andrew martyn sugars

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Brief description: after an interlude after my aa2a residency, i am now one of the engage aa2a artists researching a project i call 'aspects of snee'

Location: Derbyshire

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Website: http://www.andrewmartynsugars.me

More artists images: http://twitter.com/#!/andrewsugars

About me:

i practice both as an artist and a trainee forest school leader.  my practices follow on from a succesful career in the entertainment industry and a degree in fine art.  while on the degree my dsylexia was formally diagnosed.

i live in derbyshire with my partner, 3 children and a dog called maybe.




9 july 2015.  updated profile and about me. 



what news have i today... The Murmation Project

9:12:11 editting of my profile, in line with the cesation of the academic semester.

2.4.12 editting of 'my description', beginning to try to tap into how to describe myself in an engaging and accessible manner.

21.5.12 editting of 'my description' for legacy purposes.

24.5.12 andrew watches speech by neil gaiman on vimeo http://vimeo.com/42372767


29.5.12 andrew returns library books back to library, has a last coffee with robert and one last chat with susan.  on the bus back to derby he writes enthusisatically in his personal journal about future aspirations.  

"i've enjoyed keeping this profile up to date, i've liked what i've done and what i leave behind." andrew martyn sugars.

5.10.12 one last visit before leaving this place to explore new worlds. i would like to think that sometime in the future my then world will join with this world again and i can add to what is here.


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