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Pointers- in the right direction?

October 17, 2012 by Sally Lemsford   Comments (0)

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A new blog, a new space. I'm looking forward to new dialogue on old and new themes. In this residency, I'm collecting pointers: physical drawings and reflective thoughts about the issues we all face as creative practitioners. We could go in any direction.

Welcome to AA2A

October 16, 2012 by Wendy Mason   Comments (0)

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Hi new AA2A artists, Its great to see that mugshots and profiles are already appearing in our first 24 hours of registration. If you need a little help with what to do next, have a look at our 8 minute video tutorial which we've made to take you through the basics of setting up your page, passwords, changing your settings etc  http://www.aa2a.org/artists_menu/training

We really hope you enjoy your AA2A scheme and are able to make the most of the opportunity and this networking website

Wendy and Georgia (the AA2A Team)

walking in the warmth

October 5, 2012 by andrew martyn sugars   Comments (0)

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five months on from the end of the residency and i've popped back to tweak the words that reside here.  in those five months i have continued to progress and have continued to produce work.  my plan is to leave this place for a while and continue along the path that became apparent during the residency.

i still find it difficult to write about my inner worldly thoughts as i want to make them actual before writing about them.

i'm considering space a lot recently. i have an idea for new work that leads on from the research acheived on the residency. the new work will benefit from the work done here.  

i also have this experiment going on:



recently to the time of writing,  i have realised that i am not athur pita, cannot be him and do not have his connections and as such have left myself the space to be me, to make what i want to and be happy in that pursuit.


i continue to walk in the warmth.

Last few days to apply for an AA2A scheme

September 27, 2012 by Wendy Mason   Comments (0)

If you want to apply for an AA2A placement, there still are a few application deadlines left.  University of Sunderland (Fri.28th) and you still have the weekend (deadline 30th) to put an application together for Gloucestershire College, Chelmsford College, Yorkshire Coast College, Harrogate School of Arts (applications through Hull), Hull School of Art and Design (including their first placement for a Musician).  Hereford College of Arts deadline is on 1st October.

Matt Roberts Salon Art Prize 2012

September 26, 2012 by Deborah Hall   Comments (0)

I have just found out that my work has been selected for the Matt Roberts Salon Art Prize 2012, very exciting news!  I'm not sure which print has been chosen but it will be one of 3 spider photo-etchings I sent in, I'll find out more next week.

Studioless and hungry. Will ‘art’ for money…

September 17, 2012 by Charlie Snow - AA2A Graduate Link 2013   Comments (0)

 Studioless and hungry. Will ‘art’ for money…


Graduation came and reality hit with a bump.  After the loss of my beautiful university studio, the temptation to white wall my bedroom and sniff some turps  for my studio fix grows every day. 

Not having a space to draw and think and sleep (ssh) and grow is a right royal pain.  It’s harder to generate ideas in a shared flat, where the thought processes are drowned out by Green Day and the fire alarm bleeping in the distance.  Although myself and my collaborative partner did manage to put together an application for lots of free money.  The rejection letter came through the door today… I will start a collection.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.  Although I am still darning my socks and balancing 3 jobs with council tax, I had the (rather simple) epiphany of “Things only happen if you make them!” So, a year from now, I will have been/going to Iceland for a month residency, and I will have a studio and a two-page artist CV!

So a message to newly appointed AA2A residents; Congratulations, and LOVE YOUR STUDIO. It brings light and joy and hope. (Even if it just seems like a white wall or two and some mouldy coffee cups). And LOVE TO BLOG! Its nice to vent and muster, knowing you can recall it a year after and muse on your ponderings…


I’m Charlie by the way… AA2A Student rep of the year 2012 and general loiterer.

AA2A: applications open for 2012/13!

August 14, 2012 by Georgia Rodger   Comments (0)

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Hi AA2A artists and fans,

Please can you help us spread the word about AA2A, whether you've been on the scheme and would recommend it to others or if you might apply yourself:

We now have application deadlines for all our 33 AA2A host institutions. To get all the information in one page go to our web advert

Map and list of our 33 schemes   Follow us on  Twitter  and  Facebook

The AA2A project offers artists & designer makers the opportunity to undertake a period of research or realise a project using art college facilities eg. workshops, IT facilities, lending library, & lecture programme.  AA2A schemes aim to benefit students and Colleges through their interaction with practising artists.


Access is free, for at least 100 hours, between Oct 2012 and April 2013 and a materials/travel grant of £220 is usually available.
Closing dates for applications vary but all are in September 2012.
Applicants must have at least one years professional practice and should be able to work with minimal technical support.
Artists on AA2A schemes run from 2009 to 2010 or before can now reapply. 
To see current AA2A artists' work go to http://aa2a.biz or read previous artists' stories here.
AA2A particularly welcomes applications from applicants with disabilities, from culturally diverse backgrounds and non-graduates.


If you'd like to join the mailing list email georgia@aa2a.biz




AA2A Exhibition University of Derby

June 25, 2012 by Valerie Dalling   Comments (0)

Are you in the area tomorrow (Tuesday 26th June) 5.30pm? If so why not come along to the opening of our exhibition at Markeaton Street (ground floor), we would love to meet you, talk about our work and the AA2A programme. Hope to see you there.  

AA2A Upcoming Show

June 23, 2012 by Bethan Hamilton   Comments (0)

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I thought this may be of interest to anyone who has been following my progress online. Over at MMU, myself and the other AA2A's are working towards our end of residency group exhibition at the university this September/October. Each of us were required to submit a proposal/statement outlining our thoughts and ideas for the upcoming show..

Bethan Hamilton

An exploration of the obese female body with a focus on mass, weight and disproportionate form through mark making. My project has been focused on the creation of artificial forms with indeterminate sex, species or context through collage, drawing & printmaking. 

I have selected an image and have sought to visualize this 2D image as a tangible 3D form through a series of individual frames within a 360° rotation. I am looking to exhibit a series of A2 etchings mounted directly onto a wall and placed side by side horizontally.


The exhibition...

June 13, 2012 by Valerie Dalling   Comments (0)

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The prints are at the picture framers and my artist's statement is written. We meet at Uni on Friday to begin hanging work for our exhibition. Very excited, nervous as well, but that's just me!

Once I know the exact time and date of our preview I can let you know, and if you are in the area do pop in and say hello.

Anyway here is a precis for you of the final chapter in this first series...


Six individual weather-beaten statues of the same female are situated within the rose gardens at Hopton Hall in Derbyshire. There is no specific history behind them but to me they symbolise the changes my friend Tracy's body has gone through, as a result of six sessions of chemotherapy.

The text I have chosen to use is a poem written by her as she was undergoing her treatment.