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Project Re-think

November 27, 2012 by Nicola Smith   Comments (0)

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Since looking at the José Camarón piece, ‘An oriental (Turkish/Algerian) woman’ it has got me re-looking at some artist images I had taken off the Internet. The images are of famous female contemporary artists either framed in a real life situation or documented at a performance. I particularly like Tracey Emin’s leg and knickers shot as she holds her paintbrush. I have thought about re-enacting this image for a photograph. To expand on this collection of images I could project the images onto me. There is something about the ephemeral projected image that can’t be pinned down. The light that creates the image offers an openness that a printed photograph doesn’t. Recently I have been creating digitally printed artist multiples and thought I would like to do more of this on the AA2A residency. However I want to take more risks and feel like creating a more ambitious installation. I am planning to get a tour of Media City and find out what resources are available through the university. I am envisaging the use of a large blacked out space, although I could use the photographic studio to experiment with projected images. Currently I am juggling a number of projects with part-time work and finding it difficult to get into the university. Although my practice is very research based with the actual physical making coming in at the end. I would like to plan some tutorials with the students and hope this can be arranged for December time.


November 27, 2012 by Hideki Arichi   Comments (0)

The last time I screenprinted was in a workshop with vacuum beds and screens with mesh for paper based work.

So today I printed without a vacuum and using a mesh used more frequently for textile work.

It also gave me the opportunity to use a squeegee again which I hadn't for a while since most of my time is spent inking and wiping etching plates.

I am undecided as to the results of the screenprinting today, the prints are not bad but could be better.

I will think on it...

27.11.12, 1.34am

November 27, 2012 by Janet Manogue   Comments (0)

Found the time to write the blog! Well, an interesting week last week, I started more prints and had some interesting first layers, I used a squidge of black intaglio ink onto a plate then used a broken stick to try to drip the ink onto the printing plate. It was a bit thick and sticky (no pun intended) so didn't drip how I wanted, but it was interesting. I softened the ink on the second run through the press with white spirit which gave a reasonable base when on the paper. Photos to follow.

Synchronised (Script)

November 26, 2012 by Jade Heritage   Comments (0)

Ignoring the lines (Screen shots)


photo inserts...

November 26, 2012 by Lorraine Clewlow   Comments (0)

well I've spent half an hour opening a flickr account and trying to get photos into the blog.... not suceeded! will have another look one day soon but for now I want to go and make stuff...

if you would like to see the new images I have put them in a new photo album on my home page :-)

another sculpture starts

November 26, 2012 by Lorraine Clewlow   Comments (0)

I have spent weeks on my first sculpture, building it up and sanding/rasping/chiseling its surface and now that it is taking shape I have started a second. 

The second form was more flimsy than the first so I anticipated problems with weight of plaster on such a fragile framework. 


I used herculite and some cheesecloth my gran gave me years ago - it finally found its home! I built the piece up slowly and carefully and it took the weight.


I'm now shaping the piece better, filling and covering the inside and texturing the outside.

Am thoroughly enjoying the whole process of building work in this way.

And So It Goes

November 25, 2012 by Nick Davies   Comments (0)

So it's been a slow start to my time at PCA. My introduction with Jason Hirons and meeting with fellow AA2A resident Tessa Jane was very enthusing, but work commitments since then have meant it has been difficult for me to organize my next visit.

My plan is to get my inductions for the facilities under my belt and to, if possible, organize a workshop using the risograph with some students if they fancy it. This has proved elusive to date thanks to some big print jobs via PrtScrPress.

I guess this is one of the problems I'm going to have to manage during this year. Because I live in Exeter and my studio is at the Phoenix, I have to really plan in advance any visit to PCA. Along with this the way print jobs come in to PrtScr is very ad-hoc. To overcome this I've now set a print day: Thursday. Outside of this Wednesday is to be my practice/AA2A day. This is something I've been planning on doing for a while and AA2A, in a way, has spurred the move. I want to make the most of this opportunity and my practice needs a good structuring anyways. I've also managed to change my hours in the call centre, I'm now working full days on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, leaving Wednesday for my practice, Thursday for printing, and Friday for whatever is left hanging and 'admin'/printer maintenance type stuff. Then, hopefully, Saturday is my day of rest, but we all know how that goes.

Back onto the project: I've begun setting up some of the initial plans for how it will take place. I've begun sourcing materials to produce the overall dossiers and also have two or three pieces already in development. I've even managed to gain some help over in Folkestone from someone I've worked with in the past, meaning the project will extend much further than my own locality (something I want to develop further as the project grows). I've set my schedule for how many pieces I aim to make a month (beginning in January) and I have a rough list of who will receive the dossier and the monthly reports. So far so good. One thing I want to make sure of is that I keep my ambitions under management and don't let the idea outgrow the means. That would surely mean a catastrophic and stressful AA2A residency.

Without giving too much away, the Folkestone piece (the first work and the benchmark) is going to be placed onto the promenade and it's components include a charter ferry, Michael Fish, and the year 1987...

I'm sure all of this seems fluffy and cryptic, and that's the way I want it to be for now. If I tell the whole story there's no point in it becoming a work, plus there will hopefully be transformations on the way to it being realized.

My first AA2A Blog!!

November 25, 2012 by Roy Pearce   Comments (0)

Have been in the Print room at Lincoln University and made 4 colour separation screenprints of a photo of my son. Very difficult especially the registration of layers but happy accidents abound! Have also made 3D visuals of text, images and objects coated and shrouded with resin on glass. Good discussions with interested students. 

Temporary Worlds: Current exhibition at 17Claypath Durham.

November 25, 2012 by Rebecca Travis   Comments (0)

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I feel as if I've somewhat neglected my AA2A Northumbria studio space this week as I have been busy installing a group show called Temporary Worlds that gathers eight North East artists in their responses to the natural world. The show opened in Durham this Friday to a great response at disused office unit 17 Claypath, Empty Shop's latest space acquisition. The show is open Tuesday-Saturday until 1st December, 10-4 so if you're in the area then please drop by! 

Featured Artists: Lianne Bell, Katy Cole, Claudia España, David Lowther, Rachel Magdeburg, Lesley-anne Rose, Rebecca Travis, Nicola Warwick 

17 Claypath logo

Maps and Considerations

November 24, 2012 by William Tate   Comments (0)

Amongst the madness of my PGCE, lectures, the pregnant fiance and the wedding planning, I have found serenity in my practice. One day a week to escape into a world, where I venture into poetic moments from my past. The exploration of space is ever present in the works I am creating, attempting to symbolise the importance of the places we visit and live in. Attempting to organise these intimate thoughts I have drawn from the aesthetics of a map and the grid like compartmentalisation of information. The first piece of work to come from this trail of thought will be assembled soon for a small exhibition at the unversity to introduce myself to the students. Alongside my usual sculptural practice I've also started to create drawings, considerations of the moments that will later become sculptures. 

I'm excited about my time at Teesside University and with multiple scluptures at the half way stage everything seems to be going very well. I look forward to sharing some photographs with you all very soon, keep well and safe journey.