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I am an artist, writer and editor currently based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


My practice is bound up with the exploration of art as a channel for discovery, for the cross-pollination of ideas and as a new means of communication. My work is often laboriously and highly crafted, drawing deliberate parallels to the arts and crafts movement as a means for elevating the banal images and materials of the every day. I am interested in how this relationship can be used to explore ideologies or intentions and to draw parallels between the past and our contemporary context e.g. the socialist ideals of authenticity and the impossible strive for naturalistic perfection through craft as extolled by William Morris. Often what connects the different aspects of my practice – paintings, objects, writing and site-responsive drawings – is the contrast to some mythical time as alluded to in the ideals of the arts and crafts movement and romantic poets before capitalism, the internet or mobile communication technologies and the impossible endeavour to ‘return’ or to ‘escape’ through rejecting mechanical means of reproduction.


Through my parallel writing and visual art practices I have begun to open the work up to interrogation, the influence of new concepts and stimuli, evolving pieces which are becoming increasingly expansive and matrix-like, not necessarily conclusive but which certainly propel different ideas and ways of encountering and understanding the work through process, collaboration and dialogue.

I would like to use the opportunity to develop these investigations both conceptually and practically through experimentation and the generation of new work but also through theoretical research and by engaging with the community within the University context.