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End of Year Exhibitions

May 22, 2015 by Rosemary Robinson   Comments (0)

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So as it came to the end of the year for the course, the first years were asked to dispay their works in their spaces, and did so with some really great outcomes.


The second years ran six exhibitions, with five running as part of an arts festival and the other in the studio alongside a local group artists. Each were incredibly successful and recieved a huge amount of interest from the public as well as visiting artists.

Below are the exhibitions:

DEADEYE DICK: http://deadeyedickexhibition.tumblr.com/

Deadeye Dick Exhibition

GOD BLESS YOU MR ROSEWATER: http://mrrosewater.weebly.com/

God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater - Circle Basement Exhibition


Mother Night - Exhibition Lincoln

THE SIRENS OF TITAN: http://thesirensoftitanlincoln.weebly.com/

An Exhibition

SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Slaughterhouse-Five-Exhibition-Lincoln/448750795282798?fref=ts

Slaughterhouse-Five - Exhibition, Lincoln

TIMEQUAKE: http://exhibitiontimequake.tumblr.com/

Timequake - Exhibition, Lincoln


The third years have now finished the set up of their degree show ready for assessment, before exhibiting as part of the university on the 29th May - it's definetley worth a visit.



Solo exhibtion

May 18, 2015 by Silvia Champion   Comments (0)

I've finished at Sheffield College, I think. My six month are over and I assume that's it. My solo show in Red Gallery / Hull that contains the objects I cast in white soap look magical. The other two works are three house structures only big enough for one person to be in it containing a shelf with a different question in each house that connects to 'home'. On the shelf are also white soap houses for people to take home as a thank you for sharing their thoughts responding to the questions.

In the third room is a sound composition made out of responses to the question 'what does home mean to you'. The sound of the recording spills through all three gallery rooms and acts as an invisible tigh and so do the materials soap and OSB boards. 

This exhibition forms a good end to my AA2A time at the college as in the college itself I felt I wasn't really noticed. It was a strange experience.

Chidera Ugada, AA2A Student Rep Coventry Uni

May 15, 2015 by AA2A Info   Comments (0)

Pic of the Week: Coventry University's AA2A Student Rep Chidera Ugada's image from his Dotbiz album 'The Outcasted (2015)':

You can see more of Chidera's work on his Dotbiz page.

Tip of the Week from AA2A artists to students (as featured in our self-employment talks): "Be inspired by other artists but develop your own unique visual language and themes." Jane Barwood, AA2A 2013-14, Liverpool Hope University.

Other News: AA2A have been attending the CHEAD symposium 'What's the point of Employability in Art and Design' today.

Lots of exciting AA2A exhibitions about to take place over the next few weeks. Don't forget to send us your fliers and we'll give you a mention where we can.

Best wishes,

The AA2A Team (Wendy, Georgia & Jo)


Painting the Fiona Green charger

May 15, 2015 by Karen Thompson   Comments (0)

In the composition of the Fiona Green charger I have included three objects from the York Museums ceramic collection, these are a Thomas Toft tyg (YORYM:2001.8239), a Merete Rasmussen sculpture and a curious object which was sitting on a bench one day when I visited the stores of which I have no further information. All of the images of the teasers shown here are at the pre final firing stage, the images have been painted directly onto the unfired tin white glaze and will be subject to change as the piece is fired.


Three objects from the York Museums Trust ceramics collections.


Karen in the studios at York college painting the Fiona Green charger.


Computer tower on the desk of the YMT stores.

Oh blimey !

May 15, 2015 by Adrian Baynes   Comments (0)

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So there I was, smugly watching all the third years` stressing as they prepared their degree show. Then Rachelle sweetly drops the bombshell. "Would you like to exhibit alongside the students ?" Panic stations. Walls to tape & emulsion, power, lighting, select work, framing, hanging. I must say its a really great gesture from Coventry & us AA2A ers are grateful. Now I remember what it feels like, just glad we don`t get marked. Do we ?

Introducing The Fiona Green Charger

May 14, 2015 by Karen Thompson   Comments (0)

The first charger I've made in response to York Art Gallery's ceramics collection is featuring Fiona Green, the collection facilitator for art. My charger takes direct reference from a delftware charger decorated with a portrait of Queen Anne. This piece dates from the 1700 -1720 period. 

Queen Anne Charger, York Museums Trust (YORYM:2000.2672)


Fiona Green, Collection facilitator for art, York Museums Trust.


Interview Morgan Tipping

May 10, 2015 by Alice Eaton   Comments (0)


Alice Eaton– Hello!

Morgan Tipping – Hi!

AE– So how is your residency going at the University of Bedfordshire?

MT– It’s great! I’ve been welcomed into the Photography and Video Art department, I’ve been working with Gemma Marmalade. She helped me by encompassing the students interest, to do a little timeline through dance project. I’ve also been in on a couple of Crits with the first and second years so its been really useful to see their work and to be able to contribute to that as well!

AE– Have you discovered something new by doing your residency here?

MT – It has been really interesting, I haven’t worked with students at BA level before. It has been interesting speaking and working with students on the workshop that I did. I gave my talk, some students came up at the end and gave some really great feedback so I’ve been given the opportunity to have different responses to my work. For example one film I made is me on a tractor in Slovenia and one of the students happened to be from the Former Yugoslavian Republic, the film is about stereotypes and chauvinism,  so it was really interesting hearing her accounts of her experiences and how that related to what I was making. There has been lots of interesting new developments.

AE– How would you summarise your practice?

MT – Chaotic! I teach so quite often things pop up though teaching and teaching 6th Form colleges and that’s another reason why its been good here because speaking to students has given me different perspectives on ideas that I’ve been having. I use a lot of humour, I use bathos, I work with failure and I’m interested because of teaching and the education system being largely about insulating yourself as a teacher and your students against the idea and possibility of failure but as an artist, as a creative practitioner, that’s part of the creative process, that you are on the verge of failing all the time. So in a nutshell I think that’s what my practice is about, about dealing with failure, moving it forward, using humour and actually seeing failure as a potential new direction as opposed to a full stop.

AE– Do you have any artists that inspire you?

MT– Oh, loads ! Jeremy Deller, Martin Creed, the first artist whose work I fell in love with was Jean Michel Basquiat. Quite a range of people! I see a lot of exhibitions at the moment, the last one I went to see was a women who makes painted collages, I can’t remember her name. I came across Marlene Dumas on at the moment who I was really heavily inspired by when I was doing my degree, less so now. In terms of their working practice, Jeremy Deller who has a socially engaged practice.

AE– Do you have a favourite medium when you work?

MT– No, I mean even though I make videos, I’m not very technically accomplished, I’m not maybe interested in making flash films, it’s more about the idea. Also I’m interested in human error and how that both has a charm and is important so even if its a painting, I guess I’d steer away from photorealism, I like the human hand being present in every art form.

AE–  Do you have a favourite place or environment to work?

MT– I really need change, I really need to go places. Even if you don’t make work when you’re there, I think its both going somewhere different and being able to have some distance from the culture, both your immediate and broader culture. Having a pause and having some space from the culture that you are working in is really good in terms of reflecting but going somewhere also puts new energy in. You pick up a different rhythm when you’re in a different place and thats also really useful! So change is good, new things are good!

AE– If you had to give a piece of advice to students leaving the University this year what would it be?

MT – Don’t give up! I know that’s a really cheesy thing to say but a few people along the line have said that to me and that’s even in really dark times when I’ve been in dead end jobs and for a while I was squatting, really struggling financially. If you make the work that you need to make and you keep going with it, eventually people will see you’re committed to what you are doing. Be open minded about the different ways in which you can make a living. Students who leave university now are more advance compared to when I left, I didn’t have a website, I didn’t have an online portfolio, I didn’t have any of those things. Have faith in the fact that if you’re doing all of these things you will find a path or many paths that are right for you.

AE– Thank you! So what have you got lined up for the near future?

MT– More teaching positions so teaching in a couple of colleges in London, teaching life drawing. I’ve got a touring group show that I’m organising at the moment around primary schools, inner city schools. So the idea being that if a lot of those children don’t have access to the arts through regular art lessons which is frequently the case, those periods are taken up with stem subjects, we take an exhibition to them. That’s sort of the next big project.

AE– So here are a couple of quick fire questions! Black and White or Colour?

MT–  Oh man!  Both have their purpose! Yes I think both, both are different in terms of what you wear, in terms of images you make.

AE– Digital Processes or Manual Processes?

MT – Manual is more instinctive but digital is really important! Both again!

AE– Art Nouveau or Arts and Crafts?

MT–  Arts and Crafts

AE– Favourite Artist?

MT – Jeremy Deller

AE– What music are you listening to right now?

MT– I’ve got really scattered music taste, some of my music taste is really teenage. I’m listening to this DJ special request which is a really dark and experimental drum and bass but I’m also listening to this guy Gas Lamp Killer who plays rock and hip hop and all sorts!

AE– That’s about it thank you!

MT – Thank you for having me!

Viral bockbuster

May 8, 2015 by Adrian Baynes   Comments (0)

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Well I`ve made another of my instant response films which I`m pretty sure will be going viral like the previous one ( 11 views ! ).

Do have a look     www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Gnwi0CjA-c 

Pic of the Week: Landon Peck, University of Hertfordshire (plus 'Tip of the Week' and other news..)

May 8, 2015 by AA2A Info   Comments (0)

Pic of the Week: University of Hertfordshire's AA2A artist Landon Peck's image 'Fortitude' from his Dotbiz album 'Biomimicry Study'.

You can see more of Landon's work on his Dotbiz page

Other news: A big, big thank you to those of you who have already sent us your end of scheme evaluations. Please keep them coming as your feedback really can make a difference!

Best wishes,

The AA2A Team (Wendy, Georgia & Jo)


Creating Earthenware Chargers

May 8, 2015 by Karen Thompson   Comments (0)

During March and April I produced a few white earthenware chargers in the studios at college. They are pressmoulded over a hump mould (ah the joys of a slab roller! Yes plaese Santa). I'm bisque firing them without any decoration as I intend to paint majolica style directly on top of a tin white glaze, the first chargers will be painted with amaco velvet underglazes instead of oxides, this will create a vibrant contemporary style which should compliment my ideas of portraying modern scenes taken direct influence from the historical chargers in the collection of York Museums Trust.