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Hannah Dargavel-Leafe

February 18, 2013 by Chloe Hamill   Comments (0)

Since I last saw Hannah she has been very busy doing lots of 3D printing!

'I've stripped my pieces down to simple building blocks now, which I am creating a system to build into larger more complex pieces. I've also made a tessellating design based on one of my crane structures that I'm hoping to print on the Risograph this week.' 

Her next step is going to be experimenting with casting these 3D print outs in metal! I am looking forward to seeing how her work develops! 
To see more of her work visit: http://www.hdargavel-leafe.blogspot.co.uk

Lumi Inkodye

February 18, 2013 by Hayley Griffin   Comments (0)

I bought this Lumi Inkodye which allows you to expose a photograph onto a material or wood using daylight.  The kit includes three colours, red, orange and blue.  They can be mixed to create other colours or diluted to make a  lighter shade.

Making Art Work ( Rugby ball shaped)

February 16, 2013 by Ruth Hamblett   Comments (0)

After a really busy week finally managed to make some thing, well lots of somethings actually made a load of smal clay rugby balls and left these in the basement while I nipped upstairs for my drink by the time had returned these were no where to be seen, call for an ARGGH moment. So was a lot put out to say the least as work had gone what to do next. Had no time to think about this so went up to studio space to carry on with research material in reading about Brue Nauman about the contexturlisation of the body when was informed that the second years where being assessed an the examiner was going to be coming in to the studio but was invited to join in with the group talk. It was nice to be given the opportunity to talk about my current art practice ( or what I thought lack of art practice), was some what surprized that he liked what I was doing and very encouraging, so why do I not believe a word he said. Oh me I don't trust anyone even when offering really good words of encouragement feel still have to push my self even more to get to where I hope to be.  After this session I get some more clay and manipulate this into a shape of a  larger rugby ball but only half of the side of it having previously working with the original wooden base had started this using resin, coloured pigment and tried to set these into a circle with a small plastic cup but as I had left this at home on the window sill before christmas found that the cup had disappeared and some of the resin had broken off creating half a circle. It is with this material had decided to change by introducing clay and form a type of mold with the intention of using latex and build my own rugby ball but so far am not sure if it is working or not it is still early days. Having now brought a life-size rugby ball from my local rugby club have at least a template to work from am hoping to build a rugby ball that you can when complete squeeze it so that it then either projects a screen of light or create a sound that occures from inside making appear as if you are hearing or seeing a rugby game with out being present at the match. Am still looking for a doll that has the mechanisum inside that when you squeeze it creates the sound of "Mama", I want to take this out of the doll and re-configure it so that can put the noise or sound of the rugby match inside the ball.  Still working on this format and only time witll tell if it works.

Naughty lack of blogging!

February 14, 2013 by Rachel Horne   Comments (0)

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I have not written anything for a VERY long time...which I feel bad about! I have been a very busy girl but no excuses! I now intend to keep up with this as it is such a fab opportunity and I don't want to waste a moment of it.

Since my last post I have done a lot more digital printing-it has been a little more successful (although mistakes do still seem to be a good friend of mine-examples including; printing on fabric that was not prepared for digital printing- thus the day of my weekend spent printing was washed away with a mere sprinkling of water; remembering very little about dyeing fabrics and thereby never reproducing a matching coloured piece of fabric; running out of fabric mid print, not realising that you need to clean the heads of a digital printer and so printing an entirely grey design as opposed to blue, green, pink, orange and sepia. But each mistake made, each tear shed, etc etc, makes me even more determined to push for work that I am really pleased with.)

And I HAVE produced some prints that I am proud of which I shall be popping up here in the next few days along with photos of perhaps the less successful adventures. It was my original aim to get some designs together for Liberty open day. I was a tad gutted that I was not ready for this but on the upside it does mean I have almost another whole year to prepare for next year's event! In the mean time I can focus on producing work that I want to wear so if nothing else I have a whole new wardrobe :).

Pics to follow....


AA2A residency – The Smallest Theatre in the World Mk. 5

February 14, 2013 by Doug Selway   Comments (0)


For the full report and pics see my blog : permalink

This project is a very interesting use of visual thinking because it’s entirely subject to the logic of a performance – it’s definitely NOT another art show. The structure and the appearance has to work as a performance space, and I’m learning what a subtle discipline that is. I really love the way it is totally audience focussed. The Lemmings, like all actors,  always think about who they are playing to. Visual artists sometimes spend unhealthy amounts of time thinking about what they are playing with….

Materials over Ideas.

February 14, 2013 by Rebecca Travis   Comments (0)

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I spent the last few weeks worrying about the fact I don't have a set 'project' to work on and seemed to be searching in vain for something to pull ideas together. This clearly doesn't work for me. I had a bit of a revelation that the main reason I am undertaking this residency is to use the workshop facilities and have access to print, papermaking, digital media and that is what my focus will now be. I am now focusing on learning techniques that I want to use, and that has started with learning how to photo-etch, creating a set of etchings for a print edition.

In other news I will be running a Critical Writing Workshop at Northumbria that will run in two parts, the first on 1st March and the second on 8th March. 

Directing you to the stream

February 14, 2013 by Nicola Smith   Comments (0)

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I have been troubleshooting problems that might arise during the live stream of my performance. I have read that ustream.TV make there money by intermittently broadcasting advertising during the streamed event. It is really important that this doesn't happen within my performance, which means that I will have to pay for a package. This is the only way I can ensure that advertising doesn't interfere with my live stream. How much information do the audience need to understand the context around the work? Is it important? I can send out a press release prior to the event, however I have to consider that the audience may just watch with no knowledge at all of the work. At university I can imagine that the students would appreciate hearing about how I made the piece. However I do prefer not to overly explain, allowing people to make up their own minds about the performance.

During the live stream I can also write comments, a bit like twitter and viewers can comment on what they are viewing in real time. Using the comments section could be a nice way to informally talk about the work. However if people want to join in commenting on the event they need to already be logged into ustream to be able to participate fully. I envisage a large projection in the lecture theatre with my live performance streamed. Should the work be an independent piece or part of a series of talks/performances in the lecture theatre? The live link would have to be tested well in advance and I think I need to do more research on how to advertise/promote a live feed. I watched a live, streamed lecture at Lancaster University that also had a live twitter feed. I have emailed the University of Salford today to enquire if they have streamed live talks online to see if I can get advice and support with my event.

Nicola Smith Presents...

February 14, 2013 by Nicola Smith   Comments (0)

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This week I have been researching streaming live events online and the different host sites that provide this service. I do not want to pay for streaming and I was pleased to see that there are some websites that offer a free basic package. I really like the layout of www.ustream.tv and it is easy to set-up through facebook and links across other social media platforms. The video frame that pops up is like the skype video frame although I was a bit concerned about the visual quality of the video. However after closer inspection it is possible to up the quality, which created a much smoother capture. Although I do like how the streaming isn’t perfect, which lets little slippages go unnoticed. Although I am artist in resident at the University of Salford I haven’t been physically there much on site. Due to work commitments my initial plan has had to change and I feel with this new piece I want to explore presenting it in a different way to reach a wider audience. Last week I presented two artist talks at Oldham College and Staffordshire University, which I intend to deliver at Salford. I have now created my own channel and now need to think of a marketing strategy to let people know when the live stream is on. I will need a lo-tech title to hold up for the name of the show at the start, which will allow people a few minutes to login. Alongside the live stream I can add comments to what I'm doing and the public can also write what they think about the performance. I could promote the date of the live stream at the end of my artist talk at Salford uni. I think I will also need to design a poster and create an e-advert to send out to my e-mailing list. I recently went to a show and they sent out a personalised email to each person which I thought was a nice touch.


February 14, 2013 by Nicola Smith   Comments (0)

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Reflecting on where to show my performance work in the university is making me re-consider the location of it. The point of a 1-2-1 performance is all about intimacy, however is that totally appropriate and right within a university context? I am putting a lot of prep into this work and I am not sure if I am happy to only show it to a few people. Having the work in a blacked out space is making the work look theatrical, is that what I really want? In a sense the work is theatrical, however there will be lots of slippages and mistakes within the performance. I keep thinking back to the carpet under my feet when I was videoing my initial experiments in my spare room and I really like the aesthetic of my home environment. Could I do a live, streamed performance on the Internet? This would allow me to reach more people in different locations and have my chosen location for the performance. There is something about sharing the things you do at home and were you live with other people through a screen that appeals to me. The work could be a controlled video piece, however I feel more excited about doing something live, creating a temporary event, something not to miss.

I have started rehearsing the Penny Arcade script to The government doesn’t want people to fuck! The piece talks about prostitution, women, America and money. She speaks really fast and even with a script in hand I am struggling to keep up with the pace. In the script she talks about the difference between hookers and call girls. When I think of a hooker I think of the movie Pretty Woman and Julia Roberts. Penny goes on to say ‘y’all have this idea that hookers are running around in push up bras, fishnet stockings, high heals, that’s a seducer, that’s a movie, that’s an old movie. We’re not running around in high heals we’re wearing Reeboks!’ I like the idea of mixing in a pair of Reeboks and fishnet tights into my performance wardrobe. Penny has made music, more like punk tracks, which I have been listening to. I particularly like No Mona Lisa, which talks about how the famous muse is cut off at the waist. This soundtrack would make an ideal match as in my performance the frame will cut across the middle of my body.

Time wasted

February 13, 2013 by Deirdre Porter-Hanson   Comments (0)

Not much to say today...Thanks to Abiola and Nadia for their help with the laser cutting...that went well.

But I went to paint and my work has been cut down from the wall...I feel sick

Day abandoned