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hands with issues

November 5, 2012 by Sally Lemsford   Comments (0)

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Boleyn hand

It has been suggested to me that I need an Anne Boleyn hand- with 6 fingers. I wonder what her issues would have been? She is reputed to have been 'the only woman who ever dared to argue and answer back to Henry.' (http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/british/tudors/anne_boleyn_01.shtml, accessed 5.11.12) but she didn't survive political manoeuvring.

In an unequal world where a 14 year old was shot for speaking out in support of education for women, we need to find dynamic ways to have our issues heard and addressed.

Antoni Tàpies Prints in London

November 3, 2012 by Hideki Arichi   Comments (0)

The Adam Gallery on Cork Street currently has an exhibition of 40 or so prints giving you a great chance to see the work up close and to consider the different processes and strategies used.


Espiral (From Negre i Roig), 1976
Etching with flocking and embossing on Guarro paper
Signed in pencil and numbered
56 x 76 cm

The art of dressing up

October 31, 2012 by Lindsey Holmes   Comments (0)

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Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a busy time of the year for costume designers, so far this week i have been working out how to package and post wings, fighting though armys of Zombies doing their make up and fiting up blood drips which dispence strawberry jelly...

What i love about halloween is that everyone dresses up, because is is ok to do so and more now than ever, because it is expected

clothes projects what we want to be and fancy dress gives us an excuse to play with who we would like to be, "dress up" allow us all to be performers and play a role even if only for one night

i love to see how people dress when they think anything goes, it tells you a lot about people

My costumes are never quite a good as i plan them to be, as i always end up making so many things for other people, this years costume...to fit with my AA2A project and as its John keats 217th birthday...a consumptive...

getting a clearer intention...

October 31, 2012 by Nick Walters   Comments (0)


At what point does electronic timing take over? When I’m looping a sound, or jamming with a mic, at what point does the subtle energy in the groove shift, or does it ? - is there a difference between a mass-produced, bubble-gum pop dance track, and someone baring their intimate soul in a pub with an audience of two...?


what is that difference...?


Ties into a bigger discussion around the nature of performance, improvisation, spontanaety, being present, in the moment, those great musical moments, then the desperate attempt for producers to capture, monetise...


whats the difference between music in the 60’s and music now - anaologue, digital, pre-programmed samples, etc..

The sences in the print room

October 29, 2012 by Lindsey Holmes   Comments (0)

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following on from my fawning over the smell of the print room, i can confirm my screenprinting induction induced a sensory overload...

it has been a few years since i have had "proper" screen printing access and being back in the print room takes me back to my frist degree, quite a few years ago

This time it was the sounds which were most memomic, blasting the screen clean, scraping the Squeegee accross the mesh, it was all about the sound

the ideas have started flowing, it must be time to get started...

Help blog on correcting ordering in fields

October 29, 2012 by Wendy Mason   Comments (0)

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Hi AA2A folk,  here's some advice on correcting the ordering in your 'Skills' & 'Influences' etc

So, if your list appears backwards, here's what should work (although it may vary in different browsers).Go into 'Edit'.... don't alter anything (even though they are in the reverse order) 'Save' again and they are then shown correctly.  

This quirk is because in social networking sites, fields are often designed to show the most recent update first - but, obviously when you want a fixed order, this causes conflict. 

The alternative to this would be separating the items with a hyphen instead of a comma e.g 'art - ceramics - design'.  

 Unfortunately the only thing we haven’t worked out is what to do if you get stuck with an unwanted capital letter!

 Hope this helps


hand in hand

October 24, 2012 by Sally Lemsford   Comments (0)

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From over 200 snippets I have created several hands- the first 10 are in my second album. Each person spent a minute creating the snippet; I took 2 days to find the connections. I still have lots of material to work on/with/through as this residency unfolds.

As the fog rolls in I am lost at the beginning.

October 23, 2012 by William Tate   Comments (0)


As excited as I am to begin my time on AA2A I am lost in a sea of thought.

I cannot help but feel that I am becoming too obsessed with every little thing I see. What I need is focus, what I need is to wake up and be able to see clearly and not get distracted by everything else that controls my life at the moment.

I need freedom, a creative vent in which I can condense my ponderous thoughts and arrange them into maps. Maps... an idea played with over scattered thoughts and tattered paper.

It is only the beginning. Once pen touches paper and the serrated edge hits wood, everything will fall into place... hopefully.