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Here AA2A Artists can share images of their work, thoughts and progress on their placement, through blogs, images and message boards. Most of the information is also available to other visitors to the site. To find out more about the AA2A project visit www.aa2a.org

Posted: 1450 days ago

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Latest exhibitions

India's Gateway: Gujarat, Mumbai and Britain
India’s Gateway traces the history of Gujarat and Mumbai as age-old centres of trade and migration, focusing on their remarkable links with Britain. Featuring photographs and film shot in India b...
17 Oct 2015 - 21 Feb 2016

Seeing the Elephant
Seeing the Elephant features international contemporary artists whose work explores a wide range of topics facing India today. The structure of the exhibition is to approach the region from within ...
28 Sep 2015 - 5 Dec 2015

Curiosities of the Collection
14 Nov 2015 - 9 Jan 2016

In Dialogue: Material Imagination
Exhibition by PIRG (Phenomenology and Imagination Research Group) exploring concepts of material imagination theorized by French phenomenologist Gaston Bachelard...
14 Nov 2015 - 18 Dec 2015

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