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Its good to talk

November 28, 2014 by Adrian Baynes   Comments (1)

Oh well thats my first talk to Coventry students done. Think it went well as nobody walked out. Mind you I`d locked the doors just to be on the safe side.

#DVAFACETS - talks by Adrian and Sue

November 27, 2014 by Coventry University   Comments (0)

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Inspiring talks by Adrian Baynes and Sue Swain today as part of our students' #DVAFACETS series

You can tell our students were impressed when you hear 'fantastic' in a whisper as the artists show their work...!

Looking forward to Kumyoung Kwon and Amy Lunn's talks early next year!



November 26, 2014 by Nick Charnley   Comments (0)

I've been developing this work on and off for over 11 years now. That seems crazy on one level but then again why not. Evolution after all takes aeons for even the slightest changes to take effect so I guess seen in this context 11 years is not very long at all.

Since starting the residency in October however things have moved on apace. A great deal depended on getting access to a lasercutter on a regular basis which fortunately, thanks to some very helpful technicians, is turning out to be the case. I'm hoping therefore that before the end of term I will have what might be regarded as a finished prototype - but who knows. Perhaps it will just mark another stage in a never ending journey. Either way I am looking forward to stepping back once more to take stock and see where I am at.

Floorplan Experiments

November 25, 2014 by Ali Reed   Comments (0)

I ususally work with floorplans in my work and for this AA2A project I wanted to steer away from them and consider other options. The aim of my work will still be the same - to make the viewer stop and realise their surroundings - but I want to explore other ways of making the viewer react to my work. However, in contradiction to this I just initially wanted to begin working so i laser cut a few floorplans of the university fine art building and began to experiment. These experiments were mainly just to get ideas flowing (which did help!) but from now on i will be focusing on new ideas.

Pic of the Week: Tina Dempsey, University of Central Lancashire (plus 'Tip of the Week' and other news)

November 24, 2014 by AA2A Info   Comments (0)

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Pic of the Week: University of Central Lancashire's AA2A Student Rep, Tina Dempsey's image from her Dotbiz album 'Text Based Practise'

You can see more of Tina's work on her Dotbiz page.

Tip of the Week: from AA2A artists to students (as featured in our self-employment talks):
'Keep working and create your own opportunities, you never know what will lead to what.' Carry Akroyd, AA2A artist at the University of Hertfordshire (2013-14)

Other news: Great to have a 'Pic of the Week' from Tina, one of our new AA2A Student Reps! We're hoping to recruit two Student Reps at each College/Uni and register them on Dotbiz during November. We set them monthly 'Challenges' and award a prize at the end of the year. These challenges are optional but they encourage the Reps to find out more about the scheme and promote it to fellow students. It's quite informal but we hope they'll be able to meet their AA2A artists over the course of the scheme. Also they may be able to help you spread the word, particularly if you have AA2A talks, exhibitions etc...

Preconception to Misconception

November 23, 2014 by Michael Shaw  

“To begin at the beginning”, as Dylan Thomas said. The first weeks have seen a shift from preconceived ideas of the direction that explorations might take, largely induced by renewed access to the Pandora’s box of equipment that is a University Art Department. 

One aspect has remained consistent and that is the desire to explore lattice or waffle forms through interlocking planes of sheet material cut via laser. Early results show some promise, and the challenge is now to modulate the position of the horizontal and vertical planes in such a way as to imbue the resulting form with greater rhythm. 

With regards to the unexpected processes I am availing myself of at Derby, they include the use of a wood lathe to turn some symmetrical forms.

These have been used to create a series of moulds through which I intend to pipe extruded clay for some new ceramic pieces. The idea is to balance the internal random and chaotic strings of material, against a more tightly defined external geometry. Further, the intention is to split the wooden forms with a view to developing tools for the eventual vacuum forming of plastics.



November 23, 2014 by Mo Coade   Comments (0)

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Revisited suminagashi this week, exploring how substances float on water. Tar volatiles, oil, ink. Rice paper the best carrier, although fragile tissue piggy backed on to newsprint worked well too.

Back to the tar works again today to record the remains leeching out into the water. 

AA2A Artists Newsletter: out now!

November 21, 2014 by Georgia Rodger   Comments (0)

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Hi AA2A artists

You should have received by email the first artists newsletter today. You can also find it here: AA2A Artists Newsletter

Best wishes


Turns out Heaven is in Brixton

November 16, 2014 by Adrian Baynes   Comments (0)

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So I`m pretty sure that if I can just find the right paper, my work will be transformed. Its not my skill that`s at fault, its all down to the paper, well & maybe the pencil, but one step at a time. So off to find John Purcell Paper. Train to London, tube to Brixton, walk to the backstreets & here the pilgrimage ends. A somewhat world weary industrial unit, a pile of pallets, forklift truck & a guy having a fag. Possibly not an angel. The entrance is through the warehouse, squeezing past rack after rack of paper. Up the narrow wooden stairs & through the pearly gates. Plan chests ooze samples, all labelled. Exotic papers from Korea, Mexico, Japan, Nepal, I mean paper from Nepal ! Names like Hahnemuhle, Magnani, Fabriano & Zerkall. How can my work not be utterly brilliant if its on Kozo 52gm ?

Pic of the Week: Adrian Baynes, Liverpool Hope University (plus 'Tip of the Week' and other news)

November 13, 2014 by AA2A Info   Comments (0)

Pic of the Week: Coventry University's AA2A artist Adrian Baynes' image from his Dotbiz album 'Adrian Baynes artwork'

You can see more of Adrian's work on his Dotbiz page.

Tip of the Week from AA2A artists to students (as featured in our self-employment talks):
'If you make work that's true to yourself, that you really believe in, then everything's easier.' Jane Barwood, AA2A artist at Liverpool Hope University (2013-14)

Other news: Great to see so many of you using Dotbiz to introduce yourselves! Having a profile on the site is a great way for your students to be able to identify you and easily see examples of your work. Don't forget we also have a listings page for advertising any upcoming exhibitions you may have and our 'Pic of the week' is also showcased on our Twitter and Facebook pages so it's a great way to promote your work.  A final reminder that our Dotbiz training guides are available to browse on the website but please just get in contact if you're struggling with anything!