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Violin push bike

February 28, 2013 by Sandra Greenacre   Comments (0)

AA2A artist David Lisser's plans for a Violin push bike sound fascinating and the moment you see his plans on his studio wall you would be forgiven for thinking you had stepped into a futuristic science lab. From his designs he intends to build a push bike where the speed and gear have an effect on the sound produced by the violin on various routes, producing a sound map. David has already produced a proto type which works and may be calling on students to test out the real thing. Below are 2 of his plans for his Violin Push Bike.

    Violin Push Bike Plans                                                     Violin Push Bike Plans

Creative Vs Techy

February 28, 2013 by Nicola Smith   Comments (0)

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My brain feels split between the techy, computer elements of what I need to do and getting on with the creative stuff. Every other day I am learning my script and getting a little bit quicker, in time with Penny Arcade’s speech. After the speech there is another, final section to the performance that will involve dancing and standing back putting my full figure within the screen. I have a video cam in my computer so I can practice and see how my performance is progressing. I was able to have both the Ustream screen on and my computer cam on at the same time, which allowed me to compare the quality. This really showed up how the stream is choppy and loosing frames in contrast to my computer cam, which is much smoother. The performance on my computer cam is so much stronger which is making me re-think about broadcasting through a live stream. Can this performance simply be captured through my computer and then played back giving the appearance of a live streamed performance? I remember an artist talk were Tim Etchells had pre-recorded his speech and then it was simply played on a DVD displayed as a large-scale projection. However the frame was close up to his face and it really felt like he was talking directly to me even though he wasn’t there.

Alongside thinking about the techy and creative stuff I have to consider were I will show this work? When I show this piece I do not want to be in the same room, which rules out showing it at my artist talk at the University of Salford in April. I feel this video would work well as a large projection, programmed alongside other performances. Last week I went to Gallery Girls at the LDP (http://lioneldobieproject.com/) were they are screening a scripted/reality, American, TV show. Funnily enough a female visitor to one of the galleries in the show was an ex-resident from the Warhol Factory, like Penny Arcade. My short video could be curated pre or post preview. At Paper we met with the Sluice Art Fair team who visited us at the gallery. Sluice will have a performance programme at the event were this piece could also be screened. I feel the content of the piece is really flexible and could be seen as making a comment on reality, persona, performance, aesthetics, commerce, connectivity, and the gaze. For now I have to keep plugging away at the script, figure out how to video the performance at the highest quality whilst maintaining a DIY aesthetic.

adventures in the print room

February 25, 2013 by Celia Smith   Comments (0)

I have had a great day at the Gloucestershire college Forest of Dean campus today.  I am using the print room facilities to experiment with printmaking using my wire drawings as the plates.  I had a bit of a eureka moment after imprinting a tunnock teacake wrapper on to the back of one of my plates…I also made a large print today of  a Wimbrel.  I used a drawing from my sketch book to trace around in wire.  Its still in development stage at the moment but I feel things are really progressing. 

Go Lightly

February 25, 2013 by Tessa Jane   Comments (0)

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My recent ski trip to Slovakia has surprisingly given new meaning and direction to my work. I've always been drawn to the majesty of arches. Often soaring above us making our presence seem so tiny and inconsequential. 


An early ride up the cable car (which I called the pumpkin) onto the slopes gave me a birds eye view and therefore a new perspective. Often told to draw into the snow with my pole during lessons I saw the ski tracts as brush marks. We were so small, like ants in the vast space of the mountains. I thought about the journey I had made. The impact I have on the world and how small and insignificant I felt. I saw the structures as lines, the trees as texture and the clarity of soft against crisp as hard edges and delicate lines.


The journey to and from the airport showed how important and yet ugly industrial buildings were. The snow covering distracting detail and focussing me in on meaning and thoughts. The bill boards huge by the roadside desperately trying to catch the passers by attention. Is that what I am trying to do? or am I making a mark on the world, creating presence? I was making tracks. 


I thought about the industrial revolution…and how important trains were to our development across the world. Their tracks, infrastructure and architect spanning gaps and making the world smaller. They arched across divides. No wonder I find them inspiring and majestic.


I recorded my journey home realising I had come full circle back to my arch. I photographed tracks, bridges, tunnels and saw again, with a new emphasis how we make footprints. I smiled at the memory of a girl at school called Golightly. She inspired me to photograph my own footprints in the snow early that morning up on the slopes. I want people to understand what impact they have and how we need to go lightly and preserve what we have made and what we cannot replenish or replace be it animal, mineral or time.


Showcasing your projects

February 25, 2013 by AA2A Info   Comments (0)

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Hi AA2A Artists

Lovely to see so many of you using Dotbiz to showcase your progress on the scheme with a wealth of inspiring images and blogs. I can't believe how quickly the time has gone with all of you well into the second term now! There's still time to encourage any web shy fellow AA2A Artists at your college to use the site, even if it’s only to upload one image. You can find our easy training guides including uploading an image on the website.

Having a profile on the site is a great way for your students to be able to identify you and easily see examples of your work. We also have a listings page for advertising any upcoming exhibitions and don't forget our pic of the week is also showcased on our Twitter and Facebook pages. You've an even better chance of being chosen if your college has yet to be featured. See our latest newsletter for a list of featured colleges.

Thanks again for making Dotbiz such a pleasure to browse.

Jo (and the AA2A team)

Making Tracks

February 24, 2013 by Tessa Jane   Comments (0)

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We carve our way through time yet look back sometimes longingly at our past. We fight to preserve and do not embrace progress well. For it is ugly. We scorn those before us who raced ahead, devouring the land and failing to protect its future. Protect, preserve, recycle and strive for a sustainable, stronger, safer future.


Nature makes her own lines. Sometimes sweeping and caressing. But she too wreaks havoc destroying progress and reclaiming ground at great cost. Rivers, meander, Canyons carve and mountains and seas conquer. Yet the snow quietly carpets and stills natures heartbeat whilst desserts dry warning is for us all to heed,

Go lightly on your way through life and take time to breathe.


February 24, 2013 by Sally Lemsford   Comments (0)

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How we produce the right effect is open to debate. Sometimes we go for perfection, sometimes that is too predictable and we prefer to keep mistakes. Even when working with a limited palette, we can challenge perceptions. Anyway, it’s all in the way we filter the marks, whether 2D or 3D. Sometimes we just know.




Unexpected Source

February 24, 2013 by Tessa Jane   Comments (0)

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I'm back from Slovakia a recreational ski trip which has provided unexpected clarity to my work. A little sketching, a lot of eating, quite a bit of skiing and a shed load of photographs and ideas!

I shall be MAKING TRACKS......

Paper Clay. Architectural models. 35mm slides.

February 23, 2013 by Rebecca Travis   Comments (0)

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This week I've been experimenting with paper clay for the first time. I'm taking inspiration from architectural surfaces and forms seen in Brutalist architecture on a recent trip to Vilnius, and am trying to emulate those forms in delicate and pristine porcelain paper clay. These models may end up as minature screens to project onto with 35mm slides that I've been working on using imagery of these buildings. The 35mm slides are printed using an inkject printer onto acetate, a process that gives a grainy and almost pointilist image when the slides are projected. 

Cocoon Picture

February 23, 2013 by Ruth Hamblett   Comments (0)

Oh here we go again (says the song from Dolly Parton), after a long day at universtiy and trying to upload an image my brain is not in gear and not managed to do this right. But have done a presentation today in front of a class of 39 other students who had never met before and am very rightfully proud of myself for standing up  and it has helped my confidence tremendously. Now to carry on working out what I have done wrong with not getting my Cocoon visual photographic image to be correctly loaded.