A WARNING for artists who do too much!

September 8, 2011 by Kate Fallon Cousins   Comments (1)

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Hi, The last you heard from me on this page was roughly five months ago and also the last time i worked in the college. This is the first time i have written a blog on here. I always thought i said things better with things! Five months ago i went into college to work on the window I was doing. (You will find pictures on my page) I had laminated lots of carrier bags and stuck them to the window with suckers. I used the smaller size of the suction cups and so used the small hole punch to attach them. However the smaller suckers were not strong enough so they kept falling off the window. So i realized i had to use the bigger ones and bought hundreds of them. I spent days looking for them in pound shops and such. Then i spent a whole day searching the internet for a hole punch with a bigger hole and couldn't find one. Eventually i decided i would have to use the star shaped hole punch i had used when i was first experimenting with the idea. So this is what i did. The hole punch was a button type one rather than a lever and i was using both my hands and all my strengh to punch a hole in the corners of each a4 laminated carrier bag. After a while i noticed that in between my knuckles was swollen and the was burst blood vessels on my palm. I packed up and went home. I had stuck ten plastic panels to the window (40 holes) which had taken the best part of an hour. I forgot all about it until i got home and when i remembered i said to my partner ' oh yeah, my hand exploded!' I showed my partner the swelling between my knuckles and he said 'Oh my god!' By the next day it was all through both my arms. That was over five months ago! I haven't been able to carry my shopping or do this much typing without pain. I spent most of that time thinking it was a repetative strain injury. I have been told by one doctor that there is nothing wrong with me and i should battle through it and take pain killers. I finally saw a good doctor who said it may be ligament damage and i have an appointment for physio! yay. Even though i have done some of my best work since then, it has been in small amounts! also my studio has become a tip! If I didn't have my partner to pick up my slack then I doubt i could work at all. When my hands are better I will never take them them for granted again! So the lesson is, if there's one its not to work beyond your capabilities! even if you think it is the only way.  Anyway i'm going to make a cup of tea and put some frozen soybeans on my hands! Thanks for listening :) Kate