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January 13, 2015 by Sue Swain   Comments (0)

Came across this quote from Brian Eno which I will endeavor to keep in mind -

'Stop thinking about artworks as an object and start thinking about them as triggers for experience'.

Virgin Mary, bowl, pestle&mortar

January 13, 2015 by Silvia Champion   Comments (0)

Busy in the workshops again as it is Tuesday. In breaktime I got a chance to talk to a couple of students, two girls, as we were all waiting outside the workshops doors to be reopened. They really like it here at the college and one of them has aspirations to go to London after finishing here in year and a half’s time. 

Three more latex layers on Pestle&Mortar and bowl all of them with tiny bit of thickener in latex. Still thickens very fast and gets lumpy – maybe even less thickener is required. Got modroc mould of latex skin on Virgin Mary with minor difficulties as it was a little bit stuck on the bottom platform. I’m letting latex layers dry before I modrock Virgin Mary, pestle&mortar and bowl today. All of them are at least a two part moulds so thinking of doing one part of each of them today and then the other tomorrow. For images see http://aa2a.biz/pg/photos/album/24088/virgin-mary-bowl-pestlemortar 

My plan is to get seven more objects over the next week and will do all of them at the same time. I'm allwing time for errors as the process is part of what I'm interested in. I love the moment when you take off plaster shell and then peel the latex back from the object and tarraaa ... or oh dear that didn't work out.

I liked being there in the all day very busy workshop surrounded by college student.  

A can of worms.

January 13, 2015 by Adrian Baynes   Comments (0)

Ah ha I think I`ve finally started to understand what I`m doing. I`ve felt all along that there was a level of understanding that I hadn`t reached. Well I`m sure there`s more to dig, but for the time being I now at least realise that I`m trying to avoid the subjective. All my projects seemed unrelated. This is partly because I`m always so enthusiastic about my latest idea & when it doesn`t get selected, or people don`t respond as I hoped, or the reality doesn`t meet my imagination (nearly always the case) then I tend to start something else. But now I`ve had time to make quite a lot of work, I can see that avoiding the subjective is a common theme. I like to set up projects so that the medium generates the imagery, but still controlling it of course. The image is in the material, it just needs persuading to come to the surface. So now I`ve got a bit of confidence I`m going to harness the little wrigglers and see what comes out. Watch this space ....

Making my first Silicone Mould

January 10, 2015 by Kirsty E Smith   Comments (0)

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Images which accompany this post are here.

Before the Christmas holidays I got into the college and finally got started. 

After a bit of research I discovered that there is a mould making and casting materials supplier based in Sheffield so after a phone enquiry I went to collect my first batch of silicone. I always like to visit suppliers in person when I can and as I have only recently moved to Sheffield it was an excuse to visit a trading estate that I hadn’t been to before.

When I got into the 3D workshops at Sheffield college the staff there were really helpful. 

After some discussion with Val, the ceramics tutor, I decided to make my first mould from a lovely old copper rose watering can head. I really like the feel and surface of the aged copper and would usually incorporate an old metal object such as this into one of my www.frillipmoolog.co.uk sculptures (beings) but for this AA2A residency I have decided to experiment with casting objects in resin and then use the resin objects as components of a new sculptures (being). 

So first I needed to make a mould which would be suitable to cast resin in. 

Silicone was the right material. Not the cheapest but I have already worked with latex in the past and wanted to try something new.

Joe, the technician in the 3D workshop has experience of casting in resin so he was  a great help; supplying me with spray release agent and clay to build my mould walls. He also reminded me of the basics of two part mould making such as using a coin to make locator lugs so that when you fit the completed parts of the mould together they are perfectly aligned. 

I had hoped to have got back into Sheffield college and cast using this mould but due to work and family commitments that didn’t happen. It is January now and time to get back on with it!

Hello Sheffield relocating and starting AA2A residency

January 9, 2015 by Kirsty E Smith   Comments (0)

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I relocated to Sheffield from The Midlands at the beginning of October 2014 so I was delighted to be accepted as one of the AA2A artists at Sheffield College for the AA2A 2014/15 session. After a few weeks of unpacking boxes and starting to get settled into my new house I made it down to the college. Just being able to ‘pop-in’ and say hello to the tutors and find out more about their time tables and what students they were teaching was a great start. And everyone made me feel so welcome.

On Wed 26th Nov I did my first presentation to a group of about 20 students. Some were Art and Design Access students and others were on the Art and Design Foundation course. I did a talk with a Powerpoint slide show of images. This was meant to be an introduction to my practice so I included images which illustrated my eclectic range of sources of inspiration. (Really so much of my practice is about looking and thinking... maybe too much thinking and not enough making at the moment.) I also included a few photos taken in my studio which gave some insight into the making process of a few of my Frillip Moolog sculptures (beings).

As always I found it hard to edit images for the presentation but it was a good exercise for me as it reminded me of all that I have done since graduating back in 2006 (seems so long ago now). And also getting the balance right where you give a talk which is inspirational and encouraging to students without being overwhelming and full of just too much information and rambling anecdotes is an extremely difficult challenge! 

In the next blog post I actually get into the studio and start making.

first blog/ where I am at the moment

January 9, 2015 by Emily Hale   Comments (0)

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I have just submitted my first term-load of work for assessment, and I am relieved for it to be put away in a way and move on with something new. The work being assessed was a part of the #3citylink project, working with universities in Canada and Armenia. I managed to make it suit my style - using text and human experience, by creating blue heritage plaques. 

Now I have the issue of coming up with ideas for my next project - the body. At the moment I'm thinking along the lines of biometrics, technology, ownership of the body, leaked photos etc etc etc and i keep wondering if I can fit sewing/clothes in there too. Everything will sort itself in the end, but at the moment it's all rather jumbled.


January 8, 2015 by Rhyannon Parry   Comments (0)


My AA2A residency has now been well underway for a few months now  - I already love it here! A large amount of my  time has been spent at Liverpool Hope familiarising myself with students and staff. I have also spent a lot of time in the studio enabling me to paint to my heart's content. Bring it on 2015 Let's see what the next few months bring! 

Pic of the Week: Silvia Champion, Sheffield College (plus 'Tip of the Week' and other news)

January 8, 2015 by AA2A Info   Comments (0)

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Pic of the Week: Sheffield College's AA2A artist Silvia Champion's image from her Dotbiz album 'home':

Our thanks to Sara for letting us adapt her image as our New Years email greeting! You can see more of Silvia's work on her Dotbiz profile .

Tip of the Week from AA2A artists to students (as featured in our self-employment talks): 'Keep a reflective journal and apply for everything!' Adam Grüning, AA2A artist at Staffordshire University, (2013-14).

Other news: A big thank you to all of you who have been jazzing up your Dotbiz profiles. We still have quite a few default 'grey heads' however....we know this is a busy time of year but we'd be really grateful if you could check you've uploaded the following:

  • your mugshot -  so that students can recognise you (rather than a picture of your work)
  • statement about your AA2A project (you wrote this as Q.14 in your application form)
  • an image of your work uploaded into an image album (you can upload many images into one album)
  • optional -  you can also add blogs, messages, exhibitions, etc if you have time

As ever, if you're having any trouble at all with the site, please just drop us a line - we're happy to help.

Best wishes and a Happy New Year!

AA2A Team (Wendy, Georgia & Jo)

Pestle and Mortar

January 7, 2015 by Silvia Champion   Comments (0)

Pestle and Mortar are my new objects and I coated them in serveral  thin coats of latex. They are now drying. Relatexed the little wooden bowl as the latex was too thin and lumpy. Need to use more thin coats and make sure they are properly dry before recoating. The Virgin Mary latex mould worked fine but the modroc mould on top crumbled when I took off latex where it stuck to; defenitely need vaselin as a barrier. I modroced it afresh and left it to dry.