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My first AA2A Blog!!

November 25, 2012 by Roy Pearce   Comments (0)

Have been in the Print room at Lincoln University and made 4 colour separation screenprints of a photo of my son. Very difficult especially the registration of layers but happy accidents abound! Have also made 3D visuals of text, images and objects coated and shrouded with resin on glass. Good discussions with interested students. 

Temporary Worlds: Current exhibition at 17Claypath Durham.

November 25, 2012 by Rebecca Travis   Comments (0)

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I feel as if I've somewhat neglected my AA2A Northumbria studio space this week as I have been busy installing a group show called Temporary Worlds that gathers eight North East artists in their responses to the natural world. The show opened in Durham this Friday to a great response at disused office unit 17 Claypath, Empty Shop's latest space acquisition. The show is open Tuesday-Saturday until 1st December, 10-4 so if you're in the area then please drop by! 

Featured Artists: Lianne Bell, Katy Cole, Claudia España, David Lowther, Rachel Magdeburg, Lesley-anne Rose, Rebecca Travis, Nicola Warwick 

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Maps and Considerations

November 24, 2012 by William Tate   Comments (0)

Amongst the madness of my PGCE, lectures, the pregnant fiance and the wedding planning, I have found serenity in my practice. One day a week to escape into a world, where I venture into poetic moments from my past. The exploration of space is ever present in the works I am creating, attempting to symbolise the importance of the places we visit and live in. Attempting to organise these intimate thoughts I have drawn from the aesthetics of a map and the grid like compartmentalisation of information. The first piece of work to come from this trail of thought will be assembled soon for a small exhibition at the unversity to introduce myself to the students. Alongside my usual sculptural practice I've also started to create drawings, considerations of the moments that will later become sculptures. 

I'm excited about my time at Teesside University and with multiple scluptures at the half way stage everything seems to be going very well. I look forward to sharing some photographs with you all very soon, keep well and safe journey.

weather tis nobler in the mind to do work about sex or the weather!!

November 23, 2012 by Nick Walters   Comments (0)

hey strange, unreal, virtual world..

finally found e-mail with my new password - thanks Wendy..

well, its been a crazy few weeks - and I haven't managed to get to campus as much as I liked.. I did get to this:


which I found really, really inspiring and great to meet other artists working in similar fields to me.. A lot of work being done about the environment.. And this is making me want to join in - my initial obsession with media, communication, relationships, sexuality, etc.. is still there - and the potential for using the data - streams available to me with social-media API's is still very interesting.. 

But really enjoyed the potential for plugging into the weather.. A phrase that stuck in my mind was 'clean data' - getting reliable, good,constantly changing data is central to any data visualisation application - and actually harnessing this involves some quite extensive engineering - which is very interesting and exciting for an exploration, but I wonder if its better to leave it to the engineers - the met office, geography students, etc.  And as an artist, concentrate more on doing something with the data - creating objects that can help connect people with the world beyond their computer screens - the wilderness - that is rapidly changing and evolving on a minute - by - minute basis - in fact the trains were all cancelled yesterday on my planned plymouth trip so I couldn't have gone anyway (i think - someone said??)

Anyway, also connected with my friend David, who is part of an arts collective, and is interested in doing work about the environment in and around the Torbay area - another meeting on 27th with him and his associates..

It also reminded me of my landscape gardening experience, when actually, when it went well, I touched an artistic element.  Some of the gardens I designed and built were very beautiful installations..  

and it is wonderful 'getting out there' and using my big, smelly, body to bolt wood together and pour concrete - just maybe not all the time - and please don't ask me to dig another hole, do any weeding through dog-shit, or lay another patio...

so wondering whether there might be a potential cross-over bewteen working with data visualisation on the front - end and maybe creating some sort of installation in the environment 


loved this - loved the whole thing - whole approach, the tech, the project, everything - and reminded me of work i've done with different skilled tradesmen - builders, structural engineers, drainage experts, architects.. Would love to do stuff like this..

so basically my ideas are evolving - still very much sticking to my current 'core skills' - code - x-code - and creating an app on the ipad is my first goal - and there are lots of technical hurdles to acheive that - but the 'feed' - and the visualisation itself - the semantic messages - are all up in the air - but something feels really good about connecting with global warming and our crazy weather patterns - something wholesome...

also remoinds me of work I did at eden project - maybe possible collaboration..

making space for this artistic dialogue with myself - that is so important - and actually have neglected over the years.. that is something I am really grateful for with this opportunity..

so thats it - hoping to get down to campus tuesday this week as big code project with the indians is coming to close and time is less critical..


Kate Dicker. Underway with screenprinting at Southampton Solent University

November 23, 2012 by Kate Dicker   Comments (0)

To have access to Southampton Solent University printmaking department has led me to screenprinting and exploring photographic textures. This is a new approach and was waiting to happen. The image has led me away from figurative work and into the close up. I have worked with only three colours so far, and white if you call it a colour,  and mixing these colours to overlay successfully is challenging.  

I visited Stephen Chambers' exhibition at the Royal Academy.  Not only was it beautiful to see but also very helpful to see the artist's use of layers in printmaking. 

listen to the hands

November 22, 2012 by Sally Lemsford   Comments (0)

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listening to a young person

I spent time listening to young creative people with lots to say about their journeys; no pretensions about the difficulties. But lots to say about their inspirations for the craft, processes and products. Rich dialogue.

Welcome to our artists

November 22, 2012 by Chelmsford College   Comments (0)

We pleased to welcome our AA2A artists to Chelmsford College.  Billie Bond, Sarah Jones, Alexandra Harley and now Doug Selway are our selected artists, and all have exciting plans for working at the college. Sarah and Billie have been making already and the others due in soon.

Tech Troubles

November 22, 2012 by Brighid Mulley   Comments (0)

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One of the joys of working with film and video is the navigation of the complex and ever-changing sea of software. I am hoping - soon - to be able to put the film work I developed and made during my AA2A residency online, on Vimeo, and on this site, if possible. 

However, due to the variety of formats in the film - 16mm fim digitized by telecine, 35mm photos in jpgs, and standard format digital video - I have been searching for a suitable export codec. Barbara Keating, who is an Apple accredited trainer and also runs the excellent Toon Final Cut Pro User Group Ning network, as well as being an artist herself, helped me with find the right codec on Compressor, which I hadn't used before as the H.264 codec for export direct from Final Cut Pro has always worked fine for dv files. The codec is for high-bandwidth streaming and was estimated at around 16 hours for processing on my mac, which is now a few years old. When the process reached 37% it failed - due to Quicktime error 50. Research on various online forums revealed that this is a common problem with Compressor, cropping up with the newest version of FCP as well as older ones like mine. 

I will try again today.......

transforming spaces - activating senses - body-space affair - between installation art and architecture

November 21, 2012 by Maud Goldberg   Comments (0)

Would anyone be interested to converse upon the subjects mentioned above?

May that be in the hope of beginning a provoking dialogue, possible collaborative practice...?



November 20, 2012 by Sandra Greenacre   Comments (0)

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Last week saw the AA2A artists, David Lisser, Spectrum, Rebecca Travis and Jenny Purrett give a talk in the Lipman Theatre about their work. It was amazing to see the vast range of different practices each artist had. It was also good from a student’s view point to see that you can make a living as an artist once left Uni. It was a very interesting talk and promises to be an exciting time in the coming months at Northumbria University.