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Screen Printing Induction

November 3, 2015 by David Gasi   Comments (1)


(Note: This is my first blog post. I'm going to document some interesting, and some not so exciting stuff here. I'll try to capture my practice and the thinking behind it. My experience suggests that we can't be certain what exactly is important to document without sufficient time to reflect upon it. Let's see how we go; hopefully these posts are useful for anyone reading too :)

Screen Printing Induction

It's been two weeks since I had my screen printing induction, with the very patient Bev at the SHU Print Rooms. I last screen printed about four years ago, so was a bit rusty. Every set up is different so its good to go through the process again.

Bev had requested we bring in artwork to produce a two colour separation if possible to use during the induction. 

My experience of creating transparencies for separations had previously involved printing acetate sheets for the exposure unit. I must admit, when Bev pulled out a bottle of vegatable oil and started spraying my A3 paper print outs, I was suspicious. But as I soon discovered, it really is a cost effective way of creating transparencies, with the bonus of offering a deeper tonal range than acetates to boot.

Separation Sheets

The remainder of the process was similar to my previous experiences, a few new things to learn about mixing inks since I last did it. An adative to help stop the ink drying too fast. So, mainly just brushing up on the process and learning the workshop rules and safe operating of equipment.

Welcome (& how to set up your profile page)

November 2, 2015 by Georgia Rodger   Comments (1)

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Welcome to AA2A.   Its great to be starting a new AA2A year, even though its very hectic here, as we try to get all of you registered on the site and fill the last few late places on the schemes.

Please can you upload an image of yourself so that students can recognise you when you're in the college.  Also could you please fill in the 'About me' section of your profile page with the text you wrote in Question 14 of your application form ('Image and accompanying information for the website').  Let us or your college know if you have problems with this.

Do have a look at our training videos 'Getting started' and 'Uploading images and blogs'.  These are only about 8 minutes long and can be found in the Artists training area of our parallel website AA2A.org  http://www.aa2a.org/artists_menu/training

More than anything, we hope you have a good AA2A experience and enjoy using this site.

All for now,  

Georgia and the AA2A team

PCJS school artist-in-residence

September 18, 2015 by Jan Haskins   Comments (0)

Well it's been a while since my last blog post! The images I've just uploaded have come from an artist-in-residence at Pocklington Community Junior School. It's been a long and very enjoyable process involving lots of painting and some fantastic work by the children. The project started with the children's ideas on what 'Our School' meant to them and I've tried to stay as close as possible to what they expressed in images and words. These are fantastically enthusiastic and creative children who were absolutely great to work with and a credit to themselves as well as their school.

There are so many people to thank - not least the children - but also my creative associate Kate Noble who got me involved in the first place and who helped me to organise and run the workshops. She has been brilliant throughout. Also, this project would not have happened without the support of Headteacher Carole Fulstow, who moved onto a new school in February, and her successor Alex Reppold who has overseen the final stages and installation of the outdoor piece. The project was funded by the Friends of PCJS who invest heavily in promoting the creative arts as part of their school ethos. The school is full of great artworks and it's been a privilege - and a big responsibility - to produce something that (I hope) is worthy of their trust. Kate and I both worked hard to give the school value for money. 

Well, after almost two years of having a big project to work on, I'm now faced with a 'what next?' moment. I haven't got anything as large lined up yet, but there's a small pile of fresh lino and a stack of new canvases that really ought to be put to good, or even bad, use. I'm about to have fun and indulge my own ideas for a short while to see how that works out.

Part 2: Talk

August 21, 2015 by Plymouth University   Comments (0)

Artist talk by current AA2A artists' at Plymouth University, Joanna Brinton and Graham Seaton at the Council House, Civic Centre, Plymouth, on Tuesday 25th August between 10-30 and 11-30 am.

Delighted to be hosting an AA2A scheme in Brighton

July 28, 2015 by City College Brighton & Hove   Comments (0)

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Joining the AA2A scheme a little later than other institutions has meant City College, Brighton and Hove was not on the original adverts.  A list of facilities we can offer artists and designer makers and our application pack will be ready soon.


July 9, 2015 by andrew martyn sugars   Comments (0)

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i'm pleased to be back on the aa2a dot biz site and looking forward to the next few months. tomorrow i'm booked onto an open day at the level centre in derbsyshire, not only to look around but also to discuss a residency opportunity.

i've already applied for the residency and due to poor numbers and my proposal not quite being strong enough, the process to select an artist continues. 

since receiving the outcome email i've started the process to become a forest school leader.  it's a level 3 qualification.  what i didn't expect was how the forest school aspect of my practice would influence my art practice.  

for example, the residency proposal was ok but incomplete.  after the week initial training i can see now what to add to the residency idea and also what intellectual rigour under pins the idea.

slightly optimistic and inspired, i'm here today on this blog to refresh my profile.  

Applications open for 2015/16

July 8, 2015 by Anglia Ruskin University   Comments (0)

Cambridge School of Art is pleased to continue participating in the Artists' Access to Art Colleges (AA2A) scheme! Our application process for 2015/16 is now open!

The closing date for applications is Friday 11th September 2015.

Coventry Print Festival

July 2, 2015 by Sue Swain   Comments (0)

The Coventry Print Festival will take place at the Herbert Art Gallery, Coventry on Friday 10th July and Saturday 11th July 2015.

All welcome to view and buy local artists work, with some beautiful prints from degree students at Coventry University

Nicola Colclough, Staffordshire University

June 12, 2015 by AA2A Info   Comments (0)

Pic of the Week: AA2A artist Nicola Colclough's image from the AA2A artist exhibition at Staffordshire University.

You can see more of Nicola's work on her Dotbiz page

Other news: Pic & Tip of the Week are going to be taking a short holiday while we concentrate on advertising upcoming AA2A schemes but please do keep tweeting and messaging us (especially if you've got an exhibtion) and we'll post and re-tweet as much as possible. A huge thank you to all of you who gave us a tip via the evaluation form and to all the AA2A Engage artists who have been sending in their tips by email - we've got a great collection ready for after the summer break!

Best wishes,

The AA2A Team (Wendy, Georgia & Jo)

Karen Thompson, York College 'AA2A Plus' scheme

June 5, 2015 by AA2A Info   Comments (0)

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Pic of the Week: 'AA2A Plus' artist Karen Thompson working in York College studios from her blog 'Painting the Fiona Green charger'

You can see more of Karen's work on her Dotbiz page.

Tip of the Week from AA2A artists to students (as featured in our self-employment talks): "Once you've applied for an opportunity, file all the documents and move onto looking for the next one!" Andrew Sugars, A2AA Engage Artist

Other news: We're delighted to welcome our AA2A Engage artists back to Dotbiz this summer and we're celebrating with a top tip from Andrew Sugars! AA2A Engage artists are previous AA2A artists who are prepared to act as role models for students, providing insights into professional life as an artist or designer-maker and into the creative community that exists outside universities and colleges. All our previous AA2A artists get get free access to Dotbiz and now, for four months during the summer (June - Sept) we can all see their work on the Dotbiz Homepage. Yipee!

With best wishes,

The AA2A Team (Wendy, Georgia & Jo)