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Props & Distribution

March 11, 2013 by Nicola Smith   Comments (0)

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I have been researching places to distribute this video piece. To maximize audience engagement I am going to stay open minded about were to show it. Looking through the exhibiting section on a-n I found an online opportunity with Acid Rain Production http://www.acidrainproduction.com/oldhome. They offer an online platform and broadcast video on TV in America. Acid Rain prefer to premier video pieces, which is really great to see online value the work in this way. In the past I have distributed my videos on You Tube however it can sometimes cheapen the work. I was forwarded this opportunity through email called Counter Culture Club at 2022NQ, Manchester http://boxoftrickstheatre.co.uk/countercultureclub.html. My performances and videos work best at an event or happening which this offers. Part of my initial proposal for the AA2A scheme was to improve my video production workflow, although what is the point if I cannot maintain the technology/software needed at home? Producing this new piece of work I have intentionally worked with what I have and I am not going to make any apologies for it. I surrender trying to keep up with the technical changes with computers.

There I’ve said it, and it feels good.

Penny Arcade

Wig/Dress/Performance knickers/Lipstick/Make-up


Intro cards mounted onto card/Bathroom towel or lights?


Laptop/Extension lead/Lamp

Final Rehearsal

Read through script/Set-up Bathroom/Wardrobe & Make-up/Full run through using computer cam


March 9, 2013 by Omid Rakhshani   Comments (0)

Hi all just created my profile...more immages to come....

An excellent week for making tracks

March 9, 2013 by Tessa Jane   Comments (0)

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Research in the library. Another step closer to new things. Attended a wonderful morning learning about printing on glass and a quick visit into the print room enabled me to visualise my next piece of work. Foil and devoré over screen print and paint on canvas.


March 7, 2013 by Deirdre Porter-Hanson   Comments (0)

Suddenly there is loads on. Hooray...

Thoughts for work...


Layers of accumulation...unearthing the past...archeology...the story  of the lives of others.

Building on what has gone before.


From the radio..." The flimsy architecture of refugee existence".


Laser -cutting with Nadia.

The image appearing is a million miles from my drawing.

The laser sharp image mapped out on to the glass...an archipelago of tiny marks. The electronic sound of image making, the random "sung " notes of the cutter.


A talk with Kezia about a title for the exhibition...Reference to maps...the specifics of being in Luton... Luton grid reference?


...And finally the bliss of making a colour and painting...this time.


As I'm leaving a useful conversation with Rebecca and Slawa.

At last some insight into the extraordinary absence of students...and the different and unfamiliar approach to studying art of students.

It crosses my mind after that maybe in the days when we were blessed with grants it was the students who were answerable to "money's worth" questions. Now, as it is the students "paying" the establishment the tables are turned. 

Laser cutter cutting

March 7, 2013 by Linda Johns   Comments (0)

Today I actually got to use the laser cutter (thanks Nadia!) - unfortunately we couldn't work out how to cut metal, but I decided I had to use it for something so I've cut the triangles-leaves I'd prepared for one test ... used card, now to work out how/whether I can form the card into shapes and glue to create a sculpture for the exhibition. I was surprised at how long it all took, but great to have some results at least!

You can see the cutter in action on my FB page: http://www.facebook.com/artist.lindajohns

Professional Practice Talk: AA2A Artist Annette Pugh 6th March 2013

March 7, 2013 by Ruth Hamblett   Comments (0)

Discovered that there would be a talk from two AA2A Artists, Katherine Sullivan and Annette Pugh so keenly turned up early to listen to this discussion with both artists the initial problem with setting up the power point on the computer and non arrival of Katherine looked like this might not go ahead but with the help of the 3rd year course tutor all was sorted out and the talk went ahead with Annette taking the lead and Katherine making a late arrival. Annette discussed Presentation of Portfolio how this could help your progression of your career, she showed an excellent film clip of the late Tony Hancox in his reconstruction of making a painting like Jackson Pollock with the quote of "I'll sell it for millions". Annette encouraged us to apply to Axis artist's register but you have to be approved for this site it is a networking site that enables you to set up a forum for your art practice  where you can do data research and find who is looking at your art work. She advised it is a deciding factor of where you are going to put your art work it could also be used as a curator site.

To consider other areas such as AN Magazine which is a worthy £38 to join the subscription for a year and to also consider Air magazine which is a artists guide to working or surviving this offers a chance to become a member with on-line information for news, training and other events.  Website gives you the opportunity for studio development links to other practitioners Annette's practice started at Old Michen Mill as a member of Bimingham artists moving on to Lee Bank House but they were then moved to current premises of Telson Centre.  Annette talked about Self-Employment and her involvement with DIALOGUE, where she interacted with other students who became competative about entering for their proposals. Pugh's involvement with Community Arts showed how passionate the artist is with her involvement with deprived areas so much so did not even think about her own safety while working in with possibly unsaviour charaters but am sure that this is maybe what made it more of a challenge that getting local residents responsible for creating their own art work brought the community together. Annette talked about how although she had resisted going into teaching had accidentally become involved by helping at a school while covering maternity leave as a temporary capacity had engaged her so much that it directed her in to the path of PGCE  this gave rise to another career path and opportunities for training but stressed that it is a hard year of training and that it is worth doing should students want to consider this path and the artist currently works with 6th form students.

Pugh also talked about articles and grants that as an artist you have to fit their criteria . Annette worked at Compton Verney in gallery workshops in education with funding through Heritage Lottery Funding. Another area that Annette has worked in is residencies in teching and print making at Woverhampton university and discovered that this it the second time of applying and successfully achieving AA2A artists placement. The current projects she is working on at Grand Hotel called "Dancing On The Edge", Pugh used an opportunity to work with installation video art using old photographs of her grandparents and showing these collective pieces as a contining project of working with found images. It was a good talk which over ran and meant that the second artist did not have time to talk but with a re-arrangement hope that this will take place at anternative time. I did get chance to talk with the artists and introduce myself as the student blogger for AA2A website, the artist also arranged to come up to my own studio in the university to look at what I am currently working with so this was a wonderful chance to also look at Katherines's metal sculptured body that she is currently creating.

Coventry University Drawing Prize 2013

March 7, 2013 by Annette Pugh   Comments (0)

As part of the AA2A scheme I have been fortunate enough to have a piece of work selected for exhibition at The Lewis Gallery, Rugby School. The work chosen is called ‘As I Ran By’ and is a large work in ink on paper.  I originally applied to AA2A intending to use the time to develop my printing skills and gain confidence with drawing, so this has been an excellent opportunity to get the work produced out in public and receive feedback from colleagues, mentors and a wider audience.

Should you wish to vote for this work to win the exhibition prize you can do so at Rugby School or contact Jonathan Waller at Coventry University, School of Art and Design.

Thinking and planning

March 7, 2013 by Tessa Jane   Comments (0)

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I've spent hours pouring over books in the library and buying on amazon! Where to go and how to develop?...There is so much I want to do from working on glass to paint, stitch and canvas. I guess I'd better have a Nike moment and "Just do it!"

Bathroom Performance

March 6, 2013 by Nicola Smith   Comments (0)

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Today I have been performing in the bathroom. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this sooner. It is well known that audio sounds great in bathrooms and it offers the perfect backdrop. I have done one run through the entire piece and recorded it on my computer cam. I love the simplicity of hitting the record button and having all the material I need on my computer to hand. When I held up my text intro cards they read backwards. I had to print them off as a mirror image to make them readable. The lighting in the bathroom is pretty good as I have spotlights in the ceiling. However I am having video quality issues again, which seems to be the bain of my life! I just want to get on with the work and not get bogged down in techy crap. On the regular playback screen in Photo Booth the video looks great, although when I fill the entire screen it looks pixilated. I could get around this by only showing it small scale, however this is limiting the size. Would a higher quality video cam solve this problem or is it my ageing dinosaur computer affecting the output? Do newer mac’s have better quality built in video cam’s? I noticed watching the playback that the bigger the image the more you notice the slippages in my performance. The smaller the image the less you notice. From this I feel the video would be better suited to a computer/TV screen or a smaller sized projection. I took a photograph of my laptop on top of the shelf in the bathroom and I really like the look of it. The backdrop to my performance now offers a door to walk through and lights to switch off. My dance routine needs perfecting and building from when I am in the foreground to me walking out the door and turning the lights off. Overall the structure is there I just need to refine the performance and use better equipment to film the piece. For now I can keep practicing with what I have.

Festival Goer giving it max

March 4, 2013 by Billie Bond   Comments (0)

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After a few weeks absents due to exhibition and teaching commitments, I finally managed to get back to Chelmsford college and sculpt a student who had kindly voluntered to be a model. Waving his arm and screaming at the invisable idol band at the make believe festival, Royce performed like a pro. Now his action is frozen in time for eternity.