Rebekah Pooley

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Contact email: R.Pooley@ucs.ac.uk

Website: http://www.rebekahpooley.moonfruit.com/

About me and my involvement in AA2A:

I am currently in my second year of Fine Art at University Campus Suffolk.  

My first year involved a lot of experimentation with oil paints through abstract forms. I hope to build up my painting skills this year through using the life painting courses.  The project I'm working on now will also enable me to gain a greater understanding of this medium and  the interaction with the residing artists in the Atrium Studios will hopefully be a valuable resource. 

This year, I have the great opportunity of interacting with the AA2A artists and the artists residing in the Atrium Studios. The ability to have this interaction is vital as artists, and I think this is why the AA2A scheme is so important to students of art.


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