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April 27, 2012 by Claire Weetman   Comments (0)

Unable to embed a video here, so go visit: http://www.claireweetman.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/spread.html to see what i'm on about

Spread is the third in a series of animated drawings onto mountcard.  They take inspiration from Richard Serra's verb works, where he created sculptures in response to words such as 'to roll', 'to crumple' or 'to cut'.  This series started from an animation skills workshop I attended whilst here at Salford on the AA2A, and the 3 works so far have all been made here in some way or other - either physically made here, using the copystand available from the photography studio, or edited using the DV suite.  Spread was made whilst I was out in Istanbul at the end of March, and I've been trying to get to grips with FInal Cut Pro at Salford today.  Still not quite got the hang of it - struggling with ratios and formats, but I've learnt so much just by getting on and doing it - that and the technicians are on hand to give guidance and starting points.

I'm going to continue the series by taking some of the words from Serra's list, but also include words that have an inherent feeling of movement in them too, then create a series of drawings using cut away mountcard.  So far I've made 'descend', 'curve' and 'spread'.  More to follow over the process of time.  Longlist of future words includes:

scatter, pair, surround, lift, follow, fall, shuffle, jump, loop, grow, criss-cross, ramble,

searching for an act of completion

April 23, 2012 by andrew martyn sugars   Comments (0)

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being on the aa2a scheme has given me the time and space to research something that was of interest following my snee snaw project.  i've come a long way with the research and at times i have found it hard not to be hard on myself for not being that far on, even though i've done so much work.  i might be disappointed in myself, i might be disappointed in something else.

ok.  having done the "wow is me" drama queen type activity i can get beck to the practical nature of wanting to work to a conclusion.  as the weather is improving i am going to take my research once again outdoors to use two actual swings with the work i've done in the studio.  my intention is to make a small film to punctuate the point of the completion of the aa2a scheme.

when i set out on the path of the research i was setting out on an enquiry into wether or not i could do something, based on a response to my previous work.  the challenge has proven to be larger than i had anticipated and i have been very close to walking away from it all on several occasions.  walking away is easy and if i did walk away it would be a larger failure than if i made something that i didn't like that much.  i have to admit to at times not liking what it is that i'm making.  the good thing about not liking it, once i've realised i don;t like it, is that i can work to resolve the unlikeness to turn it around to become something i do like.  that almost feels like an advice thing waiting to happen.

Drawing it all to a close

April 20, 2012 by Brighid Mulley   Comments (0)

The exhibition preview - last Wednesday went well with a healthy turnout. It was good to see and we (the artists) are all pleased at how well the work of four people came together in one space. The plan is to create an online version of the exhibition so I will post details of this when it's up and running. I will also put up some images of my work, but not today as have to dash! 

One month left to vote for you favourite AA2A artist of 2011/12

April 19, 2012 by Georgia Rodger   Comments (0)

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Have you voted for your favourite AA2A artist of 2011/12?

- Voting is easy: every artist's profile page on this site has a link to 'vote for this artist' or you can go directly to the voting page here: http://aa2a.org/artistvote

- Voting closes at the end of May

- You can vote for any of this year's artists from any college, whether it's because you like their work in college or online or just that they are good at involving students and communicating their knowledge and enthusiasm.

- The winning artists will be promoted on our Websites and Pages, and the Students’ choice will have their project featured in London at the AA2A College Briefing Day.

- The student vote is for students at participating AA2A colleges (there's also a 'Public Vote' for students from other colleges or members of the public - including artists and college staff).

If you've already voted, please encourage your friends!



Artists in Residence show

April 17, 2012 by Georgia Peskett   Comments (0)

Yesterday was all about putting together the work that has taken 6 months for me to produce, I found a moment yesterday to write a brief blog on it, then looking again at it I felt that it did not do justice to all the effort that has gone into the show. So yesterday to recap was a flurry of running in and out of the Dome armed with blu tack, double sided tape, last minute text boards to accompany my works.

Yesterday's blog involved regularly glancing up at the clock struggling to eat something, do hair, change shoes, feed cat etc etc, this is the norm for me and I'm sure many other artists on their pv nights. The work is what dominates my mind, it's both satisfying to have completed a long project and exhausting remembering all those tiny details! 

The staff at the college were great in helping to pull the show together with us, a big thank you to Sharlaine Fincham and Jeremy Asquith, also to Craig Titley and Nathan Sissons for all their help! Brilliant team at Chesterfield College.

Great show last night and it's on til the 25th...


April 17, 2012 by Liz Linell   Comments (0)

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LAST NIGHT SOME OF THE GREAT AND GOOD CAME AND SAW OUR FINAL SHOW.  It was very much appreciated, thanks to all who attended, some I know had come quite a way.

The show started at 5pm, at which point my large mural was still unframed. However, my noble framers, Bonds from Chesterfield, staggered down the road with the completed 8' x 4' frame and slotted the board into it as if it had been made to measure. It had of course, but since I was the one who'd done the measuring it was rather a pleasant surprise that I'd actually got my bit right. Very happy result.


Thanks to everyone involved in helping me get up and onto the walls: Jeremy Asquith and Sharlaine Fincham and  who between them started this  first whole Chesterfield Artist in Residence opportunity, and navigated through  something of a new minefield  to bring it to fruition.  Thanks To Peter who put up with me in his studio for the first three months when he didn't have room, but never compained, to Julie who allowed me to paint quietly in a corner of my new studio whilst she taught her A level students. A special thanks to Kate Penney the Level 1 tutor who so generously lent me her lovely class to play with, to  Jordan Fewell, tatooed techie who used his bandsaw to such good effect that I now want to get one myself. (A saw, not a Jordan.) Thanks also to Craig Titley and James Marples who helped get things onto walls, and then photographed them.

I have so much enjoyed this experience, both doing my own work and talking to/working with students as well. It's been a very stimulating six months, and I've got a lot more ideas stemming from the work I did here waiting to be made in my new studio. I shall miss the College. Everyone was so kind and helpful. Many, many thanks from me.

Going in for Competitions

April 16, 2012 by Sheila de Rosa   Comments (0)

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This has been a quiet year for residencies and teaching opportunities, things I usually rely on as income throughout the year. However, every cloud has a silver lining, and this hiatus has meant that I have had more time to concentrate on my own arts practice and a body of new work which combines my love of drawing and my passion for printmaking. I know it makes little sense at a time of reduced income but I have just bitten the bullet and completed the entry forms for both the RE:OPEN print show organised by the Royal Academy and the BITE: Artists Making Prints which showcases original printworks. Although nearly £100 poorer I feel hopeful and more engaged with the artist community than for a long time. How do other artists cope both creatively and financially at this time of recession I wonder?

Shadows exhibition

April 13, 2012 by Brighid Mulley   Comments (0)

The exhibition is now up and  running - the private view was on 11th April, though the exhibition started on the 4th.

What is it about a bit of netting?

April 13, 2012 by Liz Linell   Comments (0)

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If you get a chance, look at the album with some mad students just frolicking. Who needs expensive props when you've got a piece of netting and a frame?   No wonder I had fun.


EXHIBITION TIME at Chesterfield College 16th - 25th April

April 12, 2012 by Liz Linell   Comments (1)

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Four of us Artists in Residence, myself, Georgia Peskett, Vicki Johnson and Kate Sully, are holding our final exhibtion in The Dome at Chesterfield College from next Monday. If you are in the area, please come. The preview is 5-8pm Monday 16th April.

I have greatly enjoyed not only the opportunity to paint on a far larger scale than I can in my own studio, but also the contact with the students and staff at the College. My advice:  If you missed out this year, try again next year.