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Trying to be more "useless"

November 6, 2014 by Adrian Baynes   Comments (0)

It may be second nature to you, but having spent a lifetime designing, I`m programmed to satisfy, make things that are useful. You get a brief, you design what they want, they are happy, I get paid, easy peasy. I`m starting to realise art doesn`t work like that. Sorry I`m a bit slow. So now I`ve got to unlearn this & start being useless. I blame Marcel Duchamp. He takes a perfectly useful bicycle wheel, mounts it upside down so it is useless & bingo, mega bucks art. I`ve been reading Design & Art and there`s a great essay by Joe Scanlan, "Please Eat the Daisies". He quotes Thorstein Veblen as saying "the extent to which an oblect fails to be useful only enhances its value as art. Beauty`s most basic trait is its lack of utility". And I like this one "Art is the ultimate pointless eneavour and thus one of the most flattering things a person can be associated with, since its presence always implies the ability to waste huge amounts of time on something that has no ostensible use". I can`t help it, I want to be associated with art. I spend ages visiting galleries, now I want make some. But all the time I have one eye on this "satisfying the viewer". I want to impress with technique. I want to thrill with concepts. Even demonstrating my intuition can`t let me escape.

Then I had a discussion with an MA student at Chelsea & she said "you can do what you like". The cell door was open all the time......

Testing the Waters and signing off on Health & Safety :)

November 5, 2014 by Christiaan D. Maas   Comments (0)

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Good Morning :)

Today will be my first day in Sunderland University and i am getting ready for my project. There will be a lot of preparation works done to make the materials for this project and i will start a lesson plan / schedule for my total project hours. So if anyone wants to have a chat and find out what Im doing, feel free to drop in to the glass studio at Sunderland Uni. 

I will be here for the next three days testing colours and process, and explaining what the idea is with all the materials I will be preparing.

The beginnings

November 4, 2014 by Silvia Champion   Comments (0)

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Can't wait to start working at the College. My plan is to make moulds to then cast in soap objects people have lent to me and that are important to their home. In addition, I will build one man houses out of OSB boards that will be a home for people's thoughts on what home means to them and other related questions. All very exciting!!

Just waiting for my start date.

my paintings.aahaahahha can't

November 2, 2014 by Nina Ciuffini   Comments (0)

add my works?????? Folloed the tutorials...still no luck ..uffff...frustrating

how do you feel when..

November 2, 2014 by Nina Ciuffini   Comments (0)

you have to start a new project?? Let's say you have few ideas...thoughts...and you try to visualise them..you try to give them..a sense??? As an artist...shoud you be more concern about yourself...or about the audience? Do you really believe Art is about awareness?especially when your ideas ..clashes with the ethical?


Under the bed

November 2, 2014 by Adrian Baynes   Comments (1)

I don`t know about you, but most of my artwork ends up under the bed. Now I`ve had this discussion with artists who don`t have a problem with it, the creation is the big thing & once it has been realised then that`s fine. Well it doesn`t work for me. I want it exhibited & sold, preferably for at least the minimum hourly rate. As no one knows I exist (except you dear reader) the main way I have to exhibit my work is by "Open competitions". I have a spectacular failure rate. Each time I fail to get selected the work goes, yes you know where. Then follows a period of quiet reflection, as in I pack up. Then I get a new idea & off we go again. Problem is when I go to bed I`m wedged against the ceiling.

Engage Membership

November 1, 2014 by James Lockhart   Comments (0)

Hey everyone, 

with the ongoing support from the guys here at aa2a, I have joined the Engage membership. This is a great way to pass on information and experiences of life outside college. Things like being a working artist, freelance based, further study, sourcing vital links and generally making contact with the wider art community. We as Engage members are professional role models trying to encourage students to continue their work after graduating. We aim to do this by planning sessions and visits to gallery's, artist studios and talks in colleges and universities. 

if anyone is interested in planning an informal session please get in touch with myself or the guys here at aa2a



October 30, 2014 by Amy Lunn   Comments (1)

Neither here nor there

Introducing 'Pic of the Week'..

October 23, 2014 by AA2A Info   Comments (0)

Hi everyone,

I'm Jo, National Project Officer at AA2A. Just wanted to say hello and welcome all new users to the site.

We're really looking forward to choosing the first 'Pic of the Week' for 2014-15 on Monday which is our weekly post showcasing images from Dotbiz on Twitter and Facebook. It's a great way to promote your work. If you don't follow us already or to have a look at some of the great images from last year's artists, go to:



Or just scroll below! Happy posting and hope to see you on Dotbiz soon!


PS if you have any trouble setting up your profile or uploading images just drop us a line.

Welcome (and how to set up your profile page)

October 16, 2014 by Georgia Rodger   Comments (2)

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Welcome to AA2A.   Its great to be starting a new AA2A year, even though its very hectic here, as we try to get all of you registered on the site.

Please can you upload an image of yourself so that students can recognise you when you're in the college.  Also could you please fill in the 'About me' section of your profile page with the text you wrote in Question 14 of your application form ('Image and accompanying information for the website').  Let us or your college know if you have problems with this.

Do have a look at our training videos 'Getting started' and 'Uploading images and blogs'.  These are only about 8 minutes long and can be found in the Artists training area of our parallel website AA2A.org  http://www.aa2a.org/artists_menu/training

More than anything, we really hope you have a good AA2A experience and enjoy using this site.

All for now
Georgia and the AA2A team (Wendy and Jo)