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<![CDATA[AA2A.biz: Lowri Evans's friends]]> http://aa2a.biz/pg/friends/lowri/?view=rss http://aa2a.biz/pg/profile/andrews Tue, 08 Nov 2011 12:24:24 +0000 http://aa2a.biz/pg/profile/andrews <![CDATA[andrew martyn sugars]]> my aa2a residency followed my succesful 2011 grants for the arts project the snee snaw.

the snee snaw transforms a see saw into a magical musical thing.  the work explores several themes, and i'm happy for audiences to decode the work for themselves at whatever level they wish to.

going into aa2a i had several ideas for research and in reality it came down to experimenting and researching with sonics for a work to follow the snee snaw.

the soncs research built on the work done within the snee snaw project that uses a library of sounds.  for the new work i wanted explore sounds generated in real time, in direct response to the movement of the play equipment.  i worked in the sound studio at nottingham trent and really enjoyed the time and space to play.  

being on the aa2a scheme helped me to further explore where my practice was and where it is going.

by the end of the time period i had completed many recordings of generated sonic responses to the movement and found that i didn't like the sounds generated in real time.   

right at the end of the process i went through a revealing experience that will help me in my future career development.

this profile stands as a legacy of the research period and my revealing experience.



i remain interested in the notions of possible futures.



i follow the mantra:

play...     learn...    feedback...

http://aa2a.biz/pg/profile/jessica Wed, 02 Nov 2011 11:38:12 +0000 http://aa2a.biz/pg/profile/jessica <![CDATA[Jessica Longmore]]>  

My practice involves a series of appropriate gestures; instinctive sculptural responses to the psychology of particular spaces.  My work draws on both mine and the viewer’s haptic senses to question the forces which ground us and orientate us within a space.

My current focus surrounds the idea of the studio as a container; an environment which acts as a former in the production of work.

Over the last three years I have been working on a project entitled Objects for A Studio, in the UK, The Netherlands and China.  Objects for a Studio involves a series of one day residencies in other artists’ studios.  I arrive at each studio armed with only a camera and the intention to create work within an other artist’s space, using only the objects I encounter there.  Each residency results in the documentation of a single piece of work, in the form of a photograph. 

The project is not intended to survey the hidden studio practice of artists, but rather to stimulate the production of my own work within an unfamiliar environment.  By placing myself in the highly personal domain of another artist and giving myself the strict time frame of a single day, I hope to provoke the extremes of emotion that the studio creates.




http://aa2a.biz/pg/profile/louisew Mon, 31 Oct 2011 11:54:55 +0000 http://aa2a.biz/pg/profile/louisew <![CDATA[Louise Waller]]> ]]> http://aa2a.biz/pg/profile/rachelg Thu, 27 Oct 2011 14:08:39 +0100 http://aa2a.biz/pg/profile/rachelg <![CDATA[Rachel Goodyear]]> ]]> http://aa2a.biz/pg/profile/lizl Thu, 27 Oct 2011 11:38:36 +0100 http://aa2a.biz/pg/profile/lizl <![CDATA[Liz Linell]]> Born in Sussex, brought up in London, educated in Bristol, I left school at sixteen to learn Italian, bookbinding and painting, in Florence.  After art school in London, and training to teach art and English in Manchester, I lived in Sri Lanka, married, and was so busy with children it was years before I tried my hand at art again. By this time living in Devon I started a glass painting business which led to a commission for the windows in St Luke’s Hospice chapel in Plymouth. Family matters brought me to Chesterfield in 2005 where I learned Chinese brush painting - something I had long wanted to try. I am currently working in pastel, acrylic, glass paint and ink on large chipboard panels which inspire their own urban/fantasy scenes. 


In the past four years I have exhibited and sold at the Great Sheffield Art Show, the Sheffield Botanic Gardens, Chesterfield Arts Society, and won their prize for mixed media in 2010 and the Chesterfield Open Arts prize for 2009. I have participated twice in Derbyshire Open Arts, exhibiting and running open workshops at Via Gellia Mill, Bonsall, and I also ran a one day workshop for Ashby Art club using chipboard this year (see my website). I am currently designing and painting a series of humorous pictures of ‘Things’ sayings, for prints and cards, [under the name of Huza, accessible via my website]. Two galleries in Chesterfield have had exhibitions of my work, and I have been invited to hold a one-woman exhibition next Spring. I hope to have my AA2A  mural finished by then so I can exhibit that too.