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Getting Started Again

May 9, 2013 by Shelley Burgoyne   Comments (0)

Here at the Forest of Dean Campus, settled in yesterday to my 'new' studio space!... Very public and ...weirdly quiet and restful. I am just aware that I have to appreciate this short time and space as best I can. I like being here, its a huge change from my usual studio world. Continued sketchbook work yesterday and wonder what it will look look if I put all up to date River Reed project pages on this BLOG?. Try it ?

Pick Up Sticks



May 7, 2013 by Alexandra Harley   Comments (0)

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I shall be showing paper sculpture in this exhibition, 
Dear members and friends of the Free Painters and Sculptors
You are cordially invited to 

WORKS ON PAPER | FPS Summer exhibition

Espacio Gallery | 159 Bethnal Green Road | London | E2 7DG

Thursday 9th - 21st May | Open 2-7pm Daily

Private View - Thursday 9th May - 6-9pm | Featuring performance By Singer - Songwriter Hadar Manor - 8pm

beltane musings...

May 2, 2013 by Nick Walters   Comments (0)

well, I am still drawing, and I think I'm getting somewhere - of course I'm trying not to care whether I'm getting somewhere or not bit that inner critic can't help pushing me forward...

..and I think its a good thing, I'm really enjoyimg the 'craft' of working with simplicity - the same position of the face, the same paper, the same pencil, the same time of day/ light...

and really enjoying the pieces as they emerge, really from a different place to where I normally think/ act from - allowing something else to take over and shutting down part of my chattering mind.. I think thats why booze is so nice because it seems to do a similar thing - got to watch that..

the subtelties are interesting - each drawing there is something different I'm working on, solving - mouth today - the other day it was foreshortening - something has shifted there and I actually can't explain what - which is wonderful - it's a mixture of things..

..and my therapy/ self-development process cannnot be dissassociated.. and my trans-sexual fascination and embodiment - I can't help it, I can't deny it, and no - one is reading this so it doesn't matter - its good to find other artists that have been fascinated by gender stereotyping - from Frida Kahlo, Diane Arbuss - and just discovered Pep Bonet and Christer Stromholm -both creating stunning black and white images.. of men nd women - exploring this..

a sense of self.. a sense that the gender, relationship, etrc.. roles we've assumed are a bit, well, boring.. and that maybe there is this amazing other world where its all mixed up and we can play...

aaaah - well, booze and blogging is a dangerous edge.. I hope I can keep going with this blog 'cause I find it a really great tool for my artistic practise - bit sadly I am coming to the end of this thing so may have to find another blog ..

started another painting - of myself - oh dear - nt happy at all - the drawing has really evolved but the painting needs some attention...

lots of transexual, cross-dressing love to anyone whose bothered to read this...


Vote For Your Favourate Artist Poster

May 1, 2013 by Ruth Hamblett   Comments (0)

With a look at the artist profiles and the interaction I have had via lectures, talks, artist workshops or one to one sessions has helped mold a template to create a poster to encourage students to vote for their favourate aritst. It will be a hard task for students to decide as there have been some very good insight into some of the artist's practice and although there has been another student also promoting and talking to artists we have only met up a couple of times and have waged our own campaign to encourage students to engage and attend functions that the artists have been available at Coventry University am not sure if this was a good or bad thing but meant that we did not contact each other although I did seek the other student out to colaborate but one reason and another this did not materilise through no-bodys fault but it also meant that the four artists had two students championing their practice which may have further aidded their profile. I can not speak for the other student but can speak for myself that it had helped progress my own practice and have used the artists who have been available or in university when I appoached them it was a shame that did not get to meet all of them but would endevour to carry on with this when I return for the second year of my Masters course so if future AA2A artists apply to Coventry Universtiy come and find how I can help rasie your profile while you explore your practice.

AA2A artists of the year: have you voted yet?

April 30, 2013 by AA2A Info   Comments (0)

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It's time to vote for your favourite AA2A artist of 2012/13!

  • Voting is easy: on AA2A Dotbiz every artist's profile has a link to 'vote for this artist' or you can go directly to the voting page through our AA2A info website: http://aa2a.org/artistvote
  • Voting closes at the end of May.
  • You can vote for any of this year's artists from any college, whether it's because you like their work in college or online, or whether it's just that they're good at involving students and communicating their knowledge and enthusiasm.
  • The winning artists will be promoted on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • The student vote is for students at participating AA2A colleges (there's also a 'Public Vote' for students from other colleges or members of the public, including artists and college staff)

If you've already voted, please encourage others!

Thanks and best wishes,


Promoting and getting students to vote for AA2A Artists

April 29, 2013 by Ruth Hamblett   Comments (0)

Having read the new task of promoting students to vote for current AA2A artists has come at a time with several things on the go means I have not yet been able to create a poster to display for students at university due to other commitments and am not sure how to tackle this without taking time out and an assessment due next week with a small amount of prepping to ensure that I have covered all areas of my course work. So trying to find time to actually make up a poster display it hope to start this on my half a day off university on Tuesday will keep you posted ( ha ha) how get on with this task in hand.

Assembly of Festival Hands

April 29, 2013 by Billie Bond   Comments (0)

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The hands I sculpted, using students as models, are now fired. The kiln didnt reach the stoneware temp during firing, which should have made the ceramic go black, instead the temp reached about 1100 degrees centigrade, which gave the ceramic this chalky slate grey finish which seemed to give the pieces a loose dynamic feel, this seems to add integrity and support the idea of movement. The hands are now mounted on a solid cherry wood plinth and I shall spend the next few weeks making wrist bands out of beer cans.

The portrait head survived firing and now mounted.

To add to the collection of festival themed work, I am working on some slab vessels with silver inlay depicting crowd scenes. So I am making use of the slab roller at Chelmsford college as well as the kilns.

Looking forward to teaching a class of students on Friday how to sculpt a mini portrait head.

the face..

April 27, 2013 by Nick Walters   Comments (0)


art speak..


Fascinated by the process of drawing my face again and again, the different aspects that come out - first the too long-ness - the 'x' axis, then the too narrowness - the 'y' axis, the constant struggle with the eyes, nose, ears, mouth - but so crucial to a convincing portrait.. the tone, the different muscles in the head, the skull, the 3d, the very very subtle perspective - and the curve of the face, the light..


its like trying to do 20 rubiks cubes at the same time…


exhilarating when it goes well, devastating when it doesn't.. but a practice, a rehearsal, a study..


Enjoying the 'painterly' way I am using the pencil, shading, mark-making and rubber..


gotta go and make some food now..




drinking too much..


spending too much money on DIY..


oh well..






April 26, 2013 by Charlie Snow - AA2A Graduate Link 2013   Comments (0)

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As a relative newcomer to ‘Real Life’, I’ve spent almost a year now, pondering the common Work-Life-Art theory.  Someone once said ‘You either work all the time to afford to make art but have no time to make anything, or never work and so have all of he time but no money to make work’… or words to that effect.  After recently starting to work full-time, I have to disagree; I have spent mornings and evenings, frantically drilling, sawing, painting and baking things for the next piece for the next show.

Our shared studio is barren again.  Most others are working, sleeping, playing.  Some tut and shake their heads, “sell-outs” they may say, a justifiable reason to steal your custard creams and mugs.

Some people are ‘artists’; they dress like ‘artists’, talk like ‘artists’, carry around books that ‘artists’ read.  Some people are artists.  Sometimes I dress up as a grizzly bear, it doesn’t mean I am a grizzly bear.  I struggle with time, I struggle with money, I struggle with my work, with the fruition, with the construction, but most importantly, I’m making something.  I’m not always in my studio, but when I can be, I am; it’s my little piece of paradise. 


Inspirational objects

April 24, 2013 by Sarah Jones   Comments (0)

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 I have been inspried by flint knives, gas lights, bellows and a mangle so far. The forms have been used to make ceramic forms for vessals. Once these are fired the copper elements can be made to fit exactly.