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AA2A at UCLan - Day 2

December 10, 2016 by Jacqui Symons   Comments (0)

Armed with several positives, both hand-drawn and computer generated, I’ve rocked up at the printmaking studio to clean a screen (ear defenders, gloves and goggles at the ready), coat with emulsion and then expose it with my images.  


I’ve got a few test pieces just to understand what the exposure is like – these include some different types of pen and litho crayon, and then several scaled-up images of the same beetle with different fills.  I’ve changed the levels on these hand-generated fills so I can see the difference in exposure.  I might have a play around with layering these up with similar colours when printing to create graduation.  As I’m also hoping to use iridescent colour as fills for the beetle, this should also be useful in creating that duotone effect.


Back tomorrow for (actual) printing…


AA2A at UCLan - Day 1

December 10, 2016 by Jacqui Symons   Comments (0)

A flurry of administration, meeting people, sorting workspace, and (starting to) find my feet, Day 1 of my AA2A residency passed in a blur.  Whilst not much 'art' happened, all the stuff needed to get started, hopefully did!

Things I found out: I don't take a good photo first thing Monday morning (the horror of my ID card), the guillotine is kept just below the materials price list (use it right to left, people!) and how positives (for screenprinting) are created here at UCLan.

So, armed with some knowledge, some materials and some inspiration, I disappeared off to my studio to prep some work ready for next week's 'exposing screens at UCLan Print Studio' induction...

Work in progress!

December 9, 2016 by Wendy Mason   Comments (0)

Hi everyone, Its great to see so many see 'Work in progress' albums posted on the site. As a maker myself, I always find them the most interesting.

Talking of  'Work in progress', we've finished our first (mainly visual) adjustments to this site and we're pleased with the result.  

We get a huge amount of traffic on our sites, especially as we're primarily here to enable you to network with other artists and students.  So, we hope to capitalize on this, by featuring chosen images on all the pages of our other site (www.aa2a.org), with links back to your Dotbiz webpages. We'll be asking you before using any of your images and it will be next year before we get it finished.  

As ever, do let us know if you're having any problems with your scheme which we might be able to help with.


Vacuum sucks

December 8, 2016 by Adrian Baynes   Comments (0)

So you spend a day making a pattern, carving the indentations & punching holes. The vacuum former is reserved & technician on hand. Heater on, check. Plastic cut,check. Timer set, check. Burnt a hole straight through it, check. Back to the drawing board, check. The glories of AA2A that you can take risks, make mistakes & push the boundaries. All the things that contribute to making good art, not safe art. 


December 8, 2016 by Hideki Arichi   Comments (0)

It's taken a few weeks to start to get to grips with the new faces and acessing the building and facilities in the impressive building of the Art & Design building.

After an initial hiccup getting my ID badge and then learning where to park and how to access the closest car park, I like to think that I might be starting to form a notion of when and where to work.

I have been allowed to take part in a skill set workshop at the college with the students using Sketchup and now have the possibility of another way to expand my ideas further.

Early days but I hope to discuss and realize these new ideas in the near future.



Letterpress and on...... a voyage into the joys of printmaking

December 7, 2016 by Sophie Cullinan   Comments (0)

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After my inaugural visit to the amazingly well appointed printmaking studio to try out Letterpress last week I am excited to be able to attend a Photo-engraving workshop tomorrow. Watch this space....

Boo hoo

November 28, 2016 by Adrian Baynes   Comments (0)

Alas our AA2A exhibition "BOO !" in the Glass Box Gallery, Coventry closes on Wednesday.

My Work

November 26, 2016 by Chloe O'Connell   Comments (1)

I work in series often repeating the same images, the works consist of advertisements that I have screen printed. I then collage with the appropriated images cutting/sticking, removing/interrupting where I see fit. The collages sit on large sheets of canelleto paper which I have screen printed directly on to and cut in to. 

I take existing images and taken re ownership of these images as a women. I have exaggerated already explicit images by collaging and adding to them where I see appropriate.  The physical making of these collages is a process that continuously provokes ideas. Marcus Harvey was a great inspiration throughout this project as his expressive paintings depicting the frustration of pornography had an expressionist aesthetic which really emphasised the crude content of his paintings. I have also researched is Richard Prince who also works with appropriation. I thought that by enlarging these advertisements and bringing them to a human like size I would further the idea of the women being a person instead of a platform for advertising. I also collated two different adverts to make this image, after finding an equally controversial Tom Ford perfume advert for men which had also been argued prominently throughout social media due to its sexual content.

These advertisements raise questions regarding sexual objectification, gender issues and the prominence of the disproportionate female bodily images in comparison to those shown of men. However the advertisement raised controversy about both men and women being objectified in the situation of advertising yet would this be a problem if men were objectified in equal manner and measure? Females have been used for a long time to sell everything from cars to peanuts and I feel that the current advertisements have not progressed since the vulgar 1960’s pin up adds that depicted women as selling platforms with very little regard for their person. This undeniable non existent progression makes me question how much really has changed since the 1970’s Feminist Art Movement.


AA2A Artist Exhibition Opportunity

November 25, 2016 by Maxine Greer   Comments (0)

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Invitation to Exhibit at DRAW 2017

Maxine Greer AA2A artist in residence at DeMontfort University invites you to DRAW.

Are you an artist inspired by nature and use observational drawing as part of your creative process?

DRAW is a live art event and we invite artists to take part.

This is an exhibition opportunity to show your work and promote the activity of observational drawing from nature.


DRAWINGS in any medium 2D and 3D can be submitted. Max size 1m (height) x3m (width)

LIVE ART proposals theme of drawing from nature.

To apply:

Submit a maximum of 3 images no larger than 1mb format jpeg to: kombisketchtour@gmail.com

For selection by Thursday 5th January 2017.

If you have a live art proposal and want to be part of DRAW please contact us.


Show dates: 

Hanging dates: Week commencing 6th March 2017

Exhibition Dates: March 10th 2017- Friday 24th 2017


In order for this to be a free event for artists to take part: Artists are responsible for their work from delivery, hanging and collection.

Fee: Free

Work can be for sale

Venue: The Yarrow Gallery Glapthorn Road



For further information contact: Maxine Greer 07730603436 AA2A artist in residence at DeMontfort University

Email: kombisketchtour@gmail.com


Artists Maxine Greer and Jane Hindmarch developed ‘Kombisketchtour’, a mobile artist studio travelling around Rutland and the surrounding counties capturing the seasonal highlights through observational drawings in 2D and 3D



November 25, 2016 by Mary Hill   Comments (0)

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I am still settleing into this project though are interested to see how using my process drawing method can help with character development. I recently finished an MA where I spent a lot of time developing a daily drawing practice to better understand my own learning and development process. I now want to use this knowledge and experience as a means for creative development. It means taking time over a project and letting the work develop organically through a regular work schedule. I have decided to work on a picture book which is not something I have done before as are used to shorter term projects. Ironically doing small daily drawing practices is giving me the stamina to work on larger creative projects. 

I am also beginning to understand the relationship between my more personal projects and my work as facilitator of Drawing for Creativity workshops. It is important to understand the distinction and the interaction between the two areas of work. If I blur the boundaries both can lose focus and get a bit mixed up. However they both feed an underlying interest in how we learn and create. This influences how I work in a participative and collaborative role and how I approach my own art practice.