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Brief description: my residency was a transitional phenomena for me. through reaching completion i was able to link my inner fantasy with the actuality of my reality. the residency helped to set up a future path. i am still dsylexic. i recommend the aa2a scheme.

Location: Derbyshire

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About me:

my aa2a residency followed my succesful 2011 grants for the arts project the snee snaw.

the snee snaw transforms a see saw into a magical musical thing.  the work explores several themes, and i'm happy for audiences to decode the work for themselves at whatever level they wish to.

going into aa2a i had several ideas for research and in reality it came down to experimenting and researching with sonics for a work to follow the snee snaw.

the soncs research built on the work done within the snee snaw project that uses a library of sounds.  for the new work i wanted explore sounds generated in real time, in direct response to the movement of the play equipment.  i worked in the sound studio at nottingham trent and really enjoyed the time and space to play.  

being on the aa2a scheme helped me to further explore where my practice was and where it is going.

by the end of the time period i had completed many recordings of generated sonic responses to the movement and found that i didn't like the sounds generated in real time.   

right at the end of the process i went through a revealing experience that will help me in my future career development.

this profile stands as a legacy of the research period and my revealing experience.



i remain interested in the notions of possible futures.



i follow the mantra:

play...     learn...    feedback...



what news have i today... The Murmation Project

9:12:11 editting of my profile, in line with the cesation of the academic semester.

2.4.12 editting of 'my description', beginning to try to tap into how to describe myself in an engaging and accessible manner.

21.5.12 editting of 'my description' for legacy purposes.

24.5.12 andrew watches speech by neil gaiman on vimeo http://vimeo.com/42372767


29.5.12 andrew returns library books back to library, has a last coffee with robert and one last chat with susan.  on the bus back to derby he writes enthusisatically in his personal journal about future aspirations.  

"i've enjoyed keeping this profile up to date, i've liked what i've done and what i leave behind." andrew martyn sugars.

5.10.12 one last visit before leaving this place to explore new worlds. i would like to think that sometime in the future my then world will join with this world again and i can add to what is here.


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