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AA2A so far...

June 2, 2013 by Chloe Hamill   Comments (0)


This year has been an exciting year for me, starting and soon finishing an MA. Alongside this I have acted as the AA2A rep for Manchester School of Art and it has been great to get to know the different artists and find out more about their work. We have had informal chats, blogs and a mini symposium at end of the year to showcase their work in a presentation format. It was also great to see some of the artist’s working in his or her own studio. Overall I am looking forward to see the work come together in a final exhibition.
The experience has highlighted the huge benefits of the AA2A scheme, the ability to access equipment once out of education for a year. As a textile artist facilities such as screen printing and the multihead are invaluable tools to my practice and I will definitely consider applying to the AA2A scheme myself.  The scheme also offers opportunity to work with students and gain advice from those around you in a thriving and creative community.
Here are links to each of the artist’s work so you can find out more about them.
My own website: www.chloehamill.co.uk


well its not over til the lady sings!

June 1, 2013 by Ruth Hamblett   Comments (0)

So felt had to respond to the request of how we had interacted with fellow AA2A Artists while at university had had a impact on my art practice it has now evolved and although have offically broken up from my course and been assessed and amazed that not only did I pass got a merit and we have the opportunity to come in over the summer and use the facilities if we want to help progres our practice so have decided to take this up as have most definatly found a new thread which requires further exploration with the interaction given from former AA2A Artists has helped negotiate this thread and is helping pushing my art work into a completly new direction fueling my desire to pursue this further and want to share it with this web page.

Time to reflect

May 29, 2013 by Katarzyna Koch   Comments (0)

It is good to have time to stop, look back and reflect on the last few months which in my case have been very busy. Having a part time day job and fulfilling my heart and passion can be hard at times. Now I'm here at the exhibition space, it's quite, I can only hear rain knocking on the glass roof. People come and go, but even they don't say much. It's been lovely. I feel like I can relax for now, until I find new studio.........

Final Days... (probably some quite nostalgic reflections on my Final Year and AA2A activities!)

May 27, 2013 by Zara Worth   Comments (0)

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Cannot believe that it is only a week till my final hand in, let alone the end of another academic year. It has been, as you would expect, and may other students will agree, incredibly busy, at times pretty emotional if I'm honest, but also very exciting! (Before you read ahead get ready for emotional nostalgic cliches)

If anything I wish the AA2A artists had been able to be involved even earlier because I still don't feel like we all managed to get everything done, even though we were all so busy constantly (this was part of the problem I think!) 

We have had some excellent workshops and seminars with very good feedback from students. Jenny Purrett's experimental drawing workshop was a big hit and people told me afterwards that it was great to do something so different from their practice, but also that they later found things they had learnt from it feeding into their practices. 

The critical writing workshop with Rebecca Travis was a very useful starting point for those of us who were beginning to think about our final artist statements and it was very good experience writing statements for each other and thinking more objectively about these kinds of practice based writing.

David Lisser's seminar on 'Failure', despite its rather depressing theme, was also well received and summed up how all of us can feel sometimes as artists, however, most importantly reminding us that these failed ideas often lead on to much better works (as I can testify to recently with the progression of my works for the Degree Show!).

The SPECTRUM collective kept the studio very bright and exciting as their collective practice focused on collage (a personal interest of mine), however, it was clear that it was difficult to get four artists in the same place at the same time so unfortunately a second almanac was not produced.

It has been great working with the artists, talking to them about how they balance everything, and getting frank advice about life after your degree! It has also been a pleasure working alongside Sandra Greenacre, the other AA2A rep, who I have also exhibited with recently!

Roll on the Degree Show and life!

HYBRID Exhibition is ON!!!

May 22, 2013 by Katarzyna Koch   Comments (0)

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Up and running now until 2nd June inclusive! Our exhibition has received some very positive feedback and we are already in the process of making plans to take the exhibition on tour. Today we conducted a radio interview with BCFM to be aired on Friday between 3.00 - 4.00 and we are to have our story told in a two page spread on Pukaar News in Leicester. So, all very, very exciting! Please come and see us, we would love to have the chance to talk to you about our work and future plans.


May 22, 2013 by Katarzyna Koch   Comments (0)

When I received the initial phone call from Rebecca Turk-Richards about a possible venue in the centre of Bristol, I was over the moon; Bristol was a place I really wanted to exhibit in - we certainly didn't waste any time after that first phone call! We then arranged a meeting to discuss who we would ask to join us on this venture. Luckily, whilst studying at Plymouth University, we had the pleasure of meeting some very interesting artists, the only worry was, firstly, who should we pick? Secondly, who would like to join us on this journey? Very scared, but also excited we started planning things that had to be done to make this happen.

Looking back it is unbelievable to see how much work is required to organise such an exhibition/event. I can say I have definitely learned from this experience, which at times was very stressful. We had to take care of everything from designing flyers to having them printed, distributed and so on. For me personally, I would have liked to only focus on the art work instead.

I had already exhibited a few times in Plymouth and Exeter, but never in Bristol until now, so it was important for me to make this show special and exciting. I think it was made easier by knowing we had Vic’s support.

Most of us had never met Vic before until the day of the opening. As it turns out I feel he and I have lots in common. He totally understands my work. We had a long discussion about our beliefs on equal rights for woman all over the world and about using art to make changes within society. It was great to hear that he would be happy to support us again in a future exhibition. 


Things to come

May 22, 2013 by Chelmsford College   Comments (0)

As it seems we have now solved our blog access problems we will upload more information and images shortly, to show the work and activity of our artists.

End of residency AA2A exhibition date has been finalised

May 22, 2013 by Chelmsford College   Comments (0)

We have set the date for an end of AA2A residency date for 19 June, exhibiting the work for the rest of the week, and we are currently working on a perminent legacy display to mark the artists' presence here at Chelmsford College.

A Closer View

May 16, 2013 by Dawn Turner   Comments (0)

So, my last blog post basically explained a little about what I was aiming to do - I thought I would show you.

My first ever session was getting to know the dark room again - remembering how to develop black & white photographic paper and getting used to fumbling around with nothing but a red safety light!

The technician at Derby, Chris, was most helpful in reminding me what to do (its been a while), so I wanted to go back and try and experiment by myself.

Not only was I exploring exposure times, how much contrast, working with filters, but I was also seeing what glass worked well too. 

almost there....

May 15, 2013 by Nicola Lidstone   Comments (0)

My AA2A project is almost finished.I've been experimenting with laser cutting my sketches into different materials. A ceramicist by background, I've found that by altering the laser setting and digital image I'm able to vitrify ceramic pigments into some substances. I've been playing with chalk, slate, glass, shells and tiles with varying degrees of success!