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A HAAAAA - I have found the blog section!

December 10, 2012 by Natasha Kurth   Comments (0)

Hello all, I have just uploaded images of my project so far here at Staffordshire University.... so please take a look - I hope you find it interesting! This is such a fantastic opportunity and it has come just at the right time for me (It's making me think about applying for my masters). I Am using the time here to rediscover different processes that I havent used since graduating from the Glasgow School of Art in 2010 and feel that my work is really moving forward and that I am regaining my confidence as a Designer.

Time is however flying and I have so many ideas that I would like to take forward after christmas... so please watch my progress - it would be great to hear from anyone who has ideas or comments.


Hannah Dargavel-Leafe

December 10, 2012 by Chloe Hamill   Comments (0)

Today I went to see Hannah Dargavel-Leafe, one of the artists on the AA2A project at Manchester School of Art. Hannah studied BA Sculpture at the Manchester School of Art, graduating in 2010 and now has a studio at Rogue Artist’s Studios in Manchester.


Hannah is an incredibly talented artist who has exhibited at International 3, Bluecoats in Liverpool and ICA in London. In addition to being part of AA2A she also carries out freelance work. She was initially introduced to the AA2A project through friends who had been on the scheme before and wanted to gain access to facilities within the university.


While on the AA2A project the focus of Hannah’s work is the peripheries of the city and the changes taking place in these localities, focusing on the structures of scaffolding, cranes and billboard supports which create a constant skyline of the city. She takes inspiration from elements of the structures, pulling them apart and creating drawings using computer-aided design (CAD) software, which are then fabricated using a 3D printer.


I thoroughly enjoyed meeting this artist today and am excited and intrigued to follow how her work develops!


To find out more about her work visit:




and to find out more about the AA2A scheme visit:






handpressure: traces of considered conversations, deep thoughts

December 9, 2012 by Sally Lemsford   Comments (0)

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Pefection of an object made- what if it is an illusion, a tv prop that has to fool us into believing its substance may be other than we think. A hologram? An article that only exists in our senses? http://www.damtp.cam.ac.uk/research/gr/public/holo   I'm still trying to get my head round this. And do labels/theories/boxes help us get a handle on things? Do they matter? Does it make us behave differently? Exclusive, interactive, experimental, constructed- all elements that we as creative people might favour over other adjectives. At least our conversations are challenging our assumptions and getting us thinking. 'Why are you a creative person?'... 'No-one has ever asked me that before.'

University Life

December 7, 2012 by Ben Fredericks   Comments (0)

It’s interesting to be back in a university setting and remembering just how good all the facilities are. Especially Box of Broadcasts, what a great resource, I could of appropriated some amazing things if I had this resource when I was back at Uni.


New AA2A Student Rep

December 7, 2012 by Ruth Hamblett   Comments (0)

Excited at new adventure of being chosen to network for AA2A Students at Coventry University. So far have attended a talk given by Beth Bramwich ( hope spelt name right), it was extremely interesting to listen about the Wasteland project. Where Beth took over an empty piece of wasteland to make a mark and encourage others to enage through the web page. I had an idea of intergrating photographs of derelict or other wastelands and incorporate these images into the orginal wasteland that Beth had taken over. I hope to become more involved but in the mean time if anyone knows how I can upload a piece of my artwork so you can see my practice sits at the moment.


AA2A Students Newsletter out now!

December 7, 2012 by Georgia Rodger   Comments (0)

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Hi everyone,

The AA2A Students Newsletter is available now! Whether you're an artist, student or college we need your help letting students know about it; tell students about the newsletter in college, encourage them to join the student mailing list or if you're in contact online, email or message them with this link:


Highlights include this year's AA2A Student Reps, AA2A's Graduate link, Voting 2013 and last year's winners and more...

Best wishes

Georgia and the AA2A team

And So It Grows

December 6, 2012 by Nick Davies   Comments (1)

Yesterday I made my second trip to PCA to get my affairs in order before we reach the Xmas break and I begin to panic at my lack of progress.

It was a great trip, both internally (project development wise) and externally (in meeting people and making connections).

I've now got a time booked in, next Friday, to have a full induction to the print room in PCA. I met with Emma Gribbles (Head of the Dept.) yesterday to discuss my plans, it went very well. I left with a new burst of development for the project's route forwards. My main aim in this meeting was to lay out my intention of getting use of the screenprinting facilities before Xmas is upon us, in order for me to create the 'dossiers' that will be the backbone of the project. Turns out, the screenprinting possibilities are much wider than I foresaw! Not only can I screenprint in colour (as I'd expect) but they use flock, metallic paints, glosses, and more. And all of this is available to me! Hearing this made the design for the cover explode in my mind, I can almost see it forming!

This news was bolstered by Emma informing me that I'll also have full access (dependent on my level of ineptitude) to the laser cutting equipment! This is a-mazing... A real opportunity I am going to grasp, probably not only for my main project.

All in all my first meeting with the print crew was very encouraging and I can see myself fitting in well within their schedule and hopefully gaining some insight into what the students there are up to as well.

I also met once again with Jason, the AA2A program leader for PCA. It was only a short meet as I was introduced to a whole range of staff, including a chap called Benjamin Wright, a fellow Riso user. It was great to hear he has the same passions and difficulties with using these old machines (we can't afford the newbies...). We discussed ways to develop the Riso ink range (something I'm sure the whole Riso community is toying with), it was good to know I wasn't alone in doing this!

I also met with one of the design lecturers who has recently setup a very interesting space in one of the PCA studios called the Design Hub. This space acts as a point of engagement for practicing designers/creatives and the students at PCA. The aim of the space is to get in creatives to have mini-residencies and run projects from the space, whether it be on a drop-in basis or a mini-project. Not only is this a great idea for an art college, but it's also something I would like to take part in myself. Kamal (the lecturer in question) was very keen to hear about the possibility of getting the Riso into the space for a couple of weeks. I love the sound of this idea, but the pragmatics of how it could impact on the printing service and my own work could be a stumbling block. We'll see how this develops.

All in all it was a great visit, all be it a physically non-productive one. I think this is something I am slowly beginning to accept about my way of working. I have long gestation and planning periods before a condensed period of production. This is the result of working conceptually I guess. One thing I want to be sure of though, after having seen the vast array of equipment I can use) is that I find during the year to experiment with the media itself, not just utilize it. I feel if I dont do this it will be a real shame.

So here we go, onto chapter two: the beginning of my practice in PCA. The new balance I must strike (after structuring my work/practice life in the past weeks) is now to strike a balance between experimentation and production. This must all sound so cliched, but it feels organic, which is surely a good sign...

Next week: the production of my dossier covers. In the meantime: gathering the appropriate card stock/binding tape/binding mechanisms to suit the design (also to be done).

In other news, I'm also getting on the ball to access the ERC (the equipment hiring dept), it is VAST and with small side projects in mind, this will prove invaluable. More info on this as and when it becomes.

Progress in clay

December 5, 2012 by Shannon Donovan   Comments (0)

I've been making fine progress on the ceramics component of my residency, throwing loads of small porcelain objects for incorporation into textiles. I use a technique called "throwing off the hump." The images in the album "Wheel-thrown doodahs" show the process. (Yes, I really call those little wheel-thrown objects "doodahs.")

I'll be in tomorrow, working on cleaning up the most recent crop; there's a fair amount of post-production work to make them smooth and sugary to the touch, to bring out the best of the porcelain surface. The porcelain I'm using behaves beautifully: no slumping or cracking. Hoping to have glaze tests out by next week and be fully ready to start on the textile component of the project in the new year.

Online at last!!!!!

December 5, 2012 by Tessa Jane   Comments (0)

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Finaly have added image of myself/text and officially started on line! Really wanted to get cracking and try to create a diary of my year but am already a month behind. But so far I have introduced myself to glass, fashion and worked in the print room. I have had my first intro session to photoshop. I can only say OMG and how did I manage to loose an entire week and have NOTHING to show for it.

But I have succesfully completed my screen 'cleaning off' induction and (made) exposed a screen totally overwashed it and had to go back and start again!!! Practise makes perfect perhaps? I will conquer........


captains blog 4.12.12

December 4, 2012 by Nick Walters   Comments (0)

not much time today (again) - but good to get down to plymouth and do work on project - had some compiler issues that held me back also - and had to pick my daughter up from school - which i don't normally do on tuesday..

so a bit frustrated, but my ideas still moving forward and formulating into inyteresting, i think, piece..

using technology techniques that i am working on..

tired now, not a great post...