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Getting it out there

November 15, 2016 by Adrian Baynes   Comments (0)

With fellow AA2A artists Matt Evans & Caitriona Dunnett, we`ve decided to make a bit of an impact with the Coventry students. What better than to stage an exhibition in the University`s Glass Box Gallery. How do you make the impact ? Easy, the show`s called  "BOO !" 

Its viewable 24 hours a day in Earl Street, from 16th to 29th November. 

This year's topic is...

November 10, 2016 by Rebecca Collins   Comments (0)

This is my second year as a student rep for AA2A (the perks of the part-time life). Last year my obsession was balloons. I collected balloons, I drew balloons, I painted balloons. In fact I lived, breathed and dreamed balloons. I blogged about balloons. I was infamous for a while as the 'lady who collects balloons'. I finally made them in bronze. I loved my balloons.

This year, I've turned my attention to something a little more abstract and a little less tangible than the colourful rubber remains I collected off the streets of Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton: repetition.

I've thought a lot about repetition. I've read a lot about it too. There is a huge amount of repetition in our lives, in all sorts of ways: in literature, poetry, art, routine, life choices and food choices. This turned out to be a vast subject.

I devised the #FreeRepublicofRepetition and spread the word amongst my friends and acquitances on social media.


I'm not sure where this project is going yet, but I have become quite obsessed already with the concept. Everything is repeating

I have created a website: www.freerepublicofrepetition.com.

If you happen to find yourself on the 7th Floor of the Wolverhampton School of Art you will see some of my posters. Someone is taking them down. I keep putting more up. The ideas keep flowing. They are repeating, like gremlins.

Duchamp Poster

 Repetition. Repetition. Repetition.

Lady of Situations

November 10, 2016 by Shirley Harris   Comments (0)

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The first few weeks of my beong on the AA2A scheme has coincided with the launch of Lady of Situations piece which I have developed by collaborating with Seni Seniveratne, a writer based in Sheffield. The piece has enabled me to explore issues such as containment, power, disaffection and gender through the use of photogrpahy, video, music, words and live performance> Collaboration has been at the core of the piece and as it has been funded through Arts Council England and supported through Sheffield's own Off the Shelf Festival of Words, it has meant that other srtists from Sheffield and the Peak District have been commissioned to produce specific artworks for both the exhibition and performances.Working in this way is what interests me most - being able to build a piece that has the involvement and expertise of a number of different artists, musicians, sculptors, fine art pefumier, actors, theatre Director and writer has ensured an exciting and diverse approach to what I consider, important and contemporary issues that resonate within a global, political landscape.

The piece was launched at Theatre Delicatessen, in Sheffield to an almost packed venue - we have received very welcome comments and a lot of love from people who came to see the piece. There's still time to catch the performance and exhibition as it moves from bank Street Arts, where it is currently to Exchange Place Studios where I am based as a practitioner and producer.    

Exhibition - Monday 21 November  to Friday 2 December, Exchange Place Studios, Exchange Place, Sheffield S2 5SZ 

 Performance – Friday 25 November, Exchange Place Studios, Exchange Place, Sheffield S2 5SZ

Please see vanitasarts.co.uk for more details and extracts from the piece




EWAAC Winners 2016

November 6, 2016 by Lucy & Layla Swinhoe   Comments (0)

We won first prize in the video category award at the EWAAC. Here is the link ...


Hello from Plymouth Uni AA2A artists!

November 3, 2016 by Francesca Hawkesworth   Comments (0)

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This year at Plymouth University the AA2A has welcomed three local artists to the residency including Andrew Meredith, Llyr Davies and myself (Francesca Hawkesworth). Our aim is to create new bodies of work, pushing and testing the boundaries within our practices through workshops and studio time. The AA2A gives us a platform to also build up a relationship engaging with students and university staff to create a wider network of artists.


Please explore our websites and watch this space for updates!







Liverpool Hope

October 31, 2016 by Sam Roddick   Comments (0)


Well I guess they say the first  time you do something will always be the hardest, so to get this blog posted I will kick off with saying a  big thank you to Liverpool Hope for this opportunity, everybody I have met has been utterly delightful and I have cleared Diary and desk of all things non urgent.

So time to crack on…….


Reverse intaglio in glass and Day Trips to Utopia

October 28, 2016 by Victoria Scholes   Comments (0)

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I'm thrilled and a tiny bit freaked out to have been offered an AA2A place at Sunderland. I've been feeling that it's high time to home in on the most promising strands of my making over the last year, and to get out of my studio and learn from others.

I want to explore the imaginative potential of the tiny space by experimenting with the use of reverse-intaglio relief in glass, bringing in my existing use of photographic transfers, painting on glass and screen printing - such as in 'Ice Cream in Utopia' shown here.  Ultimately I want to make miniature worlds that are set in a structure or context that enhances and plays with the scale of the work and how it is displayed.

Recent work explores the drama of small spaces and how they can have a huge imaginative potential – as if the more constrained the space, the greater the scope for expansion of the creative field. There’s nod to Utopias, and how they are patched together pictures of that we want and what we have, and how strange they look when they are taken to their bizarre conclusions. There’s an exploration of the fragment and how it can represent more than the whole of a story. There are landscapes that are made up of collages of real and imaginary places. And there’s the weirdness that comes when we mess with familiar objects or things. I find weirdness compelling – it can be amusing and it can be quite dark, but weird things feel close to us and at the same time very different.

Miniature reverse intaglio engraving on rock crystal was a craze in 19th Century – the images were often painted and to our modern eyes, quite bizarre. You can see one here. And some more on my blog.

The paints used were often oil paints rather than enamels, which gave an intense luminosity. I would like to explore this process and update it, or look at how to achieve something like it – perhaps using flexible drive engraving tools, but perhaps using relief casting. It is the animation of the subject that I’m after, as well as its peculiarity – the sense of capturing a likeness of something valued that cannot remotely live up to the real thing, but has a strange life of its own.

Hurrah! so happy to be back!

October 27, 2016 by Sophie Cullinan   Comments (0)

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I am delighted to be back on AA2A. I took part in this fabulous scheme 3 years ago at Anglia Ruskin. An experience which prompted me to finally do the MA Fine Art I had wanted to do for so long. On the last day of invigilation for our graduation show, Identifier at Middlesex University, I was excited to see that I could apply for AA2A again and that I would be able to continue developing my practice (having been dreading the loss of college facilities) I am so happy to be able to return to the site of my Foundation Art course (a bit of a while ago) at Northampton University. Can't wait to get started on my new project. w/hole story......

I`m back & this time I mean business .....

October 23, 2016 by Adrian Baynes   Comments (0)

Yes Coventry Uni left the key under the mat, so I`ve slipped back in.  Made quite a bit of work last time & this time I`m going for quantity. I think quantity is greatly underrated. I`m working on the principle that if you make enough at least one piece will turn out well. Oh and I`m going to make an even bigger mess than last time. 

Welcome to AA2A 'Dotbiz' networking site

October 6, 2016 by Wendy Mason   Comments (0)

We're sorry the site looks a bit blank at the moment. We're changing the year over and are registering our new artists, who will be uploading their statements, mugshots etc very soon.  Keep visiting the Dotbiz home page to see what's new and do use the site to keep in touch with each other. I want to thanks all last year's Artists and our AA2A Student Reps who blogged, uploaded images and posted exhibitions.  It's great to see the site so well used.   I hope you all have a good experience on AA2A in its 18th year.

All for now, Wendy (AA2A National Director)