figurative visual images or physical associations. I want to begin to incorporate more pictorial elements to combine with text, particularly images that explore the built environment and our interaction with it. The work will extend my current interests - producing episodic/mini narratives exploring ideas of place and identity - whilst allowing me to experiment with different techniques.

Working within Huddersfield University will allow me to access print and digital facilities that will be invaluable to the production of my work. I would also value the opportunity to work within a dynamic, creative environment and look forward to input from students and staff.

I would like to create a good quality body of new work, to learn new techniques of working with digital imaging and screen-printing and to expand my conceptual understanding of my work.

'Scene/Story no.2'
Digital photographic print with text