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Here AA2A Artists can share images of their work, thoughts and progress on their placement, through blogs, images and message boards. Most of the information is also available to other visitors to the site. To find out more about the AA2A project visit www.aa2a.org

Posted: 1085 days ago

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'AA2A' at the University of Central Lancashire
'AA2A' showcases last year’s artists John Angus, Nancy Clemance, Tony Knox, Simon Plum and Rita Robson in a retrospective exhibition of new work....
3 Dec 2014 - 19 Nov 2014

Biscuit Factory - Winter Exhibition
21 Nov 2014 - 10 Mar 2015

Winter Exhibition
21 Nov 2014 - 10 Mar 2015

From Here to There: Drawings from the UK
29 Nov 2014 - 20 Dec 2014

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