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<![CDATA[AA2A.biz: Emer Lynch's image albums]]> http://aa2a.biz/pg/photos/owned/emer?view=rss http://aa2a.biz/pg/photos/album/12055/research-and-photographic-works-from-sunderland Fri, 27 Jan 2012 01:16:54 +0000 http://aa2a.biz/pg/photos/album/12055/research-and-photographic-works-from-sunderland <![CDATA[Research and photographic works from Sunderland]]> These pieces investigate spaces I have become familiar with in Sunderland.

My work develops through intuitively reacting to each space - by playing with composition and exploring the angles of perspective within each frame. I am using glass to manipulate the composition and create layers of perception in each image. The glass is used as a tool to further investigate horizons.

http://aa2a.biz/pg/photos/album/10316/emer-lynch-portfolio Sat, 05 Nov 2011 15:56:19 +0000 http://aa2a.biz/pg/photos/album/10316/emer-lynch-portfolio <![CDATA[Emer Lynch - Portfolio]]> ]]>