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What I have done so far.

March 14, 2015 by Lee McDonald   Comments (0)

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I have been working towards building  a serise of robotic sculptutres that demosrate random free movement. I am particularly interested in how these things will react in a space and  the different momentum patterns that may occur. 

 This is an elastic powerd kinetic sculpture. It works by winding up the two modular parts then when they are released they go into a short spazum of random movement.

Here are A number of Short videos showing the development and build of the Elasic powerd robot Sculpture.


Pic of the Week: Georgia Lucas-Going, University of Bedfordshire (plus 'Tip of the Week' and other news..)

March 13, 2015 by AA2A Info   Comments (0)

Pic of the Week: University of Bedfordshire's AA2A artist Georgia Lucas-Going's image 'North Korea in Luton' from her Dotbiz album 'Work In Progress'

You can see more of Georgia's work on her Dotbiz page

Tip of the Week from AA2A artists to students (as featured in our self-employment talks): 'Stay connected to existing college networks and build on those networks. Consider collaborative practice to avoid working in isolation.' Sally Hall, AA2A artist at Plymouth University (2013-14)

Other news: We need your help to rally students (and the public) to vote for an artist. You can do this from any 2014/15 artists profile page on Dotbiz. The artist who gets the most student votes will have the opportunity to have their project presented at our AA2A Briefing Day for Colleges. Both the student and the public favourite artist will be featured as Artists of the Year on our websites. And don't forget you too can vote for your favourite in the public vote.

Happy voting!

Best wishes,

The AA2A Team (Wendy, Georgia & Jo)

Finishing off moulds

March 12, 2015 by Silvia Champion   Comments (0)

After performance in the Tetley/Leeds last weekend I can now focus again on my moulds for 'Home'. Eleven objects are covered in nice thick layers of latex and I'll do some more layers to be on the safe side as previous ones where too think and broke. In between waiting for layers to dry I've been sitting in the cateen and working on my Castlegate Residency application. It would be from April till November and the expectiations totally fit in with the way I work namely researching an area/building/piece of social history and resonding to it with interventions that are performative and engaging. Would love to get it but there will be lots of applications and it depends on what they are looking for. My hopes are not too high.

Students at College are busy getting ready for final year projects. I like the combination of when it's busy and students are around and then a more quiet day where I can spred out a bit more. 

AA2A resident artist lecture

March 11, 2015 by Graham Franklin   Comments (0)

Bonnie Craig, David Armes, Benedict Rutherford and Jamie Barnes will be giving a lecture in the Aldephi Building, Lecture Theatre 1, 4.30-6pm on Wednesday 18th March. Very much looking forward to it.


March 11, 2015 by Lee McDonald   Comments (0)

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Had a good few days so far.  I am still waiting for my Laser cut prototyp to come out of the fab lab but have started to work on a fold away project so I have spent the day at the yard cuting up wood. and reading. allso got a good link for my blog from felow AA2A artist www.bridgetteashton.co.uk.

If you want to see my Reserch blog here it is http://leemcdonaldart.blogspot.co.uk/

Good bye for now.

Georgia Lucas-Going Interview

March 11, 2015 by Alice Eaton   Comments (0)

Alice Eaton - Hello, how are you? 


Georgia Lucas Going - Good, Good thank you


AE - So how is your residency at the University of Bedfordshire going so far? 


GLG - Its going well, I mean most residencies are very self directed anyway so its all up to you so if its going to go well its because you made it go well if it isn't its because you haven't come in enough and made yourself work. So yes, good! 


AE - Have you discovered something new whilst being here? 


GLG - Discovered something new.. I’ve had time, through doing this residency I’ve had the luxury of time which is something you don't normally have so throughout the luxury of time I've been able to kind of go more in depth in computer programs that I wouldn't normally use, simply because I don't have them on my laptop. Thats been new so I’m lucky that many of the computers and the facilities there. So thats probably the newest string to my bow. Mainly Photoshop skills. 


AE - So I had a look at some of your video work but how would you summarise your practice? 


GLG - I’d describe myself as a contemporary artist full stop but I think before I got dragged into being described as a multimedia artist but that has only been recently and I understand why. When I studied fine art we weren't grouped we were just fine art and now for the last two or three years people have tried to group into painting, printing, drawing and media and Ive never really though of myself as a media artist, this is just other people categorising me as media, like I mentioned earlier my photoshop skills are really self taught, hit and miss, I work with mistakes purely because Im learning. So I describe myself as a contemporary artist, facing topics of the internet, mixed heritage, class, wealth, lots of different things, family, a lot of my inspiration comes from my family and the town Luton itself. 


AE - Do you have any artists that inspire you? 


GLG- Yes! There is a women called Candice Breitz, she is amazing. She did a video when she went to Japan and she only knew 100 words of Japanese and some of them were Toyota and Pikachu. So she got these Japanese actors together and got them to recreate a play using just the 100 words, its surreal, its mad, its funny but she's a huge influence! Santiago Sierra, he’s another huge influence, his work is very much about ethics and I’m really interested in that, what you can get people to do for you. His work has a lot of controversy around it. Those two are amongst my top five.


AE - Great ! So I see you do a lot of video work, but do you have a favourite medium? 


GLG - I’ve only really started doing video in the last year so thats why when I describe my practice now, I’ve learnt that Im just a contemporary artist because before that it was a lot of sculpture, I also draw as well but I don't tend to show them very much and I’d create installations and sculptures as well. Do I have a preferred medium, no, I would say that installation, sculpture, video and performance art are all kind of on par with me. At the moment now that I'm in a place where there is a studio, lights,  cameras and all the computer programs, Im making the most of doing the video because I wouldn't be able to do it to the level I wanted to if I wasn't here. So in the last two years Ive done two residencies, here and in Leeds so I’ve just done video.


AE - Do you have a space or environment where you like to work? 


GLG- Good question! Well I don't have studio and I never have hired a studio which I guess can be different to other artists. Purely because I’ve never been able to afford it and I’m not going to use the excuse that I’ve never found the time because thats not true. You will find the time. Sometimes you are really exhausted and you can also be allowed not to make artwork. There was a time when I didn't make artwork for nearly a year because I thought I was too busy but I’ve learnt that even if its just an hour a night you can do it, even if its in front of Eastenders. So do I have a favourite place? I kind of flit between, I like being in really busy environments, I don't necessarily like being around other students but mainly because I graduated five years ago. I think now I’m used to being in environments which I choose, but another thing which is when I hear students now  complaining about the space or not using the space until like a week before the deadline. Basically I think space should be taken away from them, if your not in the space making the work you don't deserve the space. You don't realise how lucky you are. So I’ve kind of learnt, going back to your question, I will work anywhere because I have to adapt. 


AE - If you had to give a piece of advice to students leaving the University this year, what would it be? 


GLG - It would be start connecting, emailing with artists now. Even if its just an email saying you are interested in shadowing them or coming to their studio and be prepared to work for free obviously ask for travel and a bit of lunch money because most artists will do that because they understand how hard it is. But basically do all these things now whilst you’re young whilst you don't have mortgage to pay, kids to pay but start connecting now because as soon as you graduate then you will have to be fighting against thousands of other artists, so try and be clever about it. Try and sort out internships like placements, shadowing even if you cant go through the normal route with art jobs and everything, find the emails of the top 20 artists that you like and personally email them. Do things like that. Support one another, its a huge thing, I know its like very competitive in this field but this is what can make you. Taking photos for someone else for their exhibition, and giving it to them that way people might appear in your videos if you do performance art. The way I get people to help me with my work is a lot of they do something for me so I do something for them. So without it I would be stuck, so help one another, work with one another. Social media is a huge one even though it may seem a little bit embarrassing, tag everything, spread the word. Make a really nice website, take your time as well with how aesthetically it looks, how your work looks. Take time but get it out there but take time tweeking it, updating it. Get on Twitter, get on everything basically stay connected. There’s a book actually, Austin Kleon called Show Your Work, its basically how to get discovered. We have the luxury now of being on the internet, 20 years ago it wasn't this easy, you can now literally go on youtube and set up a video blog, get a blog. We are our own PR people, we’ve got to use it. I know a women on social media now, my age, whose in one of my crying videos, she's now got 5000 followers, has been in Marie Claire, Avida Magazine just because she started doing mixed race hair reviews and people will pay you for that. She's doing really well just because she put the work in. 


AE - What have you got lined up for the near future? 


GLG- Ive got an exhibition called The Generation Game by TMT which is based in Luton so it will be in The Hat Factory so thats next month and obviously the exhibition here. I’m curating an exhibition in the market and then I’ll be doing my masters in Fine Art in September, I’m not sure where yet, I’ve been accepted to a place but it may be London or Amsterdam. 


AE- It sounds really busy ! So here are some quick fire questions just to finish up! Black and White or Colour ? 


GLG - Colour


AE- Digital Processes or Manual Processes?


GLG - Digital Processes 

AE - Art Nouveau or Arts and Crafts? 


GLG- Art Nouveau 


AE - Favourite Artist? 


GLG - Santiago Sierra 


AE - And what are you listening to at the moment? 


GLG - I was just listening to Peaches, F the pain away


AE - Thank you very much ! 



GLG - You’re welcome 


March 6, 2015 by Lee McDonald   Comments (0)

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Ok  so I spent all night In the liberary on Wendsday/Thursday and managed to get loads done.

I applyed to a number of festivalls with the hope to  take my art work concept Sonic room and build a more portable manageable vertion of this.

I updated my reserch blog with a few videos and photos relivant to my practice. folow the link if you want to have a look http://leemcdonaldart.blogspot.co.uk/.

I managed to get a prottype drawn up on illistrator and sent to the laser cutter to be cut out so I am excited to see how it turns out next week. 

I all so looked at some books and read a few pages of FRANCIS ALYS A STORY OF DECEPTION. 

So good by for now.

This may take some time.....

March 6, 2015 by Leanne Pucik   Comments (0)

I thought it best to make a blog post as i haven't got round to it yet, and this is why.

Using Ironstone that has been ground to powder to colour my own handmade paper as part of my heritage project, I had been experimenting on a smaller scale but moved onto something bigger.

I have been making larger scale sheets over the last 3 months ready for an installation planned for an upcoming exhibition. It takes so long to do! Thankfully I've halved the process time by acquiring a paper shredder to make the pulp, that process could take a whole day just to make enough for a batch of 8 sheets, not i can make as much as i need within an hour.

My next challenge is space and drying time but I think that is something i need to just deal with, hopefully by producing a batch a day I will have enough come the beginning of May......I can only hope!


Interview with Sun Ju Lee

March 5, 2015 by Alice Eaton   Comments (0)

Alice Eaton- Hello, so how is your residency at the University of Bedfordshire going so far? 


Sun Ju Lee -  Its a really good opportunity, especially for me because I’m not a traditional printmaker but I can use the printmaking facilities here especially screen printing and the etching press.  


AE- That sounds really good! Have you discovered anything new by being here at the University? Such as faculties or medias? 


SJ- Yes, even though I’ve studied printmaking at the RCA, I haven’t done much etching but being here I have made some dry point work which is similar to etching it doesn't use any chemicals so its really fun 


AE- I’ve never tried it but it sounds really fun! So your practice, do you have a way that you could summarise it?


SJ- Especially for the upcoming exhibition here, which will be in about a months time, I have tried to make printmaking work based on the images which I have taken from the Luton area. So I have taken a lot of photos to make images and I put these images on photoshop and make six or seven layers of images for one piece of work. Then I try to print using silk screen to make one final work. I think I’m going to make two printmaking pieces and one drawing. 


AE- So do you have any artists in particular that you are inspired by? 


SJ- I really like David Hockney because I really like the colours he uses. I’m not a British artist but for  me the colours he uses are quite British, Im pretty sure you will understand what Im talking about. But his colours are very particular to me! 


AE- So you have talked about printmaking and etching, do you have a favourite or do you like doing a bit of everything? 


SJ - Yes, I like doing everything! I make some drawings, printmaking and painting and I layer them all together to make one piece of work.


AE- When you work do you have a particular place that you work or an environment which you like to work in? 


SJ- I have my studio in London so I normally make my work there, but to make my work I have to gather resources so I try to take some photos everywhere I have been to. So being in Luton, I take my photos in Luton and when I go somewhere else I will take some photos from there. 


AE- If you had to give a piece of advice to someone who was leaving University soon what would it be? 


SJ- Its a really tricky question! As far as I understand its really hard to live as an artist after college because, for example like me, I came here (University of Bedfordshire) to use the facilities which I can’t use easily use outside of college. This means you guys would really have a hard time to access these too. You will understand better when you leave the college. So thats why people who really want to do some artwork go and do a MA because that is the alternative choice in which you could get some more opportunities to do some more work. So put this by your college, people, tutors and technicians. Good Luck ! 


AE- Thank you! Have you got anything lined up for the near future? 


SJ - Im going to do another residency in Ireland in April. Im going to Cork, a little town called Cobh which is 20 minutes train ride from away from Cork city centre. Im really excited to go there!


AE- Great! It sounds lovely! Here are just a couple of quick fire questions ! So Black and White or Colour, which do you prefer working in? 


SJ-  I really like grey! If you see my work in an exhibition you would know why I like grey! 


AE- Do you prefer digital processes or manual processes? 


SJ- I really like them both together because my work is made by initially starting with digital processes and then I do the drawing and the painting using my hands. So I always combine both processes together. 


AE- Art Nouveau or Arts and Crafts? 


SJ- Arts and Crafts 


AE - Do you have a favourite artist? 


SJ - David Hockney and Francis Ellis 


AE - And what music are you listening to at the moment? 


SJ- I quite like listening to the radio, like BBC Radio Two. They don’t have very recent music, you know what I mean!


AE- Yes, they have that good mixture! 


SJ- Im not good at memorising all the song names even the artist as well


AE- I like listening to Radio Two too ! Its good ! I think thats all of the questions! Thank you!!


SJ- Thank you for inviting me! 

Artist Talk : Morgan Tipping

March 5, 2015 by Alice Eaton   Comments (0)

On the 4th December, we had a talk by AA2A artist Morgan Tipping who is currently on residence at the University of Bedfordshire. Her talk was called Bathos not Pathos.

Morgan studied at Central St Martins in London before going on to a residency in teaching and making art in India. During her residency she found and collected bits and bobs that she painted on, along with this she looked at the reaction of crowds in disasters and compared it to London's Oxford Street where people run across four lanes of traffic to get to Primark.

She then took on a residency in Slovenia where she explored how she was never good at maths through geometric patterns and accuracy taking on a more modernist theme. For her this was a more serious subject of discovery. This project led on to a piece called "This is Sublime" which involved a series of plaster coins which she placed around the history centre in Škofja Loka. The coins matched the renaissance style of the building and had statements on them. I later learnt that her piece was inspired by  Jean Francois Lyotard's ideas on Kant' sublime which Morgan had interpreted humorously.

The next piece we discovered was a video piece in which she collaborated with another artist. They had a big piece of paper and a series of lights and with these tools and a piece of charcoal they attempted to draw each others shadows.

The piece Love's Limit shows the inflating of a condom by Morgan which when at full capacity the video is playing in reverse. Her aim is to show how quickly we fall in love and then it becomes cloudy and unclear before deflating. Doing further research about this piece I have found out the condom is a metaphor for an erection, it endure for the duration of the film and acknowledges that everything is temporal.

We watched a piece called Crocodile Tears. This piece did not include Morgan as part of the movie but solely as the producer. She created a box with a head shaped hole in it and at the bottom of the box she placed a lot of chopped onions and a camera. People took turns looking in the box into the camera and trying to keep their heads in along as possible. This video played with the music Casta Diva. The people who looked in the box had a mixture of emotions in their eyes because the situation was humorous.

George makes progress on the farm is another video piece this time centred around playing with stereotypes. In the short film, Morgan drives a tractor through a field in reverse, here she takes on the stereotype that women can not reverse.

One of her main practices is the study of Bathos and "how attempting to standardise or contain the unpredictable, emotional or chaotic becomes ridiculous." This is highlighted in her next video where someone continuously pulls a chair from behind her and each time she falls to the ground.

In her last piece she has created a character Charlene Chaplin looks at the themes of social housing and community and equality. Inspired by Charlie Chaplin, Charlene is a pregnant women who carries around her tent wherever she goes. Her tent is her shelter as well as a piece of her clothing. The video piece also uses comedy which shows us contemporary issues. 

I really appreciated Morgan's work, I thought her use of comedy especially in the video Charlene Chaplin was intriguing and highlighted a lot of deeper issues. She has some very exciting idea in terms of art pieces and some of them although simple are very funny! I thought her travelling and the pieces she made whilst travelling are well informed and its exciting to hear the stories about how the pieces came about and how she was influenced by her surroundings.