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More Nudes

February 18, 2017 by Chloe O'Connell   Comments (0)

I continued cutting up porn magazines. I wanted to see the images outside of the magazines, I thought that by removing them of their original context the bodies and genitalia would look ridiculous. I removed the heads/faces of the women whilst cutting up the images as the person within the picture had no relevance to my ideas. Just like the person within the picture wouldn’t have any relevance to the person who would buy the magazine. The dismembered bodies looked eerie on paper and I was compelled to remove the female genitalia by scratching/ripping the paper. I then cut up a variety of skin shades into rectangles with similar likeness to a plaster and then placed the rectangles over the genitalia.

collage 14


February 17, 2017 by Chloe O'Connell   Comments (0)

I have now started collating combined representations of women found within a variety of magazines. I am now exploring other reasons that women (and men) will allow themselves to be photographed and put into magazines. This extension from pornography opens a view into how other roles are represented within the mass media. It also highlights the associations an audience makes  with imagery, for example I bought a naturiste magazine which contained images of middle aged naked men posing naturally on a beach and my natural instinct was to turn the page. It wasn’t that the I was upset or repulsed by the image it was an overwhelming feeling of embarrassment. The image of the man was not at all sexualised it was simply an image of human form. So why did I feel embarrassed or ashamed viewing the image? I had never before noticed my embarrassment at such images. However I must consider that the last time I saw an image of a middle aged nude man was in a sex education video at school (in which we were all shrieking with embarrassment). I then thought about the copious images of nude women I had seen in relation to those I had seen of nude men.

I continued to dig through the naturiste magazine and found an image of a man and woman in a loose embrace. The couple were in a relaxed pose but were instead facing each other not the camera. Their forward facing bodies exposed un trimmed pubic hair (which is fairly uncommon within porn magazines) I did not feel uncomfortable. I had been confronted by the same image that I was just embarrassed by yet I wasn’t embarrassed! Why? Perhaps it was because their was a woman within the same image and so my own acceptability of the female nude had eaten up my embarrassment of seeing the male nude. I ripped this photograph out of the magazine and removed the text around it. I then opened hustler porn magazine and browsed until I found bodies of similar sizes to the ones from the naturist magazine. I placed clear sellotape over selected areas are ripped it off the page taking with it imprints of the porn magazine. I then placed the imprinted images of the pornography onto the naturiste photograph of the couple. This gave the relaxed naturiste couple an upgraded pair of breasts which had come directly from a porn magazine. As pornography and unrealstic representations of women that are oppressive affect women’s self image. The damage caused by continuous self comparison of both aesthetic and sexual performance is a contributing factor of why women opt for boob jobs.


New Collages

February 17, 2017 by Chloe O'Connell   Comments (0)

I took some inspiration from pure beauty the book of all things John Baldessari and decided to collage by revealing mass produced representations of women only in circles. In some cases this made the image within the circles unrecognisable and the only revealing factor of the images was that the image was of skin colour. The revealing circles are similar to the likes of peep holes. I placed the circles so that they would reveal only select areas of the original image, I wanted to reverse the easy accessibility of the pornographic image. I then experimented with tape, ripping images from pages and re assembling them into a new combination. The lack of colour/prominent skin colour meant that for the images on the tape to be recognisable they require close inspection again reversing the easy accessibility of pornography.



FEB 2K17

February 17, 2017 by Francesca Hawkesworth   Comments (0)

The AA2A Plymouth Uni reps have begun their placement! We now have a AA2A Plymouth Univeristy facebook page! Make sure to follow us and like and share to spread the word and support us! 


Cheeky bit of self promotion also, i've updated my website with new SHAMBLES exhibition pictures big thanks to Rod Gonzalez for the documentation...www.francesca-hawkesworth.com 










Sublimation printing

February 16, 2017 by Julie Cassels   Comments (0)

Spent time in the Fashion and textiles room over the last two days. I have tested some different fabrics and also printed again on the silk satin which gives a great affect.

I managed to find out more about Tomoko's work last week, after our chat to the third years students, which was fascinating hopefully we can catch up again at some point. 

Memories, fabric and the drawing compulsion

February 14, 2017 by Rebecca Collins   Comments (0)


This week, myself and Jackie Sanderson, in our capacity as AA2A student reps, met up with AA2A artist-in-residence Sadie Christian. Sadie is the third of the artists working at Wolverhampton we have met up with thus far, each one being very different in their practice.

Sadie’s background is in textiles. She completed a degree in textiles at Goldsmiths in the late 1980s and has since her time years teaching and working on art projects. She came to Wolverhampton as she has decided that now is a good time to explore in more depth her fascination in the connection between fabric, memory, drawing and image. Sadie is hoping to spend the year working mostly in print, using fabric and drawing as her inspirations.

We found Sadie busy working in the print room. We were able to sit with her and find out about her practice and look at what she had been working on to date. Most of her work so far has been explorative. She showed us her many delicate drawings inspired by various fabrics and garments in her possession, most of which have some sentimental value to her. There is a delicate beauty to her drawings and a sense of memory and history clearly ran through them. There is a repetitive nature to them, yet also a sense of difference and progression. We also saw some of the prints she has been making.

Drawings inspired by fabric

Sadie has been using the facilities at Wolverhampton to the full and exploring her theme in various ways using different drawing and printing methods, textures and colours. She seems to be an artist who loves the research and investigation phase of an art project or theme. She mentioned a few of her ideas which may be based on interesting printing techniques. However, one of the joys of being able to spend time as an artist-in-residence at an institution such as Wolverhampton is that you are given the freedom to venture in any direction that sparks your interest and spend time delving deep into a topic. There is no pre-determined path to follow. Who knows what the end result may be? It doesn’t matter if you find yourself going off on a tangent and sometimes those tangents lead to something new and exciting.

More drawings inspired by fabric

We look forward to seeing what direction Sadie goes in over the next few months.

Photo Polymer, Intaglio prints

February 3, 2017 by Julie Cassels   Comments (0)

Had a full day in the print room. Greg the technician is very informative and helpful. The process is really fascinating and I can't wait to produce my own plates to work from.  



Time has passed

February 2, 2017 by Amanda Wells   Comments (0)

'Time has passed, indeed it has overtaken me and gone ahead', to misquote Dickens.  I can't believe we're in February already, the snowdrops are out and spring will soon be here.  I've been developing my idea, the one aspect I'm having trouble with is the chemical tests on the paint.  I tried the chromatography paper but it just soaked up the colour without separating it.  I'm also having trouble finding a chemistry lab to help, I've e-mailed several but had no response, so if anyone out there knows a friendly chemist please put me in touch.  I have got a Plan B developing for that aspect of the work though, if the worst comes to the worst.  The three-part aspect of the work reminded me of Freud's three-part theory of the personality - Id, Ego and Superego.  So I am expressing these through the paintings.  Me and my P.A. had fun looking up the theory - did you know for example that anal types often express their inner desire to handle faeces by doing pottery?  My P.A. is a potter and I'm not averse to a little clay myself so we did laugh.  But some of the theory was enlightening.  The first painting I've done is 'Id', and very Id it is too.  The crimson red colour and the swishiness of the brush are just like a three year old having a tantrum.  I found it quite cathartic to paint, I was emotionally exhausted after.  I will upload a photo.  So it's on to 'Ego' next, which will be yellow.  I plan to be in Chester February 8 and 16 and March 2, I've discovered a spot in Fine Art Studio L1 that I like, so I'll either be in there or in the Resource Centre from about 11.30, students are more than welcome to come and chat.  I have joined the student Artist Society and plan to post on their Facebook page too.   

'Threads' exhibiton in London and Edinburgh as part of 'Women's History Month'.

February 1, 2017 by Lucy & Layla Swinhoe   Comments (0)

Our work 'Images and Illusions' will be shown at this years 'Women's History Month' Threads Exhibition in London from 1st-12th March 2017. Opening night 2nd March 6-9pm, all are welcome xx The same exhibition will also be shown in Edinburgh from 4th-15th July 2017...

New Year

January 31, 2017 by Hideki Arichi   Comments (0)

After a quiet start into the New Year which also me deliver an Artists Talk at the University, I had started to make use of some of the Skillsets in computer software that is available as well as setting myself a day a week for printing.

However things rarely go to plan and I found myself offered the opportunity to work twice a week which has thrown my time to work on my practice for a loop as I try to manage this sudden and new workload.