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Samantha Donnelly

January 16, 2013 by Chloe Hamill   Comments (0)



Today I met with Samantha Donnelly to talk about her current practice and how she is finding the A2AA scheme.
Access to All Areas scheme allows artists use the facilities within the university and you can apply as long as you have had one year out of education. The artist did a BA in photography and film, then a MA in fine art in Newcastle and since has learnt ceramic techniques at night school. She choose Manchester School of art for its library resources and wide range of facilities. The scheme not only provides great facilities but also allows you to work in a creative environment.
Her current work creates negatives from casts of mannequins, which she hopes to photogram and create large forms, bringing her love of ceramics and photography together.  
To find out more about her work please visit: 



January 16, 2013 by Alexandra Harley   Comments (0)

A productive day in Chelmsford rolling out clay and crumpling it, this led to a very interesting chat with a media tutor and plans for setting up an animation next week, I had never planned for this! Brilliant.


Reccommend Artist of week: Annette Pugh ( Katherine James)

January 15, 2013 by Ruth Hamblett   Comments (0)

As a student rep for Coventry University it is nice to see that Annette Pugh's image has been chosen as image of the week, a good example for how using resources available to network your art practice can not only be beneficial for the artist but also encourage promotion of art practice. I look forward to working with this artist and all the artists currently at Coventry University on AA2A. Check out  Annette' art work on: AA2Aproject Pic of the Week: Coventry University's AA2A artist Annette Pugh's image from her album 'Projections'. pic.twitter.com/Vv1VExbg yesterday · reply · retweet · favorite. 

Also wanted to promote fellow student Katherine James who is working towards her degree show and has a photograph of herself with her artwork in this weeks photographs, look forward to seeing more about this in the future.

Once upon a Time.......there was a story.

January 15, 2013 by Charis Jones   Comments (1)

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Once upon a time….

There was a story. The first story; exciting, mischievous, daring. It danced about the world, flitting from mind to mind, whispering its secrets into the ears of those who would listen, always expanding, growing, teaching. Where it alighted, it left a part of itself behind and all these parts also went skipping out across the world. Women told the stories to their children to give them knowledge, guidance and hope. Men told them around their campfires to give each other courage and strength. Lovers whispered them to each other to deepen their bond. They were told in the lowliest hovels and the grandest palaces. And always the stories were free; free to change and grow. Throughout the world new stories sprang up and danced.

But one day men came with nets and spears and hunted down the stories. They caught them and pinned them into books, crushing their spirit and bleeding their lifeblood. They moulded them to suit their own thoughts and beliefs, sanitising and crippling their power. The stories could no longer change and their strength and meaning soon passed into history.

But the stories remained there, waiting, biding their time.

And now there is a rustling, a soft susurrus as the stories awaken and return to life. They are peeling themselves from the pages where they have slept for so long and are preparing to dance…….


New Year and an impending deadline...

January 12, 2013 by Zara Worth   Comments (0)

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Thought I might as well write another blog post, since its not like I have a dissertation to write...

It has been strange this Christmas holiday to have handed in all my work from last semester and know that its all sat there, waiting to be judged whilst my new focus is entirely on my dissertation. Most frustratingly I have been typically been coming up with new ideas for work at roughly exactly the moment this year when I don't realistically have time to be making them. 


The word count has been slowly inching forward as the deadline moves closer.


I have promised myself shopping if I have a first draft by the end of Monday.

Wish me luck!

Knitted performance!

January 10, 2013 by Katherine James   Comments (0)

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Right! So its been back to hard work after Christmas this week! I have been knitting my cheese plant and finally videoed a performance with my knitted suit. Its been labourious, but the work has paid off I think. I will post some photos!

Highlight of 2012

January 10, 2013 by Sandra Greenacre   Comments (0)

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The highlight for me in 2012 was the Q&A sessions with the AA2A artists which were organised and hosted by myself and Zara.

They were arranged at short notice, but they still all accepted our invitation to attend, which we really appreciated.

The first one was held on Tuesday 4th December with Jenny Purrett and Matthew Hearn of Spectrum and hosted by myself.  They spoke very openly about their journey as artists and their practice up to date. The one key point to emerge and invaluable advice to all art students was 'networking' and how important it was to make contacts and be part of a wider art community.  They talked about the different types of residencies available and mentioned that they are often advertised in art magazines like a-n, which if subscribed to, offered free insurance for public liability if staging an exhibition.  One other tip given was if leaving a card with contact details on, try leaving it in places like a hairdressers as it can be surprizing on how much work can be got from non- art environments.

Jenny and Matthew were equally generous with their time by allowing the students present to talk about their own practice, their hopes and aspirations after graduation, which I would like to thank them both for on behalf of all of us.

The second one was hosted by Zara with David Lisser, Rebecca Travis and Sebastian Trend

It was the first time a Q&A session had been arranged, so hopefully it will go from strengtht to strength and next years AA2A reps will be able to build on this year.

Both sessions were recorded and I have included links:-





Coincidence can change everything

January 10, 2013 by Mandeep Chohan   Comments (0)

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Glad to be back.

I did a lot before the holidays. We ended the year with an exhibition with the main purpose to introduce myself (and the other aa2a residents) to the students and it was a success. I had some really great positive feedback and had one student even go as far as saying how "inspired and impressed" and that seeing my work had helped to get him out of a rut he was feeling he was in. No one has ever complimented my work in such a way so I was incredibly flattered but so pleased that I am actually HELPING the students in some way. 

I also had to do a dreaded presentation for the first and second year students about the things that they can whilst whilst at uni and after. Things like promoting themselves, social networking, networking, open call outs and volunteering. Was very nervous, but again its to help students out and from that I have arranged a few tutorials with students who had similar art practice interests to me. So Im very much looking forward to interacting one on one with students. We're now past the 'honeymoon' period of being new and students adjusting to a new year etc. So its kind of like get down to business now.

I have a lot of plans for work at the moment starting with more screen printing on monday. But this time Im working with two layers. A first layer being a found image and the second layer will be a drawing of mine over the top. So hopefully it works well. 

I also got to thinking about how something very small or unplanned can change the course of ones research of practice. I found a book in Waterstones with such an enticting and provocative front cover I had to get it. 

I paid quite an amout for it but later on realised the book was actually worth £2,000 online. But its rich with imagery that I can make full use of and I know this will change the feel of my collages in terms of playing with compositions and structure. The book is a collection of photographs by Guy Bourdin whos images are found primarily in Vogue. I later on read that hes heavuily inspired by Francis Bacon who is one of my favourite artists.

I was also very flattered and pleased to have my work featured in the AA2A fund raising email. Its really nice that my work is getting some recognition and is actually just liked by people. So yeah, a big thumbs up for that!

So yeah, thats all for now. Hopefully more to come!

happy new year...

January 8, 2013 by Nick Walters   Comments (0)


finally, have found the library I need to make this thing happen...

been a long day...

but good to have found it..

not much else to report..

good to hang out with Rachael and Vikki this avo'

and arranged meeting with sound geek for next week..

slowly, slowly catchee monkey..


also looked at this:


which is awesome - but too much for what I need...

be good for a game idea I've got though..


Doily Diary: a solo show in progress

January 8, 2013 by Shannon Donovan   Comments (0)

For over a year, I've been planning to install a "doily diary" at the Clay College in Millville, New Jersey, USA. I was invited to do this solo show before I moved to the United Kingdom, and I'm in the States this week getting it ready. I've crocheted almost 400 small doilies -- one for each day of 2012, plus a few extra just in case -- and will be sewing them onto fabric monthly "calendars" for installation. But first, each and every doily gets dipped in porcelain slip and fired.

My latest image album shows how it's going. The show opens on 15 January, so I better get back to dipping and slipping this morning!

Once this show is up, it'll be back to Hereford College of Arts and further fibre/clay explorations. I can't wait!